With an increasingly uninteresting workload and stagnation in pay, a lot of folks have either left for other pastures or have thought about it. Well, in the past few years, things have really changed. Here are 10 reasons why now is a great time to be a software developer.

1.       HTML5

HTML5 has completely turned the world of development on its head. You are now able to develop full-featured apps that run on any kind of devices – from mobile to desktops.

2.       There’s a lot of jobs out there

So many developers are in demand especially software ones. Engineering science is advancing so rapidly, and has come on so much in the past decade, that almost every part of the economy is strung-out of some sort of computer program, but even with that, the demand is still out-stripping the provision.

3.       You will be able to create stuff

Being a developer gives you the power to create new cool things. If you can imagine it you can build it (or kind of). You don’t need any kind of material – just your knowledge about development.

4.       You can expand to other areas

The mobile sector is booming and web developers can easily transition into mobile development. With similar interfaces, creating mobile applications can access a different market while also making developers much more attractive to potential employer.

5.       It’s easy

Beginning web development is relatively easy – you only need your web browser and an editor. Don’t get this wrong, it takes a lot to develop great web applications like e.g. Google Docs, but the barrier to entry is very low.

6.       It’s perfect if you are creative

When people think of creative jobs, they tend to think of things like writing, painting and so on, but every developer out there is just as creative as those jobs. So, developers must let their creative juices flow.

7.       Low starting costs

Starting with web development costs very little. Assuming you already have a computer and an internet connection, you only need some web space when your website is ready for launch – and even this can be free.

8.       You will be part of the community

The online community for developers is extremely huge, and if used to the full can be a source of technical support and a place with like-minded people. Online communities are the great resource that can gain a lot from, not to mention what you can give back.

9.       There is future proof

Many jobs disappear, often because they can be replaced by computers and software. But all those new programs still need to be developed and maintained, so the outlook for programmers is quite good.

10.   Development pays well

Developing software can create a lot of value. There is no marginal cost to selling one extra copy of software you have already developed. This combined with the high demand for developers, means that pay is quite good. There are of course occupations where you make more money, but compared to the general population, I think developers are paid quite well.

So, it is really a good idea to become a developer. There are a lot of advantages. And although it is a lot of work – it’s worth the effort. Just try it out for yourself – you will not regret it!