Top 10 Reasons to Hire for Pay Per Click PPC in Humble Texas

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire for Pay Per Click PPC in Humble Texas

In the world of digital marketing, there are two main players when it comes to attracting traffic to a site. The two are SEO and PPC. There are several pros and cons, and in a perfect world, you should use both. However, PPC is more attractive since it can be used to drive traffic to your site quickly.

SEO rules can change suddenly and become more complicated, thereby negating months of hard work. Although PPC is straightforward, much expertise is required if you do not want to lose money. That is why you should hire an expert agency such as Here are a few reasons why you should pick them.

It Is Time-Consuming

If you run a business with an online presence, you probably have to deal with hundreds of tasks daily. Adding PPC management to your schedule will take away time that could be used to run the business. If you hire, they will ensure you keep your focus on the management of your business while they expertly work on your PPC.

Keyword Research Is A Complex Task

To succeed with PPC, you need to ensure that you pick the right keywords. Something that PPC experts at RunRex have been doing for quite a while now. The experts spend many hours making sure they hit just the right word without paying too much for it. If you pick the wrong keywords on your own, it can quickly exhaust your funds with little ROI. There are free keywords tools that you can use, but the experts have access and expertise to use other more complex mechanisms for better results.

The Wrong Ad Copy Could Cause Low Conversion

The PPC experts at this agency have years of experience on doing ad copy research. They study the competition and form ads based on what they can see works. Creating a winning ad copy is not something that an amateur can accomplish. With the right ad copy, your conversion rate could shoot through the roof.

Tracking A PPC Campaign Requires Technical Expertise

The bedrock of any PPC campaign is the ability to follow the results and understand them carefully. By doing this, you help improve future campaigns or even augment the current one. It is not something that an amateur can do in a few days. Lucky for you, the RunRex experts know exactly how to do this.

Modern PPC Terminology Is Complex

You might understand what PPC means, but there are other terms in this world such as CPC, CPA, and CPM. There are hundreds of words that could prove quite confusing if you do not know how to navigate through them. However, the RunRex experts know all these terms, and they can fluidly browse through the campaign to deliver the best results.

Setting Campaigns Can Be Confusing

There are possible settings that you should adjust to get the optimal results for your campaigns. For instance, the geo-targeting can help to target a specific area. If you do not understand the settings, it could cost you, crucial customers.

We Know How To Create A Winning Landing Page

Seeing a PPC ad is just the first step in the conversion process. You will then need to move to the next stage of the landing page. The RunRex team understands how to create a landing page that reduces the bounce rate.

We Have Years Of Experience With Similar Clients

At RunRex, we have with numerous other clients who had similar PPC needs to yours. Thus, we have competitive knowledge on what it will take to help you win. In the PPC world, it is best to hire an agency that has worked with some of your potential competition.

We Know How To Handle Click Fraud

If you are new to the world of PPC, you may not understand how to detect click fraud. However, it is imperative to know that click fraud will always be there. In some cases, some clicks may even be auto-generated. Some of them are merely bots trying to spider your site.

You need to have a watchful eye checking for any such nefarious activities. The sooner it is detected, the more money you can save. The experts at RunRex have seen it in the past, and they have strategies to stop it in its tracks. If you value your funds and wish to use them wisely, it would be best to hire an expert PPC agency like RunRex.

We Keep Up With The Latest Trends

PPC changes less often than SEO, however, it is still in a constant state of flux. If you do not understand these changes, you might experience a sudden dip in traffic. It is essential to have a proactive team that is always on the lookout for any developments in the world of PPC.