Top 10 Schools in Austin Texas in 2020

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Top 10 Schools in Austin Texas in 2020

The city of Austin is one of the best in the country to live in as discussed over at From its rich culture to its sense of community, it is no surprise that we see a lot of people move to the city every single year. Once you move there though, one thing you will want is for your kids to have quality education, and that means access to a quality school. Finding the best schools, however, is laborious and not always easy. To help with that, this article will look to highlight what we consider to be the best schools in Austin Texas in 2020, and we will look to incorporate elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in the list.

Sankalpa Academy

This is one of the very best schools in Austin Texas, and comprises both elementary schools and preschools. They pride themselves in providing education that is holistic and that looks to build up the whole of the child and not just in terms of academics. There is nothing that brings this aspect out than the fact that the school starts each morning with yoga for the kids, with there being a staff member exclusively devoted to this. The school is located in the Bahai Center at EM Franklin and Manor Road and is definitely worth checking out.

Highland Park Elementary

As covered over at, this school, with 60 years of providing quality education, is one of the very best elementary schools around. Located along Fairview drive, it is one of those schools that is a tightly-knit community, where even the principle knows the names of every student and all the teachers seem to be invested in the growth of each and every student there. It is one that is definitely worth checking out when in the area.

Barton Hills Elementary

This school, as is discussed over at is located along Barton Hills Drive and is one of the best elementary schools in Austin Texas. Every person working in the school from the teachers to the support staff as well as the administration are focused on the success and wellness of each student. This is one of those schools where your child will feel cared for and will reap the benefits for it.

AHB Community School

This is yet another excellent school in Austin Texas, serving children in the area from elementary through middle school as discussed over at Their classes are small, with a small student-teacher ratio to ensure that every student gets proper attention. The whole learning environment is one your child will definitely love and as such it is worth checking out. They are located along 4001 Speedway, Austin Texas.

Fulmore Middle School

Located in South Austin, in Travis Heights, as discussed over at, this excellent school serves students from middles school through high school and is one of the best around. Their approach to learning is very holistic, focused on improving your child as person and not just academically. The fact that they have the legendary coach Flemming is yet another feather in their cap.

Lamar Middle School

Located along Wynona Avenue in Allandale in Austin Texas, it is yet another excellent school in the area, as per the subject matter experts over at It is very diverse and has recently become a fine art academy. If your child wants to proceed with fine arts majors in high school, Lamar Middle School feeds into McCallum, allowing your child to do so. Definitely one school you need to check out when looking for middle schools in Austin Texas.

McCallum High School

Speaking of McCallum High School, it is yet another excellent school in Austin Texas, one the subject matter experts over at recommend when looking for high schools in the area. It is located in Brentwood, along Sunshine Drive and is an all-rounder with great academics and sports programs. It even has 5 tennis courts as well as a great running track. Definitely worth checking out when looking for high schools in the area.

St. Michael’s Catholic Academy

If you are looking for a religious catholic school, then the gurus over at recommend that you check this school out. It is one of the best private schools around, known for producing students that are well rounded as it doesn’t just focus on the academic side of things. They have a winter term that is excellent and unique and that will definitely benefit your child.

Paragon Prep School

They are yet another excellent school in Austin Texas, serving kids up to grade 8, as discussed over at They challenge kids not only in terms of academics but also in extra-curricular activities, producing children that are well-rounded. The teachers are known for zeroing in on a child’s talent and helping them develop it, which is yet another reason why you should check them out when looking for schools in Austin Texas.

Academy of Thought and Industry

This excellent school is located in South Austin, along Toomey Road. If you are looking for a high school that offers a different approach to education, then this is it. It is aimed at focusing on each student individually, finding out what their passions and skills are, and working to nurture them in preparation for life in college and after school. It is one of the very best schools in Austin Texas and one you definitely have to check out.

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