Unless you are living under a rock, by now you know that Pokémon Go is the latest and greatest fad to hit the travel industry. Almost everyone you see walking around the streets of Houston has their eyes pasted to their phones. It can be difficult to know where to go to find the best Pokémon, especially considering Houston, Texas is one of the biggest cities in the country. Count yourself as a lucky person because we have scouted out the best locations and even included some pro tips for you.

1.       Houston Zoo

As odd as it may seem, you are liable to find more attendees with their phones in front of their faces looking for the coveted Pokémon on the zoo grounds. This indicates how great the Houston Zoo really is from the Pokémon Go hotspot. Feel free to catch a Psyduck, PonytaMagikarpKrabbyOddishPidgey, amongst real-life feathered friends at Duck Lake.

2.       The Menil Collection/Rothko Chapel

These two are the most beloved Houston landmarks among visitors and locals, thus they also host a wide array of features for Pokémon Go players. The solid areas are rife with highly sought after Pokémon like SquirtleGolemsDodrioWartortlesGeodudes, and even an Onyx. The area of Menil Collection has around 10 Pokémon stops.

3.       Discovery Green

Flock to the 12-acre Downtown oasis where you will get a motley bag of kids and adults taking in both park amenities and the latest smartphone craze. This Downtown destination has quickly become one of the most popular spots in all the city for Pokétrainers to congregate. You will get sightings like MagmarSquirtleKinglerNidoranPoliwag, and Pinsir. The Downtown also offers a motley bag of everything from ghost Pokémon, Charmander, and Ivysaurs to water types like PsyduckStarme, and Goldeen.

4.       NASA/Space Center

This two area features 2 gyms and 18 Pokéstops. Look out for a big selection of psychic and fire Pokémon like GrowlitheJynxNinetailsKadabra, and Abra.

5.       Herman Park

Bring out your Pokédex and hit the beautiful Japanese Garden, roll Pokéballs down the hill at Miller Outdoor Theatre and more at Museum District mainstay.

6.       The Galleria

It is an international shopping destination which offers 2 Pokémon gyms and 10+ Pokéstops.

7.       Memorial Park

This park is accessible by everyone where they are with their smartphones searching for 250 Pokémon in the area. This region features a combination of amenities, nature, and recreation, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place like you aren’t picking up.

8.       Houston’s Robust Museum District

Houston’s robust museum district feature over 5 gyms and countless Pokéstops. Merely weeks after the launch of the game, trainers have found rare Pokémon like Gyrados, Caterpie, Grimer, Seadra, and wild Vaporeon.

9.       Houston Museum of Natural Science

It is one of the most attended museums in the U.S., and also the home of Pokéstops. Rare Pokémon like as well as frequent sighting like EeveeGrowlitheDratini, Meowth, and Jigglypuff.

10.   The Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion, The Woodlands

From these two areas, you can get sightings like: /ElectabuzzBulbasaurJigglypuffMeowthExeggcute, and Beedrill.