Top 10 Tips on How to Learn Data Science

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In the past decade or so, data science has grown in popularity among the tech savvy and deservedly so. The future belongs to those who embrace data science in their businesses and daily lives and those that are not willing to embrace the same will be left behind.

It is no surprise therefore that a lot of people are enrolling into data science classes and training camps just to keep up with the trend. More and more people are looking to understand the art of drawing insights from both structured and unstructured data using scientific algorithms and other research tools.

So, how can you become a data scientist? What are some of the tips on how you can become a revered data scientist and make a living from your love for crunching numbers and making sense out of unstructured data? To help you get started in the world of data science, Runrex has put together a list of top tips on how to learn data science.

Here are the top 10 tips on how to learn data science in 2018;

Top 10 Tips on How to Learn Data Science

Develop love and skills in algebra, statistics and computer programming

Data science is a combination of algebra, statistics and computer programming. To become a top data scientist therefore, you will need to combine algebra and statistics skills with software engineering prowess to make it in this field.

Learn to handle both structured and unstructured data

Data science isn’t biased in that it deals with both structure and unstructured data which can’t be computed using a single machine. You will therefore need to gain knowledge and skills on how to unscramble the data, harmonize it and discover hidden patterns beneath the data.

Understand the workings of databases

Data is usually stored in various databases. To process and analyze the stored data, you will need to understand the workings of the databases. You will therefore need to understand various database management tools and software such as MySQL. These are things which you can learn online through online courses.

Learn how to code

At the heart of data science are programming languages which are used to analyze the data obtained, perform data visualizations, select data, and other data analysis functions.  You will therefore need to learn at least 3 programming languages if you are to become a good data scientist. Some of the best languages to learn in data science include Scala, R, Python and Java.

Understand data conversion, visualization and data reporting

You will need to understand how to convert the raw data into meaningful information that can be studied, analyzed and visualized. There are very many tools and software which help with data conversion, visualizing and data presentation. Understand these software and techniques and you will increase your chances of making it in the world of data science.

Practice as much as you can

Data science isn’t all about theory. You need lots and lots practice for you to make it in the world of data science. There are very many projects that you can work on and test your skills to ascertain if you have become a prolific data scientist or not.

Join professional data science platforms and interact with other like-minded fellows

Join professional data science forums and platforms on the internet and interact as much as you can with like-minded individuals. This will not only help you to get an insight into the inner workings of the data science world but will help you know the emerging trends in the world of data science.

Improve on your communication skills

You can be a good data scientist with the professional qualification and great abilities but it you can’t effectively communicate with your peers and clients, you will not make it in this field. Ensure that you have good communication skills as you will need these skills to effectively communicate to your peers and communicate on your findings to your audience.

Complete online certifications and competitions

The other good way through which you can improve your skills and professional proficiency in data science, is through competing online in competitions and completing online certifications on data science. There are very many annual competitions for data scientists which you can take part in and test yourself against the very best.

Stay up-to-date with latest data science trends

Data science is a very dynamic field. You will therefore need to update yourself with the latest trends in the world of data science if you want to remain relevant in this field. Interact with as many data scientists as you can and ensure that you stay ahead of the rest by embracing new trends in data science.

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