Top 10 universities that teach Data Science

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Top 10 universities that teach Data Science

Data science experts are big data wranglers that are charged with the responsibility of delivering simple models that interpret the complex data sets. Learning data science means getting to handle enormous and messy data and develop the best models that make the data useful. Expertise in cleaning, managing and organizing data can only be captured when you learn the trade from the best places and stands as an unrivalled platform to learn and develop your skills in data science. Added to that, here are the top 10 universities that teach data science.     

Kennesaw State University 

One of the best institutions in the whole of the U.S, Kennesaw State University offers data science to aspiring students with the fee set at $4,476 or $13,542 a semester depending on the residency status. If you are interested in data science, you can advance your career at this institution since there is also the opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science.   

Texas A&M University 

A quality university, Texas A&M University is one of the institutions that premiered the Data Science course. You will be required to part with $4,533 to $9,793 a semester depending on the residency and you can rest assured that you will be offered the best education possible including the practical skills needed to thrive in the industry. 

Southern Methodist University

This university is one of the top ranking universities and the beauty of it is that it takes in students who are eager to learn and develop their trade. With standing as one of the best places to learn Data Science, you can in turn use it as a stepping stone to this institution where you can then specialize in analytics and thus be an expert when it comes to extraction of volumes of data.

University of California, Berkeley 

Tuition and Fees at this institution stand at $9,404 to $16,866 per semester depending on the residency status. At University of California, Berkeley, you can learn all about data science with a focus on Information and data. You will ultimately be equipped with the skills needed to prepare data for use in predictive modeling and at the same time learn how to explore and examine data. 

Northwestern University 

The students that have had the pleasure of learning at this institution offer rave reviews of this university owing to the excellence of the education pathway. Here, you learn how to clean and prune data and at the same time settle on the models that provide data driven solutions. The fee setting for the data science course at this institution stands at $17,000 a quarter.

Carnegie Mellon University

At renowned institutions like where you learn how to come up with new algorithms and models, the focus is always on ensuring you learn all that appertains to the data science field and Carnegie Mellon University offers nothing less. With the fees at $24,000 a semester and an opportunity to pursue multiple masters’ degrees in the field, it stands as one of the best places to take a data science course  

Stanford University 

You will only be required to part with $16,329 a quarter to learn data science at Stanford University. Standing as a significant presence in the field, this is an institution that has won numerous awards owing to the significant milestones achieved in the data science space which makes if a favorite among most learners.  

New York University

Being able to learn at an institution like New York University is a great honor since the list of top places to learn data science is quite short and includes the elite learning centers like The fee required for a data science course is $21,000 a semester and the beauty of it is that you are also set to pursue masters and Ph.D. in data science at this same institution which is welcome news for individuals willing to take data science as a career.   

Syracuse University 

At Syracuse University, you will be required to have in excess of $59,400 for a full online data science program. The best aspect about taking data science at this institution is that you also get to pursue a Masters degree in Applied Data Science or Business Analytics. This is a university that ranks as a leader in data science and joins as one of the top places to learn data science. A data science course at this institution takes 18 months and the upside is that you get to conduct undirected research and in turn frame industry questions that can revolutionize the business respective fields. 

American University

At the American University, the fee setting for a data science course stands at $1,642 per credit hour. Located in Washington D.C, it stands as one of the top places to pursue your data science career and excel in the same.  

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