Top 10 Video Games Every Lawyer Should Play


Top 10 Video Games Every Lawyer Should Play

Video games have proved to be a useful tool in teaching lawyers how to act in court; this is according to FindLaw Whoever said video games would rot your brain is wrong. Therefore, as a lawyer, it is about time you got your gaming started.

We have all noticed how the world has suddenly been invaded with Pokemon, to be specific Pokemon Go. It is a new augmented reality, which has gotten a million users wandering the streets, as they chase after the Pikachus and the Squirtles. All this has some legal implications; this is from its connection to armed robbers and the dead bodies, also increasing the concerns over data privacy, according to FindLaw

Pokemon Go is a very typical game; such games tend to connect to the law in some form, as a lawyer to keep up with the gaming trends here are the top ten video games every lawyer should play.

1.   Call of Duty

The latest franchise is the call of duty advanced warfare. The game quickly puts the player in a compelling battleground of the future, where there are new tactics with sophisticated weapons used to win a high-tech era in the combat. Research conducted found shooting bad people in a video game immediately gives the players a better vision.

2.   Titanfall

It is a multiplayer game with a first-person shooter; the players control the pilots together with their mech-style titans. The fight is on a six on six matches, it is based on a war-torn outer space colony. The game features fast-paced future warfare, which enables the players to have tactical ability of invisibility cloaking, x-ray vision and the regenerating speed boosts.

3.   Diablo

The games latest franchise is Diablo III, in the game, the player can choose one of the various character classes present, and the player has the character option of being a wizard, witch doctor, barbarian or even a crusader. The aim is to defeat the Lord of Terror, called Diablo. The game involves exploring, trading and acquiring weapons.

4.   Middle Earth, the shadow of Mordor

The game has been designed with an open world concept, where the player can control a Ranger called Talion. The game has a main quest. However, the player has been given the option to pursue side quests and roam around the world.

5.   Mass effect

It is a science fiction role-playing video game that has also been incorporated with a third person shooter. The franchise latest game is Mass Effect 3. In the game, the player assumes the role of the Commander Shepherd and uses the extreme character customization. The game has been designed in a manner to react on every decision that the player makes.

6.   Microsoft flight simulator 

If you are into flying planes, then this is the game to try. It brings you as close as possible to the experience of flying one. Additionally, it is a helpful game to learn navigation and instrumentation, not forgetting to learn the basics of learning to fly in a fun way.

7.   2048

A mobile game uses math and logic skills to win. The player is expected to swipe the numbered tiles around the board. If two tiles with the same number touch, they merge as one. The primary objective of the game is to swipe the numbered tiles around the board until the player can create tiles worth the number 2048.

8.     NBA

The latest franchise in this sports game is NBA 2K15, playing the game is like having a true-life experience playing in the NBA. It goes without saying this will satisfy any basketball fanatic. The reason being, the graphics are excellently designed and look life like, as a result, having the game play ultra realistic. Players have control over various moves such as block making, rebounds, and steals making the player feel more engaged.

9.   Madden NFL

The video game is based on the American Football game. Thus it gives you all the moves and just a little more. Just to entice you to get the game, the sports video game also has a skills trainer to teach you not only the game play skills but also football concept and strategy.

10.   Minecraft

It is a very popular game in the action adventure world. The game has been designed with an open world sandbox concept, which has been set in a landscape with different blocks that represent dirt, rocks, trees water and much more. A player can perform various activities, this is from building things, combat, and exploration. The game does not have specific goals, but there are different modes in the game, which are adventure, creative, and survival.

As much as video games stimulate your brain, as much as everything else we do, it needs to be done in moderation.