Top 10 Video Games Every Pay Per Click Manager Should Play


Top 10 Video Games Every Pay Per Click Manager Should Play

What are some of the every pay per click videos that managers can play? The games can be found in online stores such as Amazon at an affordable fee. Here is a list of games:

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasions is way better and interesting compared to Aliens Colonial Marines. The Creative Assembly developed it. It drew its inspiration from Alien Film of 1979 by Ridley. The game entails evading the killer androids. It is not about shooting any moving object. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best rated Alien-related properties in the meantime.

Bloodborne Review

It is the successor of the Dark Soul and Demon’s Souls games. It is a step away from the sorcery and swords associated with the two mentioned games. The game delves into the alien, macabre and grotesque scenarios. The story has an aesthetic appeal, and you will fall in love with the story parallels related to Roberts and Lovecraft horror films. The energetic action propels the game making it better and improved as opposed to the predecessors. However, there are a few hiccups to the game.

Fallout 4

This game is no different from the previous versions of Fallout. It is interesting but not revolutionary and has a few new twists. For instance, the junk collecting and weapon modes create some depth to the game. Players collect useless junks that Bethsoft loves scattering during playtime. The settlement building appears awkward, but it is still intriguing. All in all, it is a must-have game for those who love Fallout.


If you are looking for a fully featured entry in soccer series, FIFA 16 is the answer. The series has enough features that veterans will love, and the newbies will not felt out. For the lovers of soccer, this is a game you must have. The changes made to the game may not be loved by all, but it will elicit genuine concern from the players.

Grand Theft Auto V

The game has been finally released for PlayStation 4. The new version of the game makes the game exciting and warrants a double-dip. It is a game of glitz, gangsters and with loads of improvements. Some of the changes include new animations and 150 new radio station tracks.

God of War 111 Remastered

It is the first appearance of Kratos to the PlayStation 4. Additionally, it is a remaster of the 2010 PlayStation 3 title of 2010. The new series has stunning graphics, excellent story line, responsive controls and immersive sounds. The wonky camera mars the otherwise incredible game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Are you a lover of mysterious games? This game has an incomplete narrative that will leave you at the edge of your seat. The compelling mysterious of the game creates an absorbing experience that will be spoken for a long time to come.

Last of Us: Remastered

Naughty Dog’s game has numerous improvements and additions. It is now easy to control the players and survivors of the Apocalypse. The game has new multiplayer maps and improved version features.

Mortal Kombat X

After riding high on the well –received compliments from previous games, NetherReam Studios have returned with a more exciting game. It is a fighting game with mechanics and new gameplay modes.

10. The Witcher 111; Wild Hunt

The game features an open and gorgeous world covered with lush colors and incredible details. It has a gripping storyline that will inspire players to develop their characters.