Top 10 Video Games Every Sales Person Should Play


Top 10 Video Games Every Sales Person Should Play

Every job has its happy and frustrating moments. The sales person is no different. Here are a few games that a sales person. It will help them stay motivated or unwind after a long day.

Sonic The Hedgehog

It may not feature as an interesting game for the younger generation. It is a reinvention of an old franchise. The game has a few good ideas; it is not a total failure.

Sales people will find it fun blasting through the crazy environment and the loops at high speeds. It is a good way to distress after a long tiring day. The multiple player characters with unique controls and abilities create an exciting game experience.

Darkest Dungeon

Gamers who are cowed by challenges will love this game. It requires the player to be a heartless manager to kill countless heroes in the game of dungeons. As the heroes gain combat experience, they will suffer stress as a result of enemy encounters. Players are at risk of dismissing a hero because of the stress and psychological baggage. It is a challenging game that will keep the players on their toes.

Left for the dead

The setting of the game is in the Zombie Apocalypse. It is a co-operative and action horror game that takes the player to cemeteries, swamps, and cities in New Orleans. Additionally, players can act the role of survivors. They will be armed with a wide array of upgraded and classic weapons. It is games that will help the sales team unwind at the end of the day.

League of Legends

For starters, it is free and addictive. It has an amazing variety of champions, fast but has a strategic team and has an excellent reward progression system. The competitive nature of the games makes it the liveliest and the best in the gaming community.

Super Hot

Each level of Superhot has an interesting twist and turn of events. Every time the player moves, the bullets and the enemies do the same. When the player is still, so is the enemy.

It is a game that creates unique, tense and smart puzzles between reloading and lining up for a shot. Surviving a bullet from the enemy calls for a lot of creativity. The mind stimulating game is a good way of relaxing.

Ashes of Singularity

It is a real-time video strategy game. It is a game that reminds us the true definition of ‘strategy’. It places a strong emphasis on high-level thinking and the importance of micromanagement. These are some of the skills that a sales person needs. It is a mind game where battles are lost or won at the strategic level.

Half-Life 2

The producers of Half-Life 2 have outdone themselves. It is an astounding accomplishment. It is a story-based game with clues that guide the players. The player has many friends but with their fair share of problems. The only way to win is to help them sort their issues.

Oxen Free

It is an adventurous video game with a beautiful and haunting story that begs for a replay. It is based on friendships between two teenagers who are exploring in a gorgeous environment. The problem is that is too slow in multiple parts of the game episodes.

Doom 3

It is a science fiction first-person shooter game. It is a single player campaign game. It is just you and the shotgun. However, it is an easy to learn and interesting game.

10. Desert Of Kharax

It is a story based game. It is a highly entertaining game with high-level real-time strategy mechanisms. For those who enjoy highly entertaining and multi-player games, this is the ideal game for you.