Top 13 Most Effective Ways to Improve Sitewide Quality and Rankings


Top 13 Most Effective Ways to Improve Sitewide Quality and Rankings

If you want your site to rank well among the best sites on the search engines, then you have to get a few things right. Unlike in the past where bank links and keyword densities affected greatly the rank of a page on the search engines, quality of content has taken over in the race to rank highly. To help you understand the ranking and achieve a higher rank for your website, here are top 13 most effective ways to improve Sitewide quality and rankings;

How to optimize SiteWide quality and Rank

1. Avoid basic errors

Errors like spelling mistakes, grammar and lack of depth in the content should be avoided. If you cannot come up with quality content yourself, hire a copy editor and let him/her do the editing and writing for you.

2. Reviews

Create a section for customer and user reviews to leave feedback at the bottom of the page once they have received a service from you. Positive reviews will help the quality of the site go up and attract more visitors.

3. Pages per visit

Improve internal linking within the website and customize the pages to the liking of your clients. Suggest related content but don’t overdo it. Let only the most important stuff pop up on certain pages and cease from coercing users to click on links.

4. Improve on the stay on page/dwell time

Help users stick around your website by making the design great and adding fun content. Let them want to explore more of your content. Videos and quality images will help you easily achieve this.

5. User friendly design

A plain website with lack of creativity in the design, will only shun the clients from coming back. Get a good web designer to do your site and ensure the theme is close in relation to the content contained in the site. Navigating between the various pages and elements should be easy and seamless as well.

6. Page loading speed

Check on the page speed. You want a site that loads quickly. Too many unnecessary images and poor hosting are some of the reasons that the pages take longer to load. Design a page that loads quickly and find a reliable host to ensure that the quality of your website is not jeopardized.

7. Get rid of annoying ads from your site

There are those numerous pop ups that keep appearing every other time on a website which are prompting users to click on links. These are some of the main reasons that very many people are losing visitors to their sites. Get rid of numerous ads from your pages but place the most important ads strategically because ads are a good way of earning revenue.

8. Responsive design

How good is your website on other devices? Is it responsive enough to be used on mobile, tablets and other devices? Well, a responsive website will attract more users because very many users today are browsing using their other hand held devices.

10. Content Authority and depth

How relevant and deep is the content on the site? Are people getting the satisfaction they were looking for when they read content from your site? Well, always ensure that the content on your site is well researched and whenever you use someone’s content, acknowledge it somewhere within the site.

11. Search Engine Optimization

It might look back dated but SEO still works wonders. If properly used, the keywords can earn you a very high rank within the search engines. The secret is not to stuff the keywords but rather distribute it evenly among the article. When coupled with quality written content, keywords can be very helpful.

12. Proper link building

URLs, back links and other page tags can also affect the rank of your website on the search engines. Including links and accepting inbound links from other page and blogs can earn you a good spot up there with the big boys in term of rankings.

13. Query refinements

Only advertise what you offer. Your keywords should be relevant to the content offered in the page. If your users discover that what they were searching for is no available in the page, then you will be risking getting a lower rank and possibly negative reviews.