Top 13 ways to use LinkedIn to find a job


Top 13 ways to use LinkedIn to find a job          

LinkedIn stands as the professional social media platform for many professionals who desire to have an online presence. With a LinkedIn account, it is possible to find a job seamlessly due to the varied connections and business networks that are cultivated on the platform. People looking to find a job using the LinkedIn platform can make use of these 13 effective ways as they will ensure they get full visibility and recognition from the recruiting professionals.

Structure profile like a resume

The key to finding a job using LinkedIn is structuring your profile like a resume. This is a worthy step that provide the recruiters with detailed information concerning your professional life. In the same wavelength, you can use the self-publish option to comment and give your take on industry trends which will capture the attention of employers within your niche.

Add previous work

One of the major ways through which you can find a job via LinkedIn is to add previous work. When you add previous work, you get to demonstrate your abilities and the beauty is that you are also given the option to post your completed presentations and videos that show your capabilities.

Include Keywords in your profile

When targeting a job on the LinkedIn platform, including keywords in your profile serves as a worthy step that aligns your account with what prospective clients are looking for. With the relevant keywords in play, you optimize your profile to be visible to the relevant recruiters within your niche industry. Using keywords that highlight the job specs stands as a core strategy.

Utilize the headline

When you utilize the headline, you have the chance to optimize the headline to communicate that you are targeting a job. Even though there is a 120-character limit, you can easily structure a headline that will target the employers. For instance, a headline like, “First class engineering graduate seeking an entry level job” achieves the purpose.

Include links to target pages

Using LinkedIn to find a job can be captured using links to target pages. This step can be structured by including links to an online portfolio or a professional website where the recruiters can get a glimpse of your professional setting and your achieved goals.

Craft the best summary

By crafting a summary, you get to impact the decision-making process of the recruiters. Since a headline and profile picture make an introduction, a summary acts as the setting that closes the deal. You can use the summary to polish through the goals, experience and personality which act as the ultimate communication tool to the prospective employer.

Advertise relevant experience

You can use LinkedIn to advertise your relevant experience and ensure recruiters identify with the potential you bring to their business or company. You can use your advertised experience to show your commitment to a role and this is where you should be short and precise while highlighting the relevant experience in line with the job you are targeting.

Utilize sections

One unique way to find a job using LinkedIn is to use the sections within the platform. From publications, volunteering, courses, languages, awards to honors; all these sections are quality display tools for your competencies when it comes to experience and accomplishments within your career.

Build a network

From previous co-workers, friends to former students; you can use LinkedIn to build a network by establishing the connections. By including other professionals through research, you can reach out and customize the request to connect to ensure the professional is inclined to respond and establish a connection that may result in a job opportunity.

Join groups

The key to getting a job on LinkedIn is to engage with varied groups within your niche or industry. When you join groups, prospective employers get to see your interests and active engagement and are sure to take note. When you comment, like, share and be proactive to cement your interest, finding a job becomes seamless.

Target company pages

Finding a job on LinkedIn is possible through targeting company pages. Company pages give a picture of the company you are targeting and allow you to stay updated on the developments. The beauty of it is that some also place their newest openings on display which places you closer to your next opportunity.

Capitalize on endorsements and recommendations

A peculiar strategy to find a job using LinkedIn is to capitalize on endorsements and recommendations by listing skills. This is instrumental especially because your connections can then have an easier time recommending and endorsing you as a credible authority on those skills.

Follow influencers within career interest

You can find a job on LinkedIn through following influencers within your career niche. On the channels, LinkedIn pulse; you get to have the opportunity to comment on relevant topics on the forums where recruiters have a chance to pay attention to your input.

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