Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends in China


Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends in China 

China’s advertising industry may have started late, but they are eventually catching up with the rest of the world. They are doing so at a breakneck speed with an exclusive focus on digital marketing.

Some of the top digital trends noted in the Chinese market include:

Online videos

Investors describe online videos at the fruit that hangs low. Marketers are quickly shifting from TV to online videos. Videos help marketers reach wider audiences, especially those without access to televisions.

Mobile platform

The mobile users in China have hit the one billion mark. Additionally, most of the mobile users can access the Internet via their phones. One of the major advantages of the mobile platform is location information which creates and drives online traffic to the retail stores. Also, apps and voice commands such as Siri links marketers and clients.


The e-commerce market grew exponentially in 2015 by RMB2 trillion possibly reaching the US market target. The marketers are shifting from a C2C to a B2C market. Retail stores are interacting directly with their clients.

Social media

Social media usage is going from strength to strength each passing day. The number of subscribers has grown with marketers using online videos and e-commerce to create new revenue streams. Social media has created an advertising platform too.

Data goes big

Marketers are now realizing the value of data. They are building CRM capabilities while finding the best way to leverage cross-media user behavior and consumer data. It enables marketers to improve targeting and returns in investment (ROI).

 Content optimization

Chinese customers will pass any information that does not please them. Marketers are creating effective and relevant content that aims at creating brand loyalty. They use strategies such as interactive experience and tools and celebrity advertising.

WeChat platform

WeChat has become a powerful application in China and globally. Unlike other social media platform, it requires a personalized and dedicated communication with the user. It has been successful, and marketers are using as the social e-commerce platform.


It is a booming marketing trend because most Chinese people spend a lot of time on their phones-commerce in conjunction with WeChat will create a bright future for the marketers.


You have probably heard about 020 a million times. It is the new trend that optimizes the success of marketing campaign both online and offline. 020 makes online and offline connections close than before. Clients discover products online and feel their experience offline.

Based on the efforts put in marketing campaigns, it is important to focus on the customer needs and experiences in real life. It calls for creativity and enhancing individual expression. Brands are now turning their clients to brand representatives and designers.

Multiple screen integration

People are using multiple devices. Brands are working at optimizing the multiple devices to create traffic and engage their customers. Besides optimizing and linking the devices, the marketers want to link advertising campaigns among the devices.

Mobile ads

Mobile advertising is the in-thing. In this digital era, creativity is crucial while designing mobile ads. Marketers in China are known to create exciting advertisements that keep their clients engaged.

Focusing on the locals

It is a local marketing strategy that focuses on the China people. The taste and preferences of the products do not change. However, the marketers seek to understand the need of the locals in China.

Improved traditional channels

They have become more visual and interactive. There is an increased use of videos, images, websites and social media.

Image ambassadors

Image ambassadors or opinion leaders are currently being used to promote bands.

Tools to invoke emotions

Marketers are using instruments to invoke emotions and engage their clients. Some of the techniques used include entertainment and moving videos.