Top 15 things millennials want in life


Top 15 things millennials want in life        

As much as millennials are controversial, they have a sense of what they want in life and understanding the same is what the other generations have failed to capture. Millennials are astute decision-makers and know exactly what they want in life. Here are the top 15 things millennials target in life.

Comfortable living space

Even though the buying power of the millennials has not been hugely pronounced when it comes to buying homes, they still harbor the dream of having a comfortable living space. Millennials crave a comfortable home where they can be happy and have a chance to unwind and relax.

Consideration from teachers, parents and bosses

One of the factors millennials call for is consideration from teachers, parents and bosses at work. What they need most in life is the chance to be considered and given an opportunity to show that they can deliver. This, according to them, is what breeds mutual respect.

Being taken seriously

Millennials want to be taken seriously especially when their creative ideas are concerned. They need their creative outlets to be taken seriously and for older generations to stop dismissing them as failures and lazy individuals who lack inspiration to forge ahead in life.

Entrepreneurial guidance

A significant percentage of millennials desire to be their own bosses and need help in the form of entrepreneurial guidance that will aid them in structuring their own startups. This is what will enable them achieve development over time and step out of the shadow of being overlooked.

Financial prosperity

Most millennials have their goal in life set as achieving financial prosperity. The aspect of financial prosperity comes in due to the manifested need to fund their varied dreams and preferences.

Platforms to nurture and harness their passion

Millennials always have their passions deeply entrenched in their persona and this makes them value the platforms and avenues that can ensure their passions come to life. What millennials need in life therefore is the platform that will nurture and harness their passions.

Finding meaning in all endeavors

A major need millennials have in life is to find meaning in the endeavors they engage in. Millennials need to find meaning in what they do and they also need to feel part of the experience if they are to be satisfied in life.

Cultural identity

Millennials have struggled to find the aspects that will distinguish them from the previous generations. This has led to them trying to find that cultural identity that will define their existence apart from the obvious digital savviness.

Wide array of choices

Millennials need choices no matter the event, circumstance or orientation. Millennials believe in having choices as it is the only way they will guarantee that they achieve an aspect of flexibility when it comes to decision-making. Whether it is a car, house or career; millennials need choices in life.

Career success

Most of the millennials value their careers and wish to achieve career excellence, they have a desire to become industry experts within their respective fields. Career success therefore ranks as a top factor that millennials trace in life.

Objective engagement and networking

Among the factors that millennials value most in life are engagement and networking. Any networking and engagement option that betters the way millennials are able to learn and grow is highly welcome and this explains why they are always focused on building new connections and nurturing the already established ones.


Being authentic and tracing authenticity in everything they are associated with stands as a core goal in life for the millennials. This is exactly depicted with their loyalty to specific brands that have an authentic presentation and quality. The point of this is that they are focused on only consuming the authentic elements in life and those that have a distinct identity.

Healthy living

Millennials are fascinated and obsessed when it comes to healthy living. This explains their inclination to only have the best nutrition available on offer. From green living, promotion of herbal alternatives to the condemnation of environmentally degrading elements; millennials want healthy living to be a reality of life.

Connection to the world

Millennials want to stay ahead of what is happening all over the world which is what they need in order to find opportunities. With a connection to the world, millennials are able to identify gaps and grow their knowledge as far as brands and strategies are concerned. It is this knowledge pool that millennials want to have and exploit in life.


Being content serves as a core factor that millennials need in life. When millennials are happy, they deliver on their obligations and end up being more productive as compared to when they are struggling with getting a grip on their happiness.

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