Top 15 Tips to Get a Job Using LinkedIn


Top 15 Tips to Get a Job Using LinkedIn      

With over 10 million job postings, LinkedIn is perfect for recruiters who want to locate top talent without much hassle. To take advantage of the high recruiter traffic, you have to stand out and exhibit your value proposition concisely via your profile. The 15 tips below will help you do that and more so that you can easily get your dream job.

Comprehensively fill your profile

Fill all profile sections to stand a higher chance of getting noticed. An incomplete profile will propagate a negative brand image that spotlights lack of attention to detail and a halfway mentality. Considering the majority of hirers are judgmental with a sharp eye for details of commission and omission, you will tend to be quickly dismissed.

Use keywords

Depending on the kind of job you want, identify the search terms that recruiters are likely to use. Incorporate these keywords into your profile to increase your visibility. Think of it as SEO on a smaller scale. However, do not go overboard.

Have a great headline

Take time to come up with a great headline. It should stand out without sacrificing a professional tone. Make sure it encapsulates your value proposition while maintaining an air of mystery in a way that baits anyone visiting your profile to stick around for longer.

Use an attractive profile picture

Profiles with professional profile pictures are visited 14 times more compared to those using unprofessional images. So, invest in a few good headshots that also have some character: a half smile or a ‘smiling with the eyes’ shot can do.

Top skills first

LinkedIn has a skills cap of 50; but of these, only three show on your profile. A visitor has to click ‘see more’ to view other skills. Hence, based on the skills on many recruiters’ wish lists, order your most saleable capabilities in the first three slots.

Include relevant work experience

In the experience section, only include relevant work experiences. Also, many recruiters look out for those who have volunteered or offered their expertise freely in some capacity. So, be sure to play up volunteer work.

Ensure congruence

94% of recruiters use linked in as a verification tool. This means that you can land a job either on LinkedIn or through your resume only for incongruence to earth up lies and sugarcoated or exaggerated facts. In this light, ensure that your profile and resume pass the same message.

Publish content

LinkedIn has an excellent publishing platform that you can leverage to enforce influence and authority within your circles. Good content will substantiate your claims of expertise on certain subjects and recruiters will be more easily impressed.

Use videos to increase the aesthetic value of your profile

Videos can break the monotony of text and images in your profile thereby adding a refreshing dynamic that can catalyze recruiter interest. If you are in an industrial sector, or in arts, a video showing you in action can give credence to your stated level of expertise.

Do not use negative words

Refrain from using negative words in your profile. Words such as unemployed, not, unable, etc., should not feature anywhere. Also, avoid flowery words that are likely to make your profile sunny and positive. The majority of content should be neutral or mildly positive.

If unemployed

If you are unemployed, try to mask this by formatting your headline to depict that you are actively searching for a new position in a specific sector. In the experience section, mask periods of unemployment by only writing the years and leaving out the months and dates.

Capitalize on the power of statistics

If you have ever helped a business increase its sales by 10%, for instance, mention this in your profile. Stats will increase your level of credibility and add reliability to what are essentially abstract claims from a recruiter’s perspective.

Craft a winning summary introduction

The complete summary used to show in user’s profiles, but recent changes have altered this. Now, only three lines show with the rest accessible via a ‘show more’ button. It is highly unlikely that a recruiter will click on this button if he/she is unimpressed by the first three lines. Therefore, you have to make the first three lines of your summary count.

Be creative

If you have an idea that you think can enhance your profile, do not hesitate to try it out provided the effect thereof will not compromise the brand image and the professional orientation of your profile. Creativity can help you gain the favor of a recruiter who has trudged through hundreds of similar profiles.

Put in the work

Looking for a job is a job in itself. You will have to consistently work at ensuring your profile is pristine and aesthetically pleasing: update it frequently, edit sections and content to reflect existing labor market conditions, conduct research on how to increase your employability, etc.