Top 20 Best SEO Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

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Top 20 Best SEO Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

SEO can be complicated with a lot of moving parts, which is why working with a top-rated SEO marketing agency like is always the best way to get the results you crave. If you are looking for such a partner in Los Angeles, here is a list of the top 20 SEO marketing agencies in the city to help you choose.

Brenton Way

This agency provides brands and businesses in Los Angeles with search engine optimization services. Its Tier 1 SEO Rankings program involves deep audit and removal of unnatural link building, site issues, and broken pages that prevent a website from attracting traffic. Its data-driven SEO service regularly evaluates a website’s SEO status to give guidance to the brand or business that communicates to markets with it, an approach also seen over at

405 Ads Online Marketing

This small SEO agency in Los Angeles is a certified Google Partner offering digital marketing services to both new and existing businesses. Clients can retain the agency for broad or niche SEO projects depending on their specific needs, which is also the case for


This Los Angeles-based SEO agency works with software companies, startups, and businesses in the beauty and fashion industries. It helps clients create content that is easily discoverable by search engines as well as relevant to their target audience. Using methods like on-page optimization, URL structure, and keyword research, this agency works to make websites stand out amongst competitors and attract profitable leads, which can also be said of

Bliss Drive

Since being founded in 2007, this Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency has helped clients with SEO. Its SEO services are comprehensive and offer options to clients with a variety of needs. It does local SEO for businesses seeking to bolster their reputation and increase business in their communities. It also performs SEO for enterprise-level companies while also providing SEO services tailored to specific platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Custom Creatives

This SEO agency services businesses in New York and Los Angeles. The agency serves clients that are local businesses, eCommerce, or partnerships that are looking for award-winning expertise on their side to get predictable and reliable outcomes.

Glover Digital Marketing

This Los Angeles-based agency was founded by Maggie Glover, who has a decade of experience in digital marketing and provides SEO services to startups, small businesses, large corporations, and individual professionals. This agency’s SEO practice is heavily tilted towards the copywriting aspects of SEO, focusing on creating content that helps clients to be discovered by qualified leads and contributes to favorable page rankings by implementing keywords prevalent throughout major search engines, which are also offered over at

I Ain’t Your Momma

What a name this agency in Santa Monica has, and it is an SEO and online marketing agency providing a variety of services to its clients. It is a solo operation run by SEO consultant and web designer Michelle Farrell, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. She offers SEO services, including SEO audits and consulting, which are also on the menu over at


As the name suggests, this Los Angeles-based SEO agency focuses exclusively on SEO for lawyers. It works with solo practitioners and law firms to maximize their online presence across all platforms, including websites, social media, and professional profiles. It develops custom SEO and local SEO strategies that include keyword research and analysis, link-building tactics, conversion design, and improved user experience, just as is the case over at


This SEO agency serves small to mid-sized companies in the greater Los Angeles area. The agency uses a combination of data-driven tactics and creativity to develop customized SEO and local SEO strategies that generate more website traffic and improve conversion rates. Its SEO services include keyword analytics, market research, website SEO audits, advance link building, blog creation, and mobile development.

QRank Digital

This is a Los Angeles-based agency with a key focus on SEO and local SEO services. It works with businesses ranging from eCommerce sites to nationwide companies and helps clients optimize their websites by creating custom SEO strategies that work to increase their online presence, drive new and repeat website traffic, and boost conversion rates.

The Brainchild Group

This is an SEO and marketing agency with offices in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York areas. Since 2007, the agency has used innovative and forward-thinking SEO techniques, including keyword research and analytics, strategic content creation, SEO audits, localized SEO tactics, and link building to help clients expand their online presence, increase website traffic, and boost sales, which is also true for

Social Giant Marketing

Founded in 2016, this Los Angeles-based SEO agency starts by collecting company data and conducting an SEO audit, an approach also taken by It uses this information along with market research and keyword analysis to develop custom strategies that help clients improve the online presence, increase website traffic, and boost conversion rates.

PX Media, LLC.

This is a digital marketing agency that has served businesses in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Pasadena areas since 2000. Its team of website developers, marketers, and SEO specialists work together to create custom SEO strategies that increase website traffic and drive sales, as can also be said of the team over at

Mirdon Production

This is a Los Angeles-based agency that provides SEO services to businesses in the area. Its SEO experts help clients rank well in search engine results through content writing, keyword research and strategy, link building, ad technical SEO. The team also provides an online customer relationship management portal where clients can monitor their SEO performance and review their progress.

Immortal Media Group

This is a Los Angeles-based agency that has provided clients with SEO services since 2009. It is a results-driven agency with a focus on increasing new and repeat traffic and boosting conversion rates. It uses SEO audits that include competitive reviews and keyword research to develop customized SEO strategies.


This Full-service digital marketing agency serves clients in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout the US as well. The agency offers several services, including SEO strategies such as keyword research and development, site optimization, and content research and development, all of which are also offered over at

Fivespot Digital Marketing

This is an SEO and social media marketing agency helping small businesses in improving their growth. Its team, just like the team over at, performs an initial discovery audit to determine its clients’ ranking factors, it works with businesses to identify goals and target audience and develops a marketing campaign targeted for the most effective social media sites according to demographics and location.

Creative Headline

This is a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that prioritizes the creative aspects of web design and provides SEO services to businesses and organizations with local and national interests. Its SEO services include keyword research, link development, content writing, as well as many other general on- and off-page SEO practices, all of which are also on offer over at

Biago Media Web Design and Marketing

With services informed by over 15 years of experience in web design and development, this Los Angeles-based agency helps clients in a varied assortment of industries to create and revise their web pages to increase visibility and the likelihood of connecting with valued audiences.

598 Los Angeles

This Los Angeles-based SEO and social media agency offers SEO services such as keyword research, on-page SEO, and transparent reporting for businesses looking to upscale their marketing tools and drive traffic to their content. A customized SEO plan designed to achieve specific needs and goals is provided to clients.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the right partner for you and your business when looking for the best SEO marketing agencies in Los Angeles, with the highly-rated and being the best option when looking for similar services in Humble and the greater Houston, Texas area.

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