Top 20 Best SEO Marketing Agencies in Manchester UK

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Top 20 Best SEO Marketing Agencies in Manchester UK

As the gurus over at point out, search engine optimization (SEO) has become significantly essential for every company to promote their business online as it ensures the online presence of the business and enhances the ranking of the websites on search engines. There are plenty of SEO marketing agencies in Manchester, and this article will look to help you work with only the best by listing the top 20 SEO marketing agencies in the city.

Embryo Digital

This is an SEO and marketing agency in Manchester providing a wide range of SEO services to businesses in the area. The agency has a highly qualified team that has the expertise in SEO and content marketing, just like the team over at, and uses proven SEO techniques that are tailored to the needs of each of its clients.


This is one of the leading SEO agencies in Manchester, with a highly talented and qualified staff that has expertise in SEO and digital marketing. The agency specializes in creating and executing comprehensive SEO strategies that involve user data collection, comprehensive research, backlink building, etc., all of which are techniques that are also used by


This Manchester-based SEO agency believes in long-term interaction with its clients to work for as long as possible, an approach it shares with The agency has proven results to showcase to its clients and offers amazing SEO services to businesses in the area.

Bigfoot Digital

This digital marketing agency has got a global presence with offices in the UK and the US, and it offers a wide range of services including SEO solutions to its clients. The agency’s team of SEO specialists designs, ranks, and grows local businesses with the use of proven and effective search engine optimization techniques.

Kelsall SEO

Based in Manchester, this SEO agency is run by some of the best digital marketers in the area, which is why it is known as being a top-tier SEO agency with the capacity to help businesses grow at a rapid pace. The agency knows how to begin with SEO ventures and is capable enough to achieve the desired results quickly, making the right decisions at the right time, executing the right strategies to get the best outcomes in quick succession.

Fly High Media

One of the most trusted SEO agencies in Manchester, this agency has a great clientele and loves to serve the community at large. Just like, this agency’s team works to move clients’ websites upwards Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results pages and will work to give you the best results possible.

Red Fern

Headquartered in Manchester, this SEO agency believes in customer satisfaction, which is a quality it shares with The agency focuses heavily on meeting the requirements of its clients, which is why its team will always first research each client’s audience and business to ensure that it comes up with the best strategies, using relevant keywords and phrases, for the best results.


This is one of the most popular SEO agencies in Manchester and has been serving businesses there for years. The most significant part of this agency’s SEO services is the consistent customer support, as just like, this agency strives to keep its clients up to speed with the progress made throughout the SEO project.

Coffeepot Digital

Founded in 2013, this Manchester-based digital agency has quickly managed to position itself among the best SEO agencies in the area. The agency’s team of SEO experts handles SEO campaigns by improving off-site link authority and on-site keyword placement to give its clients the results they crave.

Carousel Projects

Based in Manchester, this agency has a great portfolio and has managed to earn a name in the industry after completing some successful high-profile SEO projects. The agency reorganizes website information to provide cues to search engines that result in an improved ranking for its clients.

Search Creative

Just like, this SEO agency in Manchester believes in creativity, hence why it is at the forefront when it comes to trying out new and innovative SEO techniques to help its clients’ websites rank as high as possible on search engines like Google and Bing. The agency also works closely with its clients when it comes to SEO audits as well as reporting of results.

Net Sixty Six

A popular name in Manchester as far as SEO agencies are concerned, this digital marketing agency has become a top brand as far as SEO services are concerned. The agency has led close to a hundred projects so far with lots of wins and success stories in there, which has made it very popular among businesses looking for SEO services, which can also be said of


This is a branding, digital marketing, web designing, and communications agency in Manchester offering businesses in the area excellent SEO services. Its services include meta tags, link building, keyword research and optimization, content evaluation, and so much more, all of which are also part of the offerings at

Vindicta Digital

Operating out of Manchester, this agency is another one that is regarded as being a top-rated SEO agency in the area. The agency knows the area inside out, and offers some of the best local SEO services around, incorporating local search strategies and citation creation in its campaigns to ensure that its clients attract qualified local traffic as well.

SEO Enterprise

One of Manchester’s leading SEO agencies, this agency follows the latest strategies and tactics to execute its operations. The agency adapts to innovation and tries new ways to lead SEO campaigns, and its experienced team is always ready to work with clients to understand their goals and then come up with solutions to help them achieve these goals.

Digital Media Stream

Given that Manchester is crowded with SEO agencies, it says a lot about this agency that it has been able to earn a name in such a crowded space. Just like, this agency offers its clients effective SEO solutions using proven strategies like competitive analysis, keyword research, keyword optimization, and much more.

Made By Shape

Located in Manchester, this is one of the finest and renowned SEO agencies in the area. In what can also be said about, this agency is known for its ability to provide better ranking results for its clients, and it is an expert when it comes to improving the rankings of websites. The agency’s team is familiar with all the ranking factors which is why it can quickly produce results for its clients.

Red Cow Media

This is one of the best SEO agencies, not only in Manchester but in the UK as well. The agency offers on-page SEO tactics such as content creation and web design, to go with its off-page optimization techniques like backlink building, all of which are also on offer over at

Gorilla Marketing

With a global reach with offices in the US and Europe, this is one of the best digital marketing agencies out there and is among the best SEO agencies in Manchester. Among this agency’s SEO services is technical SEO, with the agency’s team taking care of aspects like external link building and metadata revisions, for a comprehensive SEO offering to its clients.

Soap Media

This is a renowned digital marketing agency in Manchester whose SEO strategies combine the technical aspects of on-page optimization with off-page optimization methods while preserving the existing foundation and incoming links to the client’s website. It offers full-service SEO solutions hence why it is rated so highly.

These are some of the best SEO marketing agencies in Manchester, with the amazing and being the best two options when looking for similar services in Humble and the greater Houston, Texas area.

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