Top 20 Best SEO Marketing Agencies in Vancouver Canada

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Top 20 Best SEO Marketing Agencies in Vancouver Canada

When it comes to SEO marketing agencies, you usually get what you pay for, which means that for the best services, you will need to seek out the services of an excellent SEO agency like If you are looking for one in Vancouver, then you are in luck as this article will look to aid your search by listing the top 20 SEO marketing agencies in the city for you to choose from.

Vancouver SEO Company

This agency offers excellent SEO services to ensure that its clients’ websites are accessible to search engines, while also improving the chances that the websites will be found and ranked highly by the search engines. Some of the services offered here include SEO audits, optimization of specific pages, robots.txt, and sitemaps, among others, which are also offered at

Vancouver SEO Agency

Not to be confused by the agency in the previous point, this is another top-rated SEO agency in Vancouver. Its SEO solutions include adding research-based brand-specific keywords and authoritative link builds to custom-designed content, which is an approach that is also taken by the team at

Edkent Media Vancouver

This leading digital marketing agency has got offices in both Vancouver and Toronto and has built a name for itself in the industry through high-quality service and results to back it up. Just like, this agency leverages thought-provoking and customized SEO strategies to help its clients realize their online potential and increase revenues and ROI.

Cansoft Technologies

This is a global agency with a presence in Vancouver, Canada, as well as in the UK, New Zealand, Sweden, and the US. The agency specializes in performing search engine optimization and helping websites rank higher search engine results pages (SERPs) of the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Marwick Marketing

This is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Canada. Based in Vancouver, this agency solely focuses on search engine optimization and paid search (Google Ads). Its team is fully dedicated to being the very best at its core offerings, which is why it has become the fastest-growing Premier Google Partner Agency in Canada.

lias Vancouver

With offices in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and Vancouver, it is another highly-rated SEO agency in the area. Its team is composed of highly experienced full-time web designers and developers, an excellent copywriter, a multi-media expert, social media experts, multiple certified Google Ads pros, SEO ninjas, among other specialists, as is also true for the team over at

Yoyacool E-Commerce

Given that this agency’s team considers itself as business people like its clients, it starts every engagement by working with each of its client’s leadership team to deeply understand their business, which is an approach also taken by This allows the team to come up with tailored SEO strategies destined to succeed, using relevant keywords for the biggest impact possible.

Method and Metric Digital Agency

Based in Vancouver, this micro SEO agency works with brands, large and small, to improve their search visibility and increase their reach, to grow their revenue. As is also true for, results, and accountability are two of the agency’s core beliefs that flow through everything it does, hence its popularity in the area.


This Vancouver-based agency considers itself to be a partner to its clients with one common objective: reaching and exceeding every goal set in its clients’ digital marketing strategy. It is driven by both results and passion and aims to serve as the link between the online curios and its clients’ companies by providing relevant information, and bringing relevant visitors to their websites via proven SEO strategies.

ROI Web Marketing

This agency’s mission is to help as many businesses in Vancouver as possible to enhance their marketing by creating a system of ongoing lead generation for them. This allows its clients’ businesses to have more exposure, be easier to find, and maximize ROI on their SEO marketing.

N2 Marketing

Here, the team of SEO specialists, just like the team at, dedicates itself to its clients’ online marketing success. Its SEO services are based on analytics-driven techniques and keyword research, resulting in increased visibility to search engines and customers.

Riverbed Marketing

Based in Vancouver, this agency has an edge in every way when it comes to SEO and inbound marketing. The agency has grasped the value of content generation and social media and offers solutions for clients that encompass the whole package, which can also be said of

Bowery Creative

This is a full-service marketing agency in Vancouver which plans, produces, and promotes businesses online through proven and effective SEO strategies. Its SEO services include content strategy and creation, technical SEO, holistic SEO, and content auditing, promotion, and outreach, as well as link profile building, all of which are also offered by

Growme Marketing Vancouver

Located in Vancouver, this agency creates sales opportunities and leads with a plan that is comprehensive and wide-ranging, and that includes all the technical advancements in communication. The agency helps clients develop their web presence through a series of concentrated and comprehensive SEO strategies.

Coronation Internet Marketing

This agency offers both organic and local SEO services to businesses in Vancouver, big and small. Its team of SEO experts enhances its clients’ businesses’ local market visibility through well-researched use of industry-specific keywords and links connected to maps, directories, and citations.

Soulpepper Digital Marketing

Operating out of its offices in Vancouver, this SEO agency has been helping local businesses gain more online visibility as far as their websites are concerned, driving more qualified traffic to both their sites and stores. In addition to comprehensive SEO services, this agency also enhances SEO content with inbound marketing techniques such as guest blog posts and newsletters as well as social media and email connections, which are also part of the menu at

Vancouver SEO Group

At this Vancouver-based SEO agency, clients get to access unique pay-per-result SEO services. This means that you will only be required to pay when the agency achieves the results you had set out to achieve. Its team, just like the team at, conducts detailed research to obtain realistic and brand-specific keywords that are the foundation of page ranking.

SEO Candyland

This agency in Vancouver will amaze you with the work it does. Its SEO specialists and experienced marketing team are always ready to help clients make the most of their website and inbound marketing initiatives, a quality that is also seen in the specialists at

Local SEO Vancouver

Based in Vancouver, this SEO agency customizes its offerings to each of its client’s needs. It is completely transparent with all of its processes and its team will explain everything it’s doing before it happens and is also always available to answer any questions a client may have, walking them through their monthly reporting, which is why it is rated so highly when it comes to SEO services in the area.

Guaranteed SEO

With over 25 years of experience and expertise, this agency helps companies make more money online by building better websites and effectively marketing them. Whether the problem resides with your design, your traffic, or your conversions, the agency’s team sits down with you to identify all of the issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals, before establishing a long-term SEO strategy that matches your business goals, all the while focusing on the bottom line.

Remember, while these are some of the best SEO marketing agencies in Vancouver, the highly-regarded and are the two best options when it comes to similar services in Humble and the greater Houston, Texas area.

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