Top 20 Content Marketing Agency

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Top 20 Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing, as discussed over at, involves providing useful and relevant content articles, or images and videos, to potential customers, in a bid to helping them solve their problems. With content marketing, while you may not be advertising directly to your customers, they will remember who provided them with useful content and will be more likely to engage with your business afterward. Given how modern audiences, and generation Z and millennials, don’t respond well to traditional advertising, content marketing has become a key part of businesses’ marketing strategy. If you are looking to get into it, this article will try to help by listing the top 20 content marketing agencies out there.

This is one of the best full-service marketing agencies out there, with content marketing being one of the many services it offers at a top-notch level. Its team of content marketing experts take time to research the target audience of each of their clients, perform competitor analysis, publication research, and SEO audit for the best content marketing services around, as highlighted over at

This top-rated full-service marketing agency is another one offering content marketing services straight out of the top drawer. the agency strives to create content for clients that can reach a diverse audience as well as business leaders. As is outlined over at, not only do they offer content publishing services to help their clients expand their customer base, they also offer content maintenance to create content that is relevant and engaging.

Influence & Co.

This is another excellent content marketing agency, with close to 10 years of exemplary services having been founded in 2011. With clients such as Microsoft, Dell, AIG, and many others, it is easy to see why this agency is rated so highly when it comes to content marketing. Not only does it offer comprehensive services as far as content marketing is concerned, but it also uses industry-leading software like BuzzSumo, Google Analytics, Moz, and lots more, which are also used over at

Hawke Media

Founded in 2013, this is another excellent content marketing agency in the country. The agency offers 2 mains packages: content publishing and content maintenance. With a team if highly knowledgeable and experienced content marketing professionals, it is the agency to turn to if you are looking to leverage content marketing to increase organic traffic and pageviews.

Bop Design

This B2B website design and marketing agency is another one that offers excellent content marketing services. Some of the services offered here as far as content marketing is concerned, include social media marketing, copywriting, blogs, SEO, email marketing, among others. Comprehensive services to go along with great customer service is why the agency is rated so highly.

Camp Creative

Established in 1999, this agency has over 20 years of experience when it comes to matters of content marketing, which is a huge plus. From content writing and marketing to lead generation, this agency, as is the case for the highly-rated, prides itself on the fact that it aims to create content that is not only engaging and stimulating, but that is also set to convert.

Siege Media

This content marketing agency, just like the top-rated, serves clients from a wide range of industries from the media industry to the hospitality and leisure industry. Specializing in content strategy and promotion, the agency will not only help you increase traffic but will also help you increase brand authority as well as improve your customer ratings.

Column Five

With over 10 years of experience under its belt, this creative content marketing agency is another one worth checking out when looking for a top-rated agency. Its team of 50 content marketing specialists combines tremendous expertise with experience, and you can be sure the team will create engaging and interesting content that will bring you the results you crave, which is also true for the gurus over at

Square 2 Marketing

This agency offers several solutions when it comes to content marketing including content calendars, blogs, whitepapers, e-books, product briefs, and many others. The agency offers customized services tailored to the unique needs of each of its clients, which is why it has such an impressive track record of always getting results for its clients.

Savage Global Marketing

This agency has worked with some of the biggest brands out there such as Ford, Harley Davidson, and many others, which just goes to show how top-rated the agency is. It offers comprehensive services as far as content marketing is concerned, which includes providing niche content creation, link strategy, press releases, podcasts, video production, and so much more.

With offices in various countries across the world, including in Copenhagen, Denmark, London, UK, and San Francisco in the US, there can be no denying that this is one of the best content marketing agencies out there. This agency, as is the case for the highly regarded, is very detail-oriented, and will focus on everything including landing pages, viral factors, email deliverability, and so forth.

Rep Cap

Based in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, this is another top-rated content marketing agency with a global clientele. The agency aims to help its clients share helpful, relevant, and interesting content and ideas with their prospects and customers, something that can also be said of the excellent With a focus on B2B, this agency offers services on blogs, reported articles, email newsletters, white papers, guides, and so much more.


This gem of an agency is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and boasts clients such as the South Dakota State University, American Heart Association, and many others. As is true for the amazing, this agency works with clients from a wide range of sectors including the healthcare, finance, education, communications, and outdoor sectors.

Ghergich & Co.

This agency prides itself in the fact that it produces content that is compelling and persuasive for clients, to help them both their clients’ attention and better rankings. Offering a full range of content marketing services including content strategy, the agency provides bot long-form articles as well as short micrographics articles.

Racepoint Global

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, this is another global player, with offices located in cities across the world in countries such as China and the UK. The agency aims to build channel-agnostic communications strategies aimed at engaging its clients; audiences in an authentic and meaningful way. The agency focuses on working with B2B, healthcare, and technology brands.


Based in Carlsbad, California, this is another top-rated agency to go to for services regarding content marketing. Its focus is on the long-term, something it has in common with the excellent, as its team of content marketing gurus will always aim to come up with strategies that are aimed at long-term sustainable growth.

The Digital Elevator

This Florida-based SEO agency is another one that offers excellent content marketing services. Its content marketing team, as is the case for the gurus over at, only uses strategies that are grounded in research and analysis, and also, each of the strategies used here is customized for individual clients, which allows for the best results possible.

Editor Group

Founded in 1998, and with offices in countries from countries across the world, this content marketing agency comes with a tremendous pedigree. As is also true for the amazing, this agency creates all types of content for clients, from case studies and white papers to blogs and brochures, and everything else in between, including video, showing a comprehensive nature as far as its services are concerned.

Avalaunch Media

This brilliantly-named full-service digital marketing agency is another one offering excellent content marketing services. Services offered here as far as content marketing is concerned, include video, pitch decks, infographics, eBooks and whitepapers, social video, copywriting, and so much more.

Click Giant

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, this is another brilliant content marketing agency. Its services as far as content marketing goes focus on building online authority through high-quality content, breathing life into content with the help of visuals, motion, and interactivity.

Remember, if you are looking for a content marketing agency that will not only offer you top-notch services but will also do so on time and budget, then look no further than the highly-rated and