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Many people in the world struggle with eating habits, and being fit in general. Many people tend to suffer from diseases that are based on the eating habits. So this is why many people run to the gym. Gyms help in making sure that you burn the excess fat and at the same time it can help one make good use of the fat in the body and turn it into muscle. Below is a list of some of the best gyms in the region of Houston Texas as compiled by

OAK fitness

They have excellent services starting from the front desk up to the trainer and even the management. One of the best things about this facility is that it has clean amenities and a very inspiring environment. These only will allow you to have her time of your life as pointed out by

Mekanix gym 

To some the name alone might inspire something in you to work as hard as possible to make the best out of yourself. They have a variety of machines that deal with body weight training, conditioning, calisthenics among many more.

Muscleheadz Houston

A survey done by the classes here are skill based and the objective is to improve their skill sets so that they can work to a defined objective. They also have the ability to analyze your body and create a fitness plan that will fit you and your goals when it comes to your body.

Houston gym

They offer a group exercise program that has been proven to be very effective by the experts at by nay chance you find it hard to see the results you would like, you can opt out and get signed a personal trainer.

The gym

The name might sound basic to some but it is one of the best gyms in the region. It has state of the art equipment and also very knowledgeable fitness coaches that are known to have a great deal of experience in the industry.

Washington gym

It is a superior gym as compared to the rest in the region. It has been able to work with many people including celebrities. The coaches here have dedicated themselves to helping you to get the shape you have always desired. 

Kinitro fitness

They promise to offer the best out of the ordinary classes for both strength and fitness. They offer a seven day trial for newcomers of which  according to experts, will offer faster results in a short time.

Hanks gym 

Since 1972, hanks gym has been providing their services in the region. They are widely known for providing real benefits out of their strength training. The best thing about this facility is that their training builds strength in you that you are going to use to sustain the everyday stress.

Be fit gym 

If you have been looking for a gym that feels like home, then this is the right place for you. This can be proven by the many customer experience stories that will make your heart warm up. As uncovered by the experts at, you will be having great time when exercising at the gym. 

Facet seven fitness gym

This facility shares a great passion of inspiring the public to be better both physically and mentally. According to it has an inspiring environment that invites a weird sense of strength that if used properly one can be able to get fit very fast.

Power house gym 

This gym inspires the mentality of hard work and training. It is a good place to improve your skills in almost every aspect of life, this because you will be able to meet with many people who are successful in life. Apart from lifting weight and getting fit you will also be able to learn a thing or two more from others.

Baby Bull Gym

This is an east downtown Houston boxing facility that has been at the fore front of making sure that the community round the gym, is fit and healthy. they do his by offering great discounted packages for both the new and old members among many other tactics.

Commerce street 

According to experts, this gym is locally owned that caters to clients in Houston and its surroundings. They offer a wide range of training equipment that will allow you to get in shape in the shortest time possible. One thing to note is that it is 24 hour opened so you can be able to work out at night.

Costas gym 

According to expert’s rankings, it is one of the top most gyms in the region. Among the many things that make this facility the best is that they have a staff that has been dedicated to offer their services for more than 30 years. here you will be assured that when it comes to diet and gaining muscles and most of all overall fitness you will be in good hands.

Dynamic fitness

They have four gym locations in the region of Houston Texas. Here when it comes to membership it always includes a nutritional plan that is able to comprehend both kickboxing, Zumba and stretching.

Fitness project humble 

Ever since 2015 they have been at the fore front of offering the best services in the region. To some extent this has payed of a they have been nominated and even won the award of the best gym that was hosted by


Here any person with any kind of fitness level can visit and get the best out of this gym. It is considered one of the largest gyms in the region. Due to its size it is able to provide various programs to its clients, namely gymnastics, cardio, endurance training among many others.

HNS training facility

They are one of the few gyms in the region that are always open to new clients. The facility is equipped with enough machines and weight for each of their clients to utilize. According to experts, this facility has a certified group of trainers that are very good at what they and most of all very experienced.  

Inspire rock 

This is a rock climbing gym that has been serving the community here for over 20 years now. Apart fro rock climbing they also offer yoga classes, cardio sessions, weightlifting equipment among many others.

Iron sports

Here people can work out individually or in a group depending on your liking as a person. The trainers here are experienced in sports medicine, self-defense, bodybuilding among many other fields. To learn more visit