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Internists have proven to be very crucial in any community however large it is. Their presence has been able to prevent many calamities from happening. The issue comes in when finding a competent one. That is why have come to the rescue. Below is a list of some of the best internists in Baltimore.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

They have the safest practices as the experts here are board certified to offer the best and most of all use human friendly procedures to make sure that all types of illnesses are dealt with accordingly. Here you are assured that, your family can remain heathy at all times as pointed out by

RWJ Barnabas Health

Their main concern is to prevent the illnesses rather than cure it. They also offer telehealth services, which are considered among the fastest in the region as per the moment. Here you can be able to book an appointment with the doctor at any time of day.

Dr. Rahul S Anand

He is board certified and licensed to work in and around the vast region of Maryland. He is an expert in pain management and anesthesiology. According to, he is a graduate from the Boston University School of Medicine.    

Elite Primary Care Group

The care here is of high quality and also of similar to perfect precision. This is so because they have been at the fore front of embracing the new technology. This has increased the workload by a significant margin, thus in the long run the new technology has been able to increase the waiting time to a shorter period.

Dr. Fahima Azizi

She has years of experience managing acute complex conditions while also not forgetting the chronic medical conditions. She is among the best doctors in the field, she speak fluent English and Persian which is a bonus as pointed out by 

Society of General Internal Medicine

One of the greatest facilities in the world that has state of the art laboratories with the modernized technology. According to, the experts here are board certified and licensed to work in and around Maryland.

Julian Stanford

According to a survey done by experts, he has a goal to provide the highest medical care and services. They emphasize a proactive approach on how to both prevent and cure diseases.

Baystate state health 

They offer a diverse treatment plan that enables the doctors to work in communion with the staff and most of all patients. The best thing about this facility is that, they offer a discounted price tag for both new and regular patients.

Maryland Internal medicine   

It is one of the facilities that have the best laboratories in the whole region. Many love this facility because of the short waiting times. Here one can be able to book an appointment using the fast telehealth services.

Dr. Thomas J Lynch 

He is one of the best doctors in the region with experience of over 15 years. He has been able to help many of his patients with many health complications. He has a knowledgeable staff that is very experienced too and most of all very kind.

Dr. Sebastian K John

His offices are equipped with the best kind of equipment which are top notch and also very accurate in term of readings. In the area it is one of the few facilities that has embraced the new technology in their labs as pointed out by

Dr. Alan D Garely

He is board certified to offer his expert services in and around Maryland. According to experts, he has dedicated his life’s work and expertise to help women live a healthy and comfortable life,   

Dr. James Y Wang

He is affiliated to multiple hospitals in the region. This goes to show that he is very good at what he does. He speaks English and has over 21 years of experience in the health industry. He has also been named among the longest serving experts in the region.

Rockville Internal Medicine Group

It is located in Rockville area in Maryland, this facility has made a huge name for itself on the fact that they have the experienced team of experts and also very easy to schedule an appointment.

Mid Maryland Internal Medicine

Here you will find expert care, primary care and most of all the services are pocket friendly. At this facility got to find that, they accept overt 21 insurance companies. This has helped many individuals get the best services at the best prices that are pocket friendly. 

Dr. Rafeena Bacchus

She is board certified and licensed to work in and around the vast region of Maryland. She has been in practice for over 8 years now. Many of her patients like her services because she is very kind and also most of all respectful.

Suzan Abdo

She is an internal medicine specialist with a 38-year experience in her resume. She has dedicated her life to help out all the individuals with issues related to their health. She also offers a telehealth service that is fast and very efficient, especially in booking of appointments.

Dr. Patel Rahul   

He received his medical degree from Ross university school of medicine, ever since then he has been in practice for over 12 years now. He offers advanced medicine, highly rated and mostly exceptional care as pointed out by 

Annapolis Internal Medicine

It is your family’s medical expert on call, this is possible due to the fact that they have one of the greatest and fastest telehealth services in the region as named by They specialize in nursing and most of all Internal medicine.

Silverman Sharon

She is an internist having over 20 years of experience, affiliated to John Hopkins Medicine. The experts here love to help all their patient regardless of their age or gender. Apart from the great services offered, they also accept over 15 insurance policies from different companies thus making it easy for one to pay for their top notch services.