Top 20 Interview Questions for Google Ads Jobs

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Top 20 Interview Questions for Google Ads Jobs

If you are to ace your Google Ads interview, you will need to do your homework and research the most common interview questions which you are likely to be asked as discussed over at The following are the top 20 Google Ads interview questions along with their answers to help you prepare.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, AKA AdWords as captured over at, is the system that Google has designed to assist in marketing products or services in the Google search engine and its affiliate sites. It will place a text ad that appears when people search for phrases associated with your offering.

Explain how Google Ads work

Google Ads work on a bidding system and if the bidding price is higher, your ad will appear on top of the Google page. It works on “pay per click” which means that you only pay the amount you have bid if someone taps on your ad as a result of a web search, with more on this to be found over at

Why should one use Google Ads?

The traffic generated via Google Ads is worth much more than the millions of other surfers who visit a site. This is because the traffic generated via pay-per-click is more focused on the people who know what they are searching for, making such traffic more valuable as articulated over at

What is PPC marketing?

PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing and is a marketing strategy designed to drive traffic from search engines or other websites to a company’s website. The advertiser is paid when someone clicks on the ad, hence the payment is made per click.

What is campaign management?

Campaign management refers to the process of creating and maintaining an advertising campaign for a company on the Google Ads system. The responsibility of the campaign manager is to manage the entire campaign and to prove the best return on investment (ROI).

Why is PPC an essential part of online advertising?

PPC is important because it shows results much faster than organic campaigns that integrate search engine optimization techniques (also referred to as “natural search”). PPC helps companies reach the right customers and is also useful in marketing products that otherwise may be difficult to find as explained over at

What is the actual cost per click?

The actual cost per click (CPC) for advertisers is determined at auction and is not visible, but maybe less than your maximum CPC bid. This is because you only pay what is required to beat the ad rank of the nearest competitor below you. the equation for determining CPC looks something like this:

CPC = (Ad rank to beat / Quality Score) + $0.01.

However, the average CPC can be seen as outlined over at

What is ad rank?

Ad Rank is the position of a particular ad on the Google page, determined by the bid placed on the keyword for that ad. The quality score will determine the ad rank, with more on this to be found over at

What is Quality Score?

Google will rate the ad based on the keywords used and the design of the PPC ad. This rating is called the quality score and it depends on various factors such as keyword relevance, ad text relevance, and the landing page quality. The higher the quality score, the better the chances of the ad being at the top of the list.

How does quality score affect ad position and CPC?

The quality score is directly proportional to the ad position and indirectly proportional to the CPC. Therefore, if the quality score is higher, the position will be higher while the costs will be lower.

Does the Google Page Rank of the landing page affect the quality score?

No. The Quality Score is not related to the Google page rank of a landing page, which is something you should be aware of going into your interview according to

Is PPC only appropriate for big brands?

No. Businesses of any size can utilize the benefits of PPC as the most important aspect of a PPC campaign is to find the right keywords that are relevant and targeted. This is another question you can expect to be asked in your interview as captured over at

What is the Google Ads double serving policy?

The Google Ads double serving policy states that an advertiser cannot use different accounts to advertise the same keywords or websites. Google enforces this policy to avoid showing ads of the same company to users. Instead, they can view ads by different service providers and then choose their preferred one. You need to know about this when you step into your interview according to

Explain how a Google auction works

Each month a Google auction gets run billions of times and the results are such that users find ads that are relevant to what they are looking for. The search engine processes the requests and runs the auction that determines the ad positions and each advertiser’s CPC.

What is an ad group in Google Ads?

An ad group is a container of your keywords, advertisements, and landing pages. Google rewards advertisers who prepare Google Ad campaigns with tightly structured ad groups. However, it is not advisable to include all your keywords into a single ad group, but rather, you should organize keywords into themes.

What is Conversion Optimizer in Google Ads?

Conversion Optimizer is a tool used by Google Ads for bid manipulation and it decides which clicks on the ad will be valuable. It can help you to return maximum ROI as discussed over at

Mention some of the Google Ads ad extensions

Different ad extensions can enhance the increase in traffic. Some of the common ad extensions used in Google Ads are:


Location extensions

Call extensions

Social annotations

Seller ratings

Offer ads

Mobile app extensions

Review extensions

Image and drop-down navigation ad extension

Communication ad, among others covered over at

What options can’t be changed after creating an account in Google Ads?

After creating an account, Currency and Time Zone are the two options that can’t be changed. As discussed over at, this question is designed to gauge your familiarity when it comes to creating accounts as far as the Google Ads system is concerned.

Explain how you can improve conversion rates

You can improve conversion rates by creating ads that match properly with keywords and creating tightly themed ad groups.

What is the Google Ad API?

The Google Ad API is designed for representing large, tech-savvy advertisers and third parties. It allows developers to build an application that directly interacts with the Google Ads server. With the Google API, you can build an application that can allow you to:

Automatically generate keywords, ad text, custom reports, and landing pages

Develop additional applications and tools to help you manage accounts

Synchronize Google Ads data with your inventory system to manage campaigns based on stock

Remember, you can uncover more insights on this and other related topics by checking out the ever-reliable and

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