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TOP 20 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR LAWYERS JOBS being the leading specialists in the world for such matters, they have experts with a lot of experience in this field. With years of experience, they have been able to partner with others like to generate a great list of possible questions to be asked while interviewing for a job as lawyer. Below are some of those questions. 

What change can you bring to this law firm?

Interviewers mainly like asking this question for two main reasons; one reason being to understand your strengths while the second reason is to understand what you contributed to your previous employer.

What made you apply to our firm?

This is a very tricky question as uncovered by experts. It mainly emphasizes on how much you know about the particular law firm. This question requires steady and well calculated answers. has the best experts that will assist in answering such questions.

Engage us on two things you did that portray your strong work ethic?

According to panelists, this question can be advantageous on your side. This is so because this question requires you to give out all your experiences in the field while also not forgetting it is a way of confirming what you wrote in your resume.

Describe a time you realized that your performance was below average?

In this case you need to keep in mind that you need to tell the truth. After keeping this in mind never shy from your story no matter how bad it is. By telling the truth you are able to gain your future employers trust as stated by the experts at

What relationships did you make that brought new business to your previous employer? point out that you need to be witty to this question. You need to keep in mind that the answer you give will either make or break your career. You need to give a straight forward answer.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients in building and maintain a successful relation?

This question requires you to have a great understanding of what you are doing as a lawyer and later on utilize these skills to market your work. In other words, the interviewer is testing your ability to market and network.

How good is your convincing power? has the best experts in the industry that will help with great pointers on how to convince people to follow your cause. Interviewers ask this questions to mainly test your influencing skills.

Have you ever used good judgement and logic to solve a problem?

In such a case, you need to give out an example and back it up with a short straight to the point story. This will allow the interviewer to understand whether you have good decision making skills.

Have you ever delivered a presentation? uncovered that you need to make sure that you understand the question. This will prevent you from going out of topic. By answering correctly, you will confirm to the interviewer that your public speaking and advocacy is on point.

Can you provide monthly budgets?

The interviewer needs o see whether you have the ability to check and file financial paper work. has the best financial tutors to help in such scenarios.

How can you deal with a difficult client?

You need to answer this question while having an open mind. This is because the interviewer is asking you this question to understand your patience level and your ability to handle difficult situations.

You ever been in high pressure situations? point out that, how you answer this question will determine how your employer will take you. This question will be able to show whether you can handle both stress and being under a lot of pressure. 

Has anything ever caused you stress work wise?

As stated above the employer needs to know whether you can be able to handle pressure. This is so because there will come a time when you will be required to work to beat deadlines and at the same time the employer will need you to finish some other tasks that may be allocated to you.

Do you have any questions for us? advice that you need to make sure that you have a well-planned set of questions. These questions need to be well researched and will highlight your knowledge about the company. More information on the best questions to ask contact

What made you pursue a career in law?

According to you need to be composed while answering this question, especially you need to concentrate on your body language. This is so because the answer given will show the employer whether you are a lawyer by passion or just for the sake of it. 

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

The main reason this question is asked is to determine whether you are a planning a future for yourself and the company at large. This will help the employer realize if you are a go getter.

Name your biggest weakness?

Many people do not like talking about their weaknesses. But to be honest you need to overcome that if you want to get hired and have a successful career. This is because this question is among the most commonly asked questions by employers. highlight that you should never lie about your weaknesses.

What are you most passionate about? 

Mainly the employer wants you to talk about yourself a bit more. By doing so you need to express yourself in a straight forward manner while also not forgetting to name some of your strengths.

Describe a court case that went sideways?

Majority of the people tend to overstep the boundaries. In this case, you need to keep it short and precise. Never mention something that is irrelevant to what is on the table.

Explain how you would you approach a client who is angry with the judge’s ruling?

This is a very tricky question as this question tests your in-depth qualities of analyzing and tackling a situation. can be of great help in getting answers for such questions.

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