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Finding the right person to fit a particular position is somewhat hard. Especially when the company is rapidly growing or the company is new to the industry. This is where comes in for the rescue. They have been able to compile a list of must ask questions in an interview especially for marketing manager.

Let’s talk about your career up to this point

The interviewer mainly asks this to understand more about you and the milestones that you have made in your career. This point never crosses the minds of many but most of the interviewers, tend to follow up with your resume to see if wat you say matches up with what you wrote.

Name one of your largest responsibilities in your role?

According to experts, this question gauges how well you are self-driven and motivated to work with the company. It also allows the interviewer to know what kind of a go getter you are.

How has your role evolved since you started you career?

For an interviewee you have an advantage if such a question arises. Panelists at indicate that, you can now be able to point out all the milestones that you have achieved, that is from seeking learning opportunities to a clear increase in both skill set and experience level.

Why are you making a change? 

Answering this question correctly will give you a great advantage as an interviewee. This is also an advantage for the employer to know your weak spots as well as their ambitions. One thing you should never do as stated by is to complain about their manager.

How well do you understand the role you are applying for?  

There are many reasons as to why many people apply for  jobs at different companies as announced by in this field of marketing the thing to keep in mind is that most people tend to have a different perspective in terms of success. This leads people to make decisions on where to work.

What techniques do you use to make sure that quality of work is achieved?

In this scenario, you need to take this opportunity to identify and discuss the necessary tools to be used in your day to day job. You can take this opportunity to ask them whether they know about marketing analytics for example google analytics.

Which are the skills you have learned that you will utilize in this position?

A large component of this career choice is to supervise others. So you need to touch on your leadership skills among other qualities. has some of the best pointers  on answering these type of questions. 

What is your greatest personal struggle?

Never shy away from talking about your weaknesses because this will show that you are aware of them and to some extent you are working towards overcoming them. has been able to compile some great answers that will allow you to have an idea on how to interview for marketing jobs.

Give us an example where you overcame a limitation and solved a problem?

Giving an answer to such a question can be very tricky as for one, some marketing positions can be very demanding and others can be more technical than others for example graphic design.   

How did you grow traffic in your last role? 

To answer this question correctly, you need to make sure that you prove your points with numbers as stated by one other thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your numbers are realistic and they can be proven if need be.

Name some content promotion strategies?

For you to answer this question correctly, you need to have an idea on how you can pair two promotion channels to successfully market a product for example by email and social media.

What is your favorite piece of content? point out that, this question is mainly asked to understand whether you are passionate about marketing. You will get a plus if you talk about a project that you worked on recently.   

Have you ever owned an email campaign, tell me about it? point out that, this questions test you to see if you have an understanding of key email marketing concepts from subject lines to creative CTA’s. 

Which are the most effective channels in your last role?

This is like you are comparing two things, so do no let yourself get carried away and talk more about one thing than the other. point out that, you should know when and how to shift as needed. This will allow the employer to know that you have a clear understanding of what you are doing.

Which social media platforms do you have experience with?

Most of the marketers in e-commerce tend to have a lot of experience in Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. But for you to have an upper hand you need to have a more obscure platform for example inbound and 

Which are the most effective channels for business?

For an employer, they consider lot of options for example how you deal with customer service, complaints, content and product promotion. You need to make sure that your accounts are active.

Have you ever had to reconcile misleading metrics on any platform?

There are the softer skills that portray success or failure whereby they are harder to identify and ascertain. has uncovered that platform fluency can be taught

What kind of mismanagement style do you prefer?

This will allow the employer to know whether you are the type that requires space to work or requires a lot of hands on deck with a lot of direction. When being interviewed you need to keep your cool and stay professional, composed and diplomatic.

Have you ever worked with highly creative people?

This is where your experience comes into play. You need to confirm to your employers that you are up for the task. advice that you should give out your insights on the best ways you can communicate in the work environment.

What really motivates you?

It may be a short question but it requires a rich and well detailed answer. It is also a way to see whether you can fit in with the already working team. On the other hand, the employer will be able to know whether you work best under silence or in an open workspace. 

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