Top 20 Marketing Agencies in the Philippines for Small Business

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Top 20 Marketing Agencies in the Philippines for Small Business

The business sector in the Philippines has been on the rise in recent years, and particularly as far as small and mid-market enterprises are concerned as discussed over at This growth has brought about increased competition, which means that small businesses have to take advantage of each opportunity they get to get ahead. One sure way of doing this is by employing marketing in their operations, which is why many are choosing to work with marketing agencies. If you are looking for such services as well, this article will look to help by listing the top 20 marketing agencies in the Philippines for small businesses.

  • Gohan

Just as is the case for the excellent, this agency has a strong focus on new solutions and ideas as well as being on top of the latest marketing strategies and techniques. It has a very diverse team which ensures diverse solutions for even the most complicated of problems. Some of the services offered here include SEO, content marketing, competitive analysis, SMM, branding, and much more.

  • M2 Social

This data-driven marketing agency understands the importance of data in getting you the results you are looking for as far as marketing is concerned, helping you target your audience better, which is something the agency has in common with Services offered here include influencer marketing, content marketing, video marketing, web content marketing, and so forth.

  • Digital Marketing Philippines

Serving its clients with the most effective omnichannel marketing strategies since 2013, this is another top-rated marketing agency to consider when looking for such services in the country. Internet marketing, content marketing, Facebook paid marketing, SEO, and SMM are just an example of the services offered here, services which are also offered over at

  • Netrev Marketing Group

This agency is known for using the latest digital marketing strategies to help clients promote, market, and advertise their business. The team here integrates digital strategies with traditional ones for the best results, and has a very impressive track record as far as getting results for clients is concerned.


This is one of the largest digital creative agencies in the Philippines, with more than 17 years of experience under its belt. Having won numerous awards over the years, there can be no denying that this agency has a tremendous pedigree when it comes to digital marketing, making it such a great partner to have to fight your corner as a small business owner.

  • Wazile

Just like, this agency understands how important it is to have an online presence in today’s day and age and, therefore, helps clients target their audiences online with well-crafted ideas and strategies. The agency offers a variety of services including SEO, SMM, Facebook Ads, Facebook marketing, SEM, PPC, etc.

  • Estrat Digital

Based in Cebu city, this is one of the fastest-growing agencies in the country that is Filipino-owned. The agency utilizes the latest tools and technology to help clients achieve unlimited traffic, leads, and sales, which is also true for the top-rated, and it comes as no surprise to know that the agency has won many local and international awards as a result of the great work it does for clients.

  • Propelrr

This full-service digital marketing agency has got more than 14 years of experience under its belt and its team always strives hard to deliver excellent digital marketing strategies and tactics that lead to increased revenue for clients and partners, which can also be said of It has offices in Makati and Phnom Penh and offers a wide range of digital marketing services.

  • LeapOut Digital

Based in Manila, this digital marketing agency offers services to brands, SMEs, and even other agencies. It started in 2008 as an SEO agency but has since expanded its verticals to offer other digital services such as content marketing, SEM, influencer marketing, SMM, and much more.

  • Hashtag

This agency believes in connecting clients with their audience, engaging them with the right kind of messaging, and then making improvements to ensure that the audiences remain engaged. Over and above the host of marketing services provided here, the agency also offers free analysis and consultation, which is something that small businesses with limited budgets appreciate.

  • Optimind SEO

This agency was established in 2002 and has close to two decades of experience under its belt serving businesses in Marikina city. It mainly focuses on SEO and is one of the most trusted SEO agencies in the Philippines, offering services such as full SEO, on-page optimization, link building, SEO consultation services, and so forth, all of which are also offered over at

  • Centaur Digital Marketing PH Inc.

Founded in 2008, this agency has never looked back since, evolving to become one of the best digital creative marketing agencies in the Philippines. Just like, the agency focuses its interest on customer satisfaction and offers a host of services such as SMM, SEO, branding, influencer management, etc.

  • SEO Hacker

As is the case for the excellent, this agency gets the right kind of SEO results, the right way with white-hat strategies, and also ensures that traffic and conversions are sustainable which is why it is one of the most trusted SEO agencies in Manila and the country at large.

  • EOI Digital

This agency focuses on both creativity and analytics of the outcome of the creativity used, with the aim of the team being to scale up businesses and help clients stand out amongst their competition through innovation and strategy. Services offered here include SMM, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and so forth.

  • GDI

This agency is one of the most respected in the Philippines and provides all the services required to ensure that clients have all the digital solutions they need. The team here focuses on increasing traffic, prioritizing the clients’ needs for the best solutions.

  • IH Digital

As is the case for the team over at, this agency’s team is passionate and enthusiastic not to mention well versed on matters relating to marketing. The agency offers a whole host of services such as SMM, content marketing, digital marketing, China digital marketing, among others.

  • Qube SEO

The main focus of this agency is to convert traffic into leads, something that can also be said of The team here can achieve this through in-depth analysis of each client’s brand as well as how and where it stands in the market and then uses this information to make the targeting better as well as more focused and channelized, leading to better outcomes hence its impressive track record.

  • Dot Digital

This agency, as is also seen over at, is a firm believer in providing tailormade solutions for clients while also ensuring that the solutions provided are in line with the latest trends in the marketing world, which goes to explain its success as a digital marketing agency in the Philippines.

  • True Logic

The team here always works individually with each client to identify the right path to take and then work its way through to achieve the set goals. The idea here is to keep solutions simple yet effective, something that is applied in all the services offered here which include SEO, SMM, online reputation management, content marketing, and so much more.

  • Binary Digital

Based in Pasig City, this agency places innovation and ideation as being the backbone of its operations since 2012. The agency provides various marketing services including SMM, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, PR and media management, email and SMS marketing, etc.

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