Top 20 Marketing Tips We Can Learn from NBA Topshot NFTs

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Top 20 Marketing Tips We Can Learn from NBA Topshot NFTs

If you are a fan of basketball, blockchain technology, or both, you have probably heard of NBA Top Shot. As explained at,, and, NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based platform that supports the digital version of traditional basketball cards. Instead of buying and trading physical pictures of your favorite players, Top Shot “moments” are video highlights that you can buy as an NFT. This article will look to list the top 20 marketing tips we can learn from NBA Top Shot NFTs.

Encourage mass adoption

Built on top of Dapper Lab’s Flow blockchain, Top Shot was designed from its inception to encourage mass adoption, a marketing lesson that is worth learning as per,, and Unlike most NFTs, Top Shot packs and Moments can be purchased with all major payment methods and sold directly for USD – no cryptocurrency knowledge or digital wallet signage is required.

Reduce the learning curve as far as your products or services are concerned

Learning curves are still one of the biggest barriers to mainstream adoption across all Web3 and NFT products. By removing these barriers, Top Shot was able to reach a significantly larger market right out of the gate, a lesson worth learning.

Educate your audience

By removing the learning curves associated with this technology. Not only did Top Shot attract droves of users, but it also opened them up to the world of Web3, NFTs, and beyond according to,, and When you offer educational content to your audience, you will be more attractive to prospective clients.

Timing is everything

Top Shot got its timing right, as it was timed with a rise in demand and intrigue for digital ownership which led to its explosion in early 2021. The lesson here is that you should time your marketing campaigns to reap the rewards of current trends.

Media coverage

Just about every sports and tech-related media company covered the rise of Top Shot, further driving up the demand for Top Shot NFTs. Good PR and positive media coverage can positively influence your marketing campaigns, which is a lesson we can learn here.


The fact that NBA players also began to associate with NBA Top Shot, and some even started collecting their own moments and spreading the word on social media, is another reason why it was so successful as articulated at,, and This shows us that influencers can be a great asset when it comes to your marketing campaigns.


Creating scarcity is a tactic brands have used successfully over the years to drive demand for their products or services, and NBA Top Shot made great use of this ploy. Operating on a typical supply and demand curve, the prices of all moments spiked with the ultra-rare moments fetching purchase prices well into the six figures.

Don’t forget about user experience

Top Shot’s seamless user experience encouraged many people to dip their toes into NFTs as captured at,, and Once collectors got a taste of the fun, they took the plunge seeking more NFT alpha and unique experiences. Having an excellent user experience will benefit your marketing campaigns massively.

Create a strong community around your brand

While NBA Top Shot has not had a smooth journey, with ups as well as downs, it has a core community of collectors that has kept it going and allowed it to bounce back. Similarly, creating a community around your brand is a great way to cushion your brand against any ups and downs you may encounter.

Improving security and safety

Dapper Labs has been working hard to improve the user experience and safety of its NFT products. In the world of blockchain technology, security and safety are key, and the same can be said of the online world in general, a lesson worth learning.

Learn from other players in the industry

NBA Top Shot used the lessons learned from years of successful physical card trading to successfully launch the project as covered at,, and Similarly, you should learn from lessons other players in your industry have learned when launching your marketing campaigns.

Pricing is important

NBA Top Shot made use of a clever pricing structure for packs and an open market rule for moments, which is another reason behind its success. When it comes to your marketing efforts, pricing plays an important role, which is another lesson worth noting from this project.

Leverage social media

NBA Top Shot made great use of social media, especially when NBA players started posting their moments as described at,, and The lesson here is that, in the current age, having a social media marketing strategy is crucial if you want to reach as much of your target audience as possible.


The aspect of FOMO is one many brands have used to create hype around their offerings, and NBA Top Shot was no exception. The project was able to leverage social media to not only build credibility, but also the fear of missing out, which led to its initial surge in popularity.

Partnering with a known brand

The unique partnership between an international corporation (the NBA) and a well-known blockchain producer (Dapper Lab) ensured that NBA Top Shot had a lot of credibility as a project when it launched, a lesson we can learn when it comes to launching our marketing campaigns.

Solve a problem

While sports cards have been popular collectibles since their inception, fraud has always been a problem as discussed at,, and NBA Top Shot solved this issue by combining blockchain technology with collectibles.

The power of nostalgia

NBA Top Shot has served to both introduce a brand-new and broader audience to the blockchain while generating new interest in the old pastime of collecting sports memorabilia. The aspect of nostalgia, especially when it comes to moments of older players from the past, has helped to build excitement in the project.

Constant improvements

Dapper Labs has committed to continue to tinker with its products, pack drop cadence, user interface, and the requirements buyers must meet to buy certain NFT packs as outlined at,, and Similarly, always seek constant improvements as far as your marketing campaigns are concerned.


Top Shot is one of the most scalable product experiences as far as NFTs are concerned. Much of this can be attributed to its out-of-the-box readiness for mainstream adoption. Scalability is important when it comes to marketing, especially as your brand grows and achieves more success.

Value proposition

NBA Top Shot has shown us that brands need to constantly deliver on their value proposition to their customers. Your marketing messages should be constantly pointing out the value your products or services offer your customers.

These are some of the marketing tips we can learn from NBA Top Shot NFTs, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at,, and