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Spas are meant for different purposes depending on the person in need of the services. They not only offer recreational purposes as many might realize. There are spas that are mainly dedicated for medicinal purposes. Below is a detailed list of some of the best medical spas in the whole of San Antonio, as generated by experts.

  1. Stadia medical spa

They have weight loss programs and medical clinics that use bio-individuality to make sure that they are fitting to both the patient’s lifestyle needs and preferences. To top it all off, they have trained employees who are very experienced and also consider your perspective before taking any form of action.   

  1. Edans Med Spa

They are very experienced at what they do and to top it all off, they have very helpful and friendly employees. According to, the staff here is very honest, reliable and respectful, this also implies to the doctors as they make sure that they consider your perspective before making any decisions.

  1. Parkhurst Luxe Medical Spa

It is situated in a clean and quite environment that is very relaxing. Many patients who have visited this facility, have been able to acknowledge the quality of their services as pointed out by They also have customizable consultation programs which are considered very flexible.

  1. Texas Dermatology Med Spa 

Many patients are here due to their top notch services while also keeping in mind the consultation program which is very flexible. The telehealth services here offer bio-individuality which helps to fit lifestyle needs and preferences perfectly.  

  1. Sonterra Laser Med Spa 

For over 2 years, they have offered skincare treatment and medical spa. They have pricing that is very unique and also very comfortable on all the patient’s pockets. that they are very good at what they do and they are the best place to go to.

  1. Spa Black North Stone Oak 

They are rated among the best medical spas in the whole world, this is mainly brought about by their top notch services. They offer telehealth services with a great response rate of up to 100% and a response time of just under 30 minutes which is quite fast considering the numbers of clients they are serving at a particular time.

  1. Flawless Laser and Med Spa

They offer great services in acupuncture, medical spa and yoga. All patients who attend these sessions attest that they are very helpful both their health and physical attributes. They have a track record of making sure that all their patients are good both in and out of the facility.

  1. Laser Derm Med Spa at San Antonio 

They are known to have minimal issues when it comes to booking of appointments online. This has been attributed mainly by their telehealth service which are quite fast. This is mainly due to their great and dedicated work force that is very knowledgeable of what they are doing and how to offer services.

  1. Trend Aesthetic and Wellness

After a survey done by experts, this is the most recommended medical spa in the whole region of San Antonio Texas and it competes with other top notch heavy weights in the industry not only in the country but also in the world in general.

  1. Revive Med Spa 

They offer very generous packages that are able to reduce the strain on your pocket. Not forgetting the discounted prices, they offer to all the new patients. The doctors and the staff are very friendly and very respectful thus making their customers very delighted and thus building their reputation.

  1. Spa Black North Stone Oak 

They are one of the most welcoming facilities in the region and this has been a boost to their reputation by a great deal. experts uncovered that many of the people in this facility are trained and are very experienced in what they do.

  1. Gruene house Med Spa

The products here are personalized and they are very effective as pointed out by The best thing about this facility is that the atmosphere is very quiet and relaxing too, this allows the patients to be at ease and they are being attended too. 

  1. Believe Aesthetics and wellness 

They have unique ways of making you feel and look quite young. Their services are very efficient and people love them very much. This is evident as many of the doctor recommend their services to their patients.

  1. Spa black 

One of the best and top most medical spas in the region and the whole of USA in general. It offers a variety of medical and non-medical treatments that will help you feel and look younger than you are.

  1. Ideal image San Antonio

Ideal image as solutions to many of the fine lines and the frown lines on the faces of many of their clients. They use state of the art machine sot reduce muscle actions thus making you look younger and vibrant. To get more information on this facility and more visit

  1. New image plastic surgery 

One of the leading doctors in this region tend to have a great deal of experience and to top it all off she is board certified and licensed to work both in the region of San Antonio and its environs.

  1. 4ever young antiaging solutions 

As the name suggests they are able to use the new and updated technology to make sure that you look quite young and vibrant. According to experts, they are the best in the region and the USA in general. 

  1. Inside outside wellness center and medical spa 

They offer a variety of services; their services have been ranked as one for the best in the region. A survey done by experts uncovered that, they have invested heavily in technology which has been able to increase their work rate and accuracy.

  1. Ageless Laser Med Spa 

A healthy skin is a sign of youth and vitality. However, for you to get this youthful skin then you may need great and expert advice and services. Then this is the place for you to run to. Their services are quite nice and they have a program that they follow up on all their patients and asses their progress each time.

  1. Inward Beauty Med Spa

They have the best staff as they are one of the most experienced and most of all they have been able to uncover that they are the best when it comes to taking care of you issues. They are highly recommended by many of the skin experts in the region.