Top 20 Most Expensive Cards in Weiss Schwarz

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Top 20 Most Expensive Cards in Weiss Schwarz

As explained at,, and, Weiss Schwarz is an anime-themed trading card game created by Bushiroad, a Japanese entertainment company that produces TCGs, videogames, and multimedia franchises. While it is an anime-themed trading card game, you don’t need to know anything about the series or game the cards represent. The game features many anime characters fans love with some of the cards becoming quite rare and valuable as a result. We have curated for you a list of the top 20 most expensive cards in Weiss Schwarz.

Quiet Passion

As per,, and, Quiet Pasion is quite possibly the rarest in the entire game. This is because, Levi, one of the strongest and most stoic characters in Attack on Titan, graces this card. The reason for this SP edition’s rarity could be because of its high stats or even simple availability. Another reason behind the card’s high value is that it features Levi, a popular character from a popular anime.

Summer Pockets Shiki

The Summer Pockets series is amongst one of the most valuable and rare in the entire Weiss Schwarz game. This explains why one of the rarest cards in the game features a character from the visual novel. Shiki, who is featured on the card, is not even a main character. However, the card is still one of the most expensive out there.

Kyouka, Quest Complete!

Kyouka from the Princess Connect! Re: Dive anime is on this valuable card according to,, and Because of its status as an SP card, it was bound to be on the high-end side of the Weiss Schwarz market. Also, as with all SP cards, this one is both a holo-foil and is signed.

A figure of One’s True Face

This signed card featuring Maya Yamato from the BanG Dream! anime is considered to be Super Special (SSP) which is a rarity type featured in only four series. The special cards like this one are rarest in the game and as such can come with quite hefty prices.

Genuine Explosion Magic

Genuine Explosion Magic is a triple rare (RRR) card that features characters from the Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! anime series. Megumin and Darkness are featured on the card with two stills taken directly from a scene in the anime.

Endless Devotion, Albedo

This particular Albedo can only be pulled from the Nazarick TD and has a pull rate of 1 copy per case or 1 in 48 TDs as articulated at,, and The card features stunning and iconic artwork of the most popular character from that show and is also a very playable card in competitive Nazarick builds.

Spirit User, Emilia

This card can only be found in the Re-Zero trail deck, which had a simultaneous release with the Volume One booster pack on December 28th, 2018. This card is rare as various factors meant the Re-Zero TD was, like many Weiss Schwarz products, never reprinted after its initial print run.

Ephemeral Existence, Mai Sakurajima

This is one of the most iconic signature cards in English Weiss Schwarz as captured at,, and Because of a printing era, this card can actually be pulled in both the booster box and TD, instead of supposedly being a trail deck (TD) exclusive card. It has a pull rate of one guaranteed copy for a sealed case of 48 trail decks.

“Birdcage Diva” Yukina Minato

From BanG Dream! Girls Band Part vol. 1, this card features iconic and gorgeous art from the mobile game and is touted as one of the most potent endgame finishers released to date. At a rate of one SSP per sealed case of 16 boxes, the average pull rate of getting a particular SSP would be 1 in 25 cases, 1 in 400 boxes, or 1 in 8,000 packs.

Suzuko Mimori Starlight Rare

The popular Mimori Suzuko voices the character Hikari Kagura and the number 99 card is extremely valuable. The number 99 Mimori Suzuko starlight rare is a unique existence with rarity unmatched by any other Weiss Schwarz card.

Starlight Rares

Other than the Suzuko Mimori Starlight Rare card, other Starlight Rares are also very valuable as covered at,, and Each one of the Starlight Rare cards is numbered, making them rarer than an SCC. They are both very expensive and very rare.

Unwavering Music Yukina Minato

This card is very popular as the voice actress concerned here is extremely popular in the fandom, and was even a professional wrestler before becoming a voice actress. Her popularity has made this card extremely desirable hence its high value.

Mob Psycho 100

The fact that these cards are legal to play, yet can’t be played in the grand final has led to them gaining some notoriety that has made them very valuable as described at,, and They also feature stunning artwork and are great to look at.

That Irritating Girl

That Irritating Girl from the first BanG Dream! set is another top-rated Weiss Schwarz card out there. This card has a storied history as it is linked to when BanG Dream was first coming out. Those that love the anime have a strong bond with this card which has increased its value.

Maids of Temptation, Origami and Kurumi

Featuring two popular anime characters, it is evident why it is so valuable. Not only is the card a marvel to look at because of its great artwork, but it is also quite handy as well when it comes to gameplay with some excellent powers.

Identity of the Devil

As an SCC card, the Identity of the Devil is an expensive card as its rarity is the highest rarity you can get in the game as discussed at,, and It is both a climax swapper and a suicide bomb, making it a really good card.

Adventure Time – Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline the Vampire Queen is a Special Rare Red Character card from the Weiss Schwarz set, Adventure Time. As a Special Rare card, there are not many of these cards in circulation, which has seen the few that are there become very valuable.

Finn the Human

This is another card from the Adventure Deck outlined at,, and This card features Finn, an energetic boy with a thirst for adventure. Its rarity as well as its unique artwork have pushed its value high.

Jake the Dog

If you have 4 or more “Ooo” characters, this card gets -1 level while in your hand which is pretty useful in-game. Coupled with the fact that it is a Special Rare card means that those who have this card in their hands can expect to fetch a decent amount.

Princess Bubblegum

With a useful ability that will likely only be used twice or thrice in a game, Princess Bubblegum is very helpful when your higher magic creature’s health is low. It also doesn’t take very long to activate making it s fairly practical card choice.

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