Top 20 Most Expensive Cards in WIXOSS

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Top 20 Most Expensive Cards in WIXOSS

As explained at,, and, WIXOSS is a trading card game that was released in Japan in 2014. The TCG features highly strategic gameplay and super beautiful illustrations and processing. Now in its 8th year, the game has since launched an English edition to get a piece of the pie of the western market. Of the game’s many cards, there are several that are valued extremely highly, and this article will look to put them under a microscope by listing the top 20 most expensive cards in WIXOSS.

Wicros Bobokko Zeno Cluster

This is one of the rarest WIXOSS cards out there according to,, and This is because the card was awarded as a prize at the Diva Grand Prix, which means very few are in circulation, let alone those that are graded and have a high rating. This card is valued at just under $10,000.

Wicros Iona ??? Secret

Given that this card’s rarity is ???, then it is incredibly rare to find, and if you find one, you have hit the jackpot. It also features great artwork with the character in her trademark short white swimsuit that is sure to stand out in any collection.

WIXOSS Fire Flame Flowers/UR

As per,, and, this is one of the most stunning WIXOSS cards out there, with the character appearing in an amazing red outfit with flowers and flames in the background. Its striking appearance and rarity mean a near-mint version of this card is likely to fetch upwards of $500.

WX09-??? Umuruwicross ???

This WIXOASS card of Umuru is one of the most highly valued cards in the hobby, particularly when you consider that its rarity is ??? which means it is among the rarest WIXOSS cards out there with its population being very low.

Umuru WX09-??? Wicros Wixos Secret

This is another Umuru WIXOSS card with rarity of ???, this time featuring her in a stunning short outfit showing off her long legs. The card is a holo foil, which adds to its rarity and explains why it is rated at about $580 in the marketplace.

WIXOSS Wicros Flame Flower/ Sandai UR

This is another card that was given to participants at the Diva Grand Prix in Japan as articulated at,, and In addition to being a tournament card, it also has a very unique artwork that has made it among the most sought-after WIXOSS cards out there.

Tama WX01-???

Most of the highly rated WIXOSS cards are of rarity ??? and this one is no exception. It is a holo foil card, which increases its aesthetic value as well as its value in the marketplace, and a near-mint version of this card has been put up for sale on eBay for just over $600, showing how highly valued this card is, particularly if it is in good condition.

Wicros Servant # (PR-D1001P

As captured at,, and, this card is a PR card, which is the rarest of all WIXOSS cards. PR WIXOSS cards are the promotional cards that you can get from Promo Packs or by participating/winning events, and this one is valued at about $600.

Wicros Umuru ??? WIXOSS

Another Umuru card, this one features her shackled on the ground in her golden outfit with one of her boots having come off. It is a striking look, to say the least, and when you rope in the fact that its rarity means these cards are many out there, then you begin to understand why this one can fetch over $700.

Wicros Ah ??? WIXOSS

This is another WIXOSS card that is hard to come by in the market given its rarity. In fact, very few such cards have even been graded, which means if you find one that is in good condition, it will cost you upwards of $700 to get your hands on it.

Wicros Lion ??? WIXOSS

This Wicros Lion card features the WIXOSS character in a fancy outfit complete with a yellow scarf as covered at,, and It is worth adding to your collection if you are a fan, although it will cost you close to $800.

WIXOSS Servant #Sign Card SP

This Servant card features the signature of the voice artist who plays the character in question. Very few cards bear this signature, which means that there are very few cards of its kind in circulation, let alone those that are in good condition.

Wicros in the Middle of the Middle

As described at,, and, this stunning card features the character in her trademark purple dress and captures her long, flowing purple hair. Its stunning artwork and rarity have seen it appreciate in value to upwards of $800.

Wicros Pripara Idol Manaka Laura SRP WIXOSS

This is another promotional card awarded during a WIXOSS event which makes it one of the rarest cards on this list. Manaka Laura is captured in all her glory in her trademark purple gown as she is jumping up in the air.

Wicros Tawil ??? WXK08-??? WIXOSS

As a card of rarity ???, you know that when you get your hands on it, then you will have something great in your hands. This rare card may not have art that is as stunning as some of the cards on this list, but it can fetch over $900 when in good condition.

Wicros Miu ??? WIXOSS

This card has a vintage feel to its art as discussed at,, and, which is one of its main selling points. It almost looks like the art was hand-drawn, and its low population has contributed further to its value.

Wicrosdona ???

Wicrosdona features bullet Dona in an elegant white overcoat and white sneakers and is another card that is worth adding to your WIXOSS card collection. A well-maintained version of this card is likely to be worth over $900.

WIXOSS Wicros Yukitsu ???

As outlined at,, and, ??? WIXOSS cards are among the rarest out there, and this one is no exception, with its low population and enchanting art seeing its value rise to over $900.

Wicros Umuru WXK06-??? Kisele WIXOSS

The popular Umuru is captured in a unique black outfit from head to toe in this WXK06 card whose rarity and artwork have seen it valued at over a thousand dollars on eBay if you have one that is in good condition.

WIXOSS Koton Watanabe

Featuring Memiko Yuki in full bloom, this card comes complete with the autographed signature of the voice artist, hence why it is not only extremely rare but also very expensive, with one buyer listing it for over $1,200 on eBay.

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