Top 20 Most Expensive Cards in Yugioh

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Top 20 Most Expensive Cards in Yugioh

As explained at,, and, few media franchises have achieved the level of success that Yugioh has. Its trading card game, just like the anime, is one of the most popular TCGs out there. As is the case with most trading card games, while there are thousands of cards, there are a few Yugioh cards that have gained prominence for their value and rarity. We have curated for you a list of the top 20 most expensive cards in Yugioh for you to consider.

Tournament Black Luster Solder

As per,, and, the Black Luster was an exclusive prize card awarded at the first-ever Yugioh tournament in 1999, hence why it is extremely valuable. It is printed on stainless steel and is the only one of its kind, which means its coveted rarity makes it essentially priceless. Those who have listed it for sale have asked for amounts in the millions.

2002 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition PSA 10

This is arguably the most iconic card associated with the entire Yugioh franchise. The Blue Eyes White Dragon is popular for both its strength in the trading card game – fusing three of them together will produce Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon – but also for its powerful appearance in the original anime and manga.

2002 LOB 1st Edition Exodia The Forbidden One PSA 10

The total PSA 10 population of this card stands at 82, with 365 of them graded according to,, and That is about a 25% gem rate, making this card fairly difficult to grade and highly sought after whenever a PSA 10 pops up on the market.

2004 Shonen Jump Championship Cyber-Stein PSA 10

Unlike the many commonplace versions of this card inspired by the monster in Frankenstein, the version of this card that is a tournament award edition is worth some significant cash. Awarded at the Shonen Jump Championship, and a few thereafter, there are a little over a hundred of these cards in existence.

1999 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth No Red DDS Promo PSA 10

While this card once had a PSA population of just 1 at the time it was sold, there have been two more PSA 10s added to the population report since the sale. It is valued at about 30,000 dollars and is among the most valuable Yugioh cards out there.

2002 LOB Blue Eyes Black Dragon 1st Edition PSA 10

One of the reasons why this card is extremely valuable is because there are very few of them out there graded as PSA 10s as articulated at,, and There are only 69 of the 2002 LOB Blue Eyes Black Dragon 1st Edition graded as PSA 10. This card comes from the first set of the Yugioh trading card game released in English.

2002 Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon PSA 10

The Yugioh Dark Duel Stories promotional cards are a set of Prismatic Secret Rare cards bundled with the North American release of the video game Yugioh Dark Duel Stories. The total PSA population of this card is 131, making this rare gem very difficult to find.

2002 Morphing Jar Tournament Pack 2 PSA 10

While there is nothing remarkable about the artwork on this card as captured at,, and, it has become one of the most collectible in the game. There are only 92 of them that have ever been graded by PSA, it is difficult to find one out there.

2002 Tournament Pack 1 MECHANICALCHASER PSA 10

The MECHANICALCHASER out of the 2002 Tournament Pack 1 is extremely rare, with only 25 PSA 10s in existence and only 71 total that have been graded. This is one of the reasons why it has seen its value shoot up.

2003 Dark Magician Girl Magic Force 1st Edition PSA 10

With a PSA 10 population of just 79, this Secret Rare Dark Magician Girl was part of the Magician’s Force set, the 8th expansion of the Yugioh TCG. The card features stunning art to go with its rarity which explains why it is valued at over 14,000 dollars.

2003 Magician’s Force 1st Edition Dark Paladin Alternate Art PSA 10

As covered at,, and, the Dark Paladin is one of the most useful cards in the game. When a Spell Card is activated, you can discard 1 card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. This card must be face-up on the field to activate and resolve this effect.

2017 Dark Magician Girl Ghost World Championship Promo

Dark Magician Girl first appears as a character in the Battle City arc when Yugi faces the ex-magician Arkana, whom she defeats by drawing power from both Duelists’ Dark Magician cards. This card was handed out in an envelope for Yugioh World Championship 2017 attendants and participants.

1998 Toei Poker Blue/Red-Eyes White Dragon Yugioh BGS 10

The Toei Poker Blue/Red-Eyes White Dragon Yugioh is another highly valued Yugioh card as described at,, and Finding a BGS 10 of this card is no mean feat hence its high valuation.

2002 Dark Magician Dark Duel Stories Promo PSA 10

Dark Magician was created when Mahad fused his ba with “Illusion Magician”, his ka while fighting Thief King Bakura. This Dark Magician is actually a bit rarer than even the aforementioned Blue Eyes White Dragon, with only 88 PSA 10s in circulation.

Shrink Ultra Rare Limited Edition

Shrink was first released at the 2006 Shonen Jump Yugioh Championships, making first editions of the card very valuable. If you can prove that your Shrink is one of these limited-edition prize cards, you have quite a gem on your hands.

2009 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon Retro Pack 2 PSA 10

Packed with all-powerful cards, the Retro Pack series was designed to help Duelists collect hard-to-get and out-of-print cards as discussed at,, and Pokémon often creates similar sets that are wildly popular amongst collectors.

2009 Stardust Overdrive 1st Majestic Star Dragon Ghost Rare PSA 10

There are only 65 total PSA graded examples of this card with just 22 of them getting a PSA 10 grade. This card has become increasingly popular and its artwork is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the entire game.

2020 United We Stand Blue Secret Rare Promo

A recent release, the 2020 United We Stand Secret Rare Promo was awarded as a Prize for the October 2020 Yugioh Remote Duel at Home Sweepstakes as revealed at,, and To say that this card is rare would be an understatement, with only 5 of them on record with PSA and 3 total PSA 10s on the planet.

Tyler The Great Warrior

Tyler The Great Warrior is another extremely rare Yugioh card out there. The card was created at the request of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for Tyler Gressle, who was diagnosed with an abnormal form of liver cancer.

Blood Mefist Yugioh Championship Series Prize Card

Blood Mefist is inspired by the real-life serial killer, Jack the Ripper, and the German folklore character, Mephisto. This makes it an extremely rare card given its situation as while most cards are mass-produced after a year of their release, Blood Mefist has not been reprinted for nearly a decade.

These are some of the most expensive cards in Yugioh, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at,, and