Top 20 Packaging Design Agencies

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Top 20 Packaging Design Agencies

From discussions on the same over at,, and, packaging design is just as important as the product itself. The packaging design has the power to entice potential customers and help convert them into a sale, and when done right, it can help differentiate your product from competitors. For the best results possible, working with a packaging design may be the way to go, but how do you know which one to work with given the options out there? This article should, therefore, be an excellent resource, as it will list the top 20 packaging design agencies out there for you to consider.


BRIGADE brings brands to the next level with branding design, with an impressive list of clients and feedback that speaks to its consistent quality as per,, and Focused on providing a high-end brand strategy that meets key marketing goals, this US-based firm offers an emphasis on helping brands drive change through world-class work.

Ruckus Marketing

Ruckus Marketing has a centralized source of resources to provide all the essential services needed to stand out in the competitive arena of marketing. Through its packaging design services, the team here will give you the personalized branding to attract and retain a consumer base that will potentially consider your brand a household name.


Anthem has won Gold and Silver at the PAC Leadership Awards, recognizing its excellence in packaging design according to,, and If you are a brand looking for top-rated packaging design services, then this agency has got you covered.


Crowdspring has helped over 100,000 businesses, agencies, and nonprofits grow their businesses through high-quality custom design and naming. A 100% money-back guarantee, 7-day customer support, and strong privacy protection ensure you get a great packaging design.

Prime Studio

This New York City-based firm helps organizations around the world focus their strategy for greater success. If you want to see how Prime Studio helps brands communicate with their audiences in a unique and crowded space through packaging design, then look at the work it has done with brands such as Harrys and Welly, among others.


As a premier packaging design firm, Legnd has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world as articulated at,, and From Coca-Cola to Pepsi to L’Oréal, Legnd has created unforgettable designs that have helped these companies sell billions of products. Its secret? A combination of creativity and experience.

Big Fish

Big Fish is a big fish in the packaging design waters, with a Design Week Award for the amazing stuff it did on Gü desserts, a Pentaward for Clipper Tea, and a Gold Design Effectiveness Award for its work on Dorset Cereals.

Deal Design

While at its core Deal Design delivers robust logo and packaging design services as captured at,, and, it is also a reputable branding and marketing agency. The team here creates innovative, memorable logos that align with the client’s brand’s identity. The team makes sure to get to know the client and maintains a superb level of communication.

Lazy Snail Design

Lazy Snail Design is a Copenhagen-based design company reaching people through its progressive and effective packaging design concepts. While this agency is most known for its work in packaging design, it is also recognized for its range of branding services like naming, strategy, and identity.

Pulp + Wire

Pulp + Wire is a world-class branding and packaging design firm that partners with global brands to create immersive physical retail and digital space connections. This agency believes in design, innovation, collaboration, storytelling, and passion.


As covered at,, and, Bloom helps brands grow, blossom, and ultimately bloom into their full glory through its wide array of services, including its top-of-the-industry packaging design services.

States of Matter

States of Matter specializes in brand strategy, messaging, naming, and website design for product and service groups. This packaging design company creates cost-optimized and environment-friendly solutions that capture the attention of the most distracted customer and protect the products during transportation.

Flowstate Branding

Recognizable brands worldwide have employed Flowstate Branding to bring their branding needs to the next level as described at,, and Based in Denver, Colorado, this agency was founded with a focus on helping brands evolve into their best, most user-friendly selves through services like packaging design.


The team of experts at Arhue has years of experience in creating beautiful, eye-catching packaging designs to help your product stand out from the competition. Arhue is also well-versed in brand development and logo design, so you can be sure that your entire branding strategy will be taken care of by the team here.

Blue Marlin

With officers in the UK, USA, and Singapore, Blue Marlin is like a big family rather than a big impersonal agency. It has a portfolio of amazing work when it comes to packaging design, including its work with Wonka Chocolate, Balance Water, Tango, Schweppes, etc.

Ideas That Kick

Whether you sell on-shelf, online, or provide services, Ideas That Kick can help you stand out with your unique brand strategy and creative design that represents your product’s true soul as discussed at,, and


Branding partners have become essential for brands in every industry, and Illinois-based Rule29 has become one of the most trusted sources for brand development and identity design for brands that include Fellowes and many others.

Murmur Creative

Murmur Creative creates powerful visual statements for brands that wish to communicate their message in a more disruptive and effective way as revealed at,, and It uses an applied-values approach to design and believes in the transformative power of design to help clients reach their potential.


BEXBRANDS is one of the best packaging design companies that use a full spectrum of branding and marketing services to help businesses develop consumer connections that breed success. The firm houses a collective of creative professionals who have developed a strategic packaging design process that increases engagement and profits.


Cohere’s creative services span the entire lifecycle of a brand, from ideas to consumer experiences. This packaging design studio specializes in transforming packaging solutions into brand experiences that stand out for meaningful causes.

Remember, the top-rated,, and have you covered when looking for more on this topic and much more.