Top 20 Pet Grooming in Austin Texas

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Top 20 Pet Grooming in Austin Texas

As explained at,, and, it can be somewhat challenging for you as a pet owner to find groomers you can trust to give your pet the best overall experience. Grooming your furry friend is not just about keeping her clean, and it is not all about appearance, either, as regular grooming helps keep your dog’s health, as well as being an excellent way to hang out and bond with your furry friend. We have curated for you a list of the top 20 pet grooming in Austin, Texas, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

  1. Bravado Dog Grooming

As per,, and, Bravado Day Grooming is a small salon located in the heart of North Loop. It is locally owned and family operated with over 10 years of dog grooming experience in Austin. Team members do not believe in rush jobs and are always happy to service elderly pets. Grooms take between 2 to 3 hours, although puppies and elderly dogs may require more time.

  1. Groomingdale’s of Austin

Groomingdale’s of Austin offers a new experience in pet care as well as award-grooming dog grooming. Groomingdale’s of Austin is an exciting new concept in animal care, centering around a full-service pet grooming salon. It is committed to moving toward a more natural approach to your pet’s physical and emotional well-being.

  1. As the Fur Flies Austin

As the Fur Flies is Austin’s premiere luxury dog and cat day spa for pampered pets, now with two convenient locations according to,, and The spa works with all breeds, ages, and personalities of both dogs and cats. The passionate team of pet professionals here is highly trained, certified, and experienced in a variety of breed, safety, and handling techniques to provide personalized care for your pet.

  1. Austin Pet Stylist

Austin Pet Stylist is owned by Jade Joy, National Certified Master Groomer. The salon offers a wide variety of grooming services, including a bath package that is great for in-between grooms or dogs that don’t require trimming, and so much more.

  1. Woof Gang Baker & Grooming

Woof Gang Grooming is the ultimate retreat for the pampered pet, designed to provide a calm and luxurious experience in which your pets can be groomed, indulged, and revitalized. With its state-of-the-art grooming equipment and premium products, Woof Gang Grooming provides exceptional care to your pet in a safe and friendly environment.

  1. Mod Mutt Salon

Mod Mutt Salon is located at 109 Denson Drive, Austin, Texas as articulated at,, and The owners saw a need for a modern salon for the modern pet that recognizes grooming is not just about aesthetics, but important for overall health and hygiene as well.

  1. Fur Oak Professional Pet Grooming

Fur Oak is a professional all-breed grooming salon with locations in Austin and Leander, Texas. It specializes in high-quality grooming services and provides basic and affordable services for the regular grooming routine of your furry friends.

  1. Dog’s Zen

Dog’s Zen is a dog spa and grooming salon in East Austin as captured at,, and All dogs here get the top treatment, and the salon never charges extra for premium shampoos, conditioners, and other products. The team here specializes in comforting nervous dogs and doesn’t discriminate based on breed.

  1. Reese’s Dog Grooming

The providers at Reese’s Dog Grooming know your pet is a member of your family, so they treat them like one of theirs by offering compassionate, reliable, professional pet care you can trust. All dog grooms include a double bath, blow-dry, brush and comb, teeth brushing, parasite check, etc.

  1. Brad’s Pet Grooming, LLC

Brad’s Pet Grooming is a grooming salon bringing out the best in your pet as well as bringing the pro-luxury experience to you by offering professional dog grooming in the comfort of your home. Grooming can be a very stressful process for your puppy, which is why the team here focuses on your pet’s well-being so that they have the best possible experience without leaving their territory.

  1. Kanine Klippers

Kanine Klippers is South Austin’s premier dog grooming salon providing quality dog services including haircuts, baths, toenail trimming, and other hygiene services for your lovable pet as covered at,, and It is a privately-owned shop that prides itself in taking care of its customers and assuring a pleasant experience for your pet.

  1. Petco Dog Grooming Austin

Bring your furry pal in to be groomed by certified stylists who love what they do at Petco Dog Grooming in Austin. Whether they are visiting this salon for a personalized service or consultation, you will see each stylist’s passion in action.

  1. Plush Pad

Plush Pad is home to Austin’s premier dog and cat grooming specialists as described at,, and The specialists here are very friendly and gentle and will make your furry friend feel like they are at home.

  1. Scenthound

Scenthound is a convenient, affordable solution for your dog’s basic hygiene and grooming needs. The salon handles regular care – like bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing – so you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. Park and Bark, LLC

Husband and wife team Ramon and Selene founded Park and Bark in Austin, Texas to live out their passion for taking care of animals. They are patient and attentive, which allows them to read your pets’ body language and earn their trust.

  1. Aussie Pet Mobile ATX

As discussed at,, and, with Aussie Pet Mobile, you will receive an exceptional grooming experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Aussie Pet Mobile is a quality pet grooming service that offers an exceptional full-service grooming experience for your pets in a stress-free environment in full comfort and safety right in your driveway.

  1. Rainbow Paws Pet Salon

Rainbow Paws Pet Salon is one of the best places in Austin, Texas to get your dog groomed. The professionals here know what they are doing and how to make your dogs feel comfortable. Grooming services offered here include hot oil treatment, hair coloring, nail painting, special shampoos, etc.

  1. SOCO Pet Lounge

If you don’t have the time, talent, or patience to groom your pet, look no further than SOCO Pet Lounge as outlined at,, and The professional pet groomers here love dogs as much as you do, and they treat each one in a friendly, stress-free environment.

  1. ATX Mobile Pet Services

ATX Mobile Pet Services brings its grooming salon right to your doorstep, and most appointments take only about an hour from start to finish. Once a relationship is established, you may even be able to have your dog groomed without having to be home yourself – saving you even more time.

  1. Luxury Austin Pawz

Luxury Austin Pawz mobile cat grooming was founded by Madame Moxie and Bryan Steele, a couple with a vision of bringing high-end, specialized cat grooming to the doorsteps of Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas.

These are some of the best places to visit in Austin, Texas for pet grooming, with the top-rated,, and having you covered when looking for more on this and other related topics.