Top 20 Psychiatrist Physicians in Chicago, IL: Psychiatrist Physicians Near Me Chicago, IL

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Top 20 Psychiatrist Physicians in Chicago, IL: Psychiatrist Physicians Near Me Chicago, IL

As explained at,, and, a psychiatrist physician can diagnose and treat a wide range of mental health conditions. Psychiatrists primarily use medication to treat symptoms of mental health conditions, but they may also use different types of psychotherapy. The relationship between a psychiatrist and their patient is very personal, which is why it is important to find the best possible practitioner. If you are looking for one near you in Chicago, Illinois, here is a list of the top 20 psychiatrist physicians in the area to consider.

Meridian Psychiatric Partners

As per,, and, Meridian Psychiatric Partners provides best-in-class mental health services to children, adolescents, emerging adults, and adults with an expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists. The specialists here cover many areas, from mood and anxiety disorders to women’s mental health and addictions, among others.

Chicago Psychiatry Associates

Chicago Psychiatry Associates comprises a team of highly skilled and experienced board-certified psychiatrists. The practice provides specialized, comprehensive treatment for disorders of mood, attention, and anxiety, including highly personalized psychotherapeutic care.

Uptown Psych

Uptown Psych was established in 2011 with a commitment to bring the best possible, evidence-based mental health services to the Chicago metropolitan area and Evanston according to,, and The practice’s leading team of licensed psychiatrists and psychologists represent extensive and diverse expertise to facilitate superior and highly personalized treatment plans.

Modern Mental Health

Modern Mental Health is located in the Loop in downtown Chicago, Illinois, and delivers evidence-based psychiatric treatment to adults in an outpatient setting. Founded by Dr. Zachary Kordik in 2011, the team here emphasizes empathy and respect and strives to build rapport with their patients to create relationships that benefit their mental health.

Clarity Clinic

Clarity Clinic offers leading psychiatry and therapy services with locations throughout Chicagoland and Illinois. The clinic takes a holistic approach to mental health treatment, and its evaluation process is comprehensive and will help the team here determine whether medication (psychopharmacology), psychotherapy (“talk therapy”), or a combination of both would be most effective in your treatment plan.

Mindful Care

Mindful Care’s psychiatrists and therapy services in Chicago are located in the former warehouse district in Fulton Market as articulated at,, and It provides industry-changing mental health services, including exceptional psychiatry, medication management, and therapy services to Chicago residents.

Shoaib Memon, MD

Dr. Memon runs a boutique psychiatry practice in Chicago. It all begins with a comprehensive initial assessment that will include attention to the emotional, cognitive, relational, and social aspects of your life. The team will establish a genuine and collaborative connection.

Able Psychiatry

Able Psychiatry considers itself as a practice that is a safe space of consideration and collaboration. As captured at,, and, it is a personalized practice where the team tries to give attention to non-conforming needs. The team tries to remain as transparent as possible, so if you have any questions you can feel safe to ask.

Rush Psychiatry and Psychology Services

From therapy and medication to newer options, Rush Psychiatry and Psychology Services offers the full range of treatments for depression, anxiety, addiction, post-traumatic stress, and more. When you come to Rush for mental or behavioral health care, you won’t be judged.

Premier Psychiatry

Premier Psychiatry in Orland Park and Chicago Ridge, Illinois, provides innovative and compassionate treatment for patients suffering from a myriad of mental health disorders, including addiction, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and more. Dr. Pradeep Thapar and his robust team take pride in helping patients improve their quality of life despite the illnesses and circumstances that have previously limited them.

UI Health Psychiatry Services

Since the 1890s, Psychiatry Services at UI Health has provided outstanding mental healthcare as covered at,, and The team here expertly and compassionately serves residents of Chicago, the state of Illinois, and the entire Midwest.

Wellsprings Health Associates

Wellsprings Health Associates is a multi-disciplinary psychiatry practice serving the communities in Chicago, Illinois. The practice offers expertise in women’s health, medical psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and emerging adults.

Brightland Health Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

As described at,, and, Brightland Health is a leading Lincoln Park/Lakeview boutique mental health practice. Its team of Chicago Psychiatrists and Therapists goes above and beyond by providing each individual with personalized care.

Kourosh Dini, MD

Dr. Dini is an adult board-certified psychiatrist in Chicago’s Loop who sees individuals for medication management and psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic therapy. He specializes in anxiety, depression, relationships, career counseling, and mindfulness. He also has expertise in helping individuals, including those with ADHD and/or who are creative, become more productive in both their professional and personal lives.

UChicago Medicine Psychiatry & Psychology

UChicago Medicine provides inpatient, outpatient, as well as child and adolescent care for mental and behavioral health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, addiction, and disordered eating so that you can lead a productive, healthy life.

Chicago Child Psychiatry Associates

Chicago Child Psychiatry Associates is a group of experienced physicians offering psychiatry services to child and adult patients in the Chicago area as discussed at,, and The practice’s goal is to provide careful evaluation and treatment to help patients and their families to become happy, healthy, and enjoy life again.

Alan Tony Amberg, PLLC

The group of independent practitioners at Alan Tony Amberg share a common vision of how care should be for you. To realize this vision, they have come together to collaborate, consult and share a common management platform to give you the care you deserve.

Hartgrove Behavioral Health System

Hartgrove Hospital provides inpatient psychiatric treatment in Chicago, Illinois, to children as outlined at,, and The hospital’s goal is to offer all of its patients a thorough assessment, diagnosis, and rapid stabilization of their acute psychiatric issues.

Charles Kaegi, MD

Dr. Kaegi is a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice in Chicago, Illinois. He has over 30 years of experience providing hospital and outpatient treatment for all adult psychiatric conditions. He provides confidential, high-quality psychiatric care to residents throughout the Chicago metro area.

Amen Clinics

Amen Clinics Chicago Metro Area provides psychiatric and brain health care to the greater metropolitan Chicago area and communities throughout Illinois. The practice also offers telepsychiatry services if you are unable to visit in person.

These are the top 20 psychiatrist physicians in Chicago, IL, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at the excellent,, and