Top 20 Psychiatrist Physicians in San Jose, CA: Psychiatrist Physicians Near Me San Jose, CA

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Top 20 Psychiatrist Physicians in San Jose, CA: Psychiatrist Physicians Near Me San Jose, CA

From discussions on the same over at,, and, a psychiatrist can diagnose and treat a wide range of mental health conditions. Psychiatrists primarily use medication to treat symptoms of mental health conditions, but they may also use different types of psychotherapy. If you are looking for one near you in San Jose, California, then we have you covered as this article will look to list the top 20 psychiatrist physicians in the area for you to consider.

Mindpath Health

The Mindpath Health team at San Jose, CA helps you develop the tools you need to start feeling better now and into the future as per,, and The providers here can help you navigate life’s emotions, and challenges, and better understand your own mind. With decades of experience, Mindpath Health offers treatment options designed to treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services is a medical group that was incorporated in 1979 to provide behavioral medicine services for individuals, couples, children, and families with a wide variety of problems. Treatment here is provided by psychiatrists and therapists and varies to meet the specific needs of each patient.

LifeStance Health

According to,, and, LifeStance is an outpatient mental health facility comprised of psychiatrists and therapists. Its psychiatrists in San Jose, California, are highly skilled and experienced and treat conditions such as addiction, women’s health mental issues, ADHD, ADD, eating disorders, and many others.

Kaiser Permanente

The Department of Psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center offers many best-practice, evidence-based treatments to help you feel better if you are troubled with psychological symptoms. These treatments range from educational and therapy groups to individual therapy, to medication management under the supervision of a psychiatrist.


Thriveworks has board-certified psychiatrists taking appointments in San Jose, California. People reach out to them about several issues, including anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, personality disorders, self-destructive behavior or suicidal thoughts, PTSD or trauma, insomnia, eating disorders, and postpartum depression, among many others.

San Jose Behavioral Health

San Jose Behavioral Health is a supportive and nurturing environment providing clinically superior services to adults and adolescents struggling with mental health or behavioral health issues as articulated at,, and The center combines the clinical sophistication of a large program and the personalized attention and individualized care of a small facility.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

The Department of Psychiatry at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center provides prevention, education, and treatment to all residents of Santa Clara County, regardless of their ability to pay. Services here include a wide range of primary and specialty medical care and public programs.

Sarbani Maitra, MD

Dr. Maitra is a board-eligible psychiatrist in San Jose and Los Gatos, California as captured at,, and She has extensive experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings across the spectrum with psychotic disorders, mood disorders, trauma-related disorders, and patients struggling with substance use disorders.

Blue Sky Telepsych

Blue Sky Telepsych is a collaborative group of online psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and nurse practitioners that are unified through one common mission – their dedication and commitment to improving access to high-quality mental health care. If you are looking for mental health providers in San Jose, California who are compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable, then Blue Sky Telepsych has you covered.

Momentum of Health

Momentum of Health exists to help individuals achieve mental and emotional health, discover and reach their potential, and fully participate in life. It offers adults, adolescents, and families an array of high-quality programs and services that promote a healthier, independent future.

Bay Area Clinical Associates

Bay Area Clinical Associates gives children and young adults the tools to develop purposeful mental health habits and realize their full potential as covered at,, and It offers you the chance to get real solutions for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. Its multidisciplinary team includes psychiatrists who bring specialized training into an integrated system of care.

The Clinic

The Clinic offers clinical psychologists and psychiatrists located across the state of California, including in San Jose. This center specializes in supplying the most effective, innovative, evidence-based mental health treatments for a wide range of issues affecting children, adolescents, and adults.

San Jose Integrative Wellness Center

San Jose Integrative Wellness Center uses integrative therapy which involves creating a treatment plan that brings together the cognitive, behavioral, and physiological systems within an individual as described at,, and It is proven that integrative therapy techniques will improve the process of recovery.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Palo Alto Medical Foundation care centers have experienced therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who can assess and treat a wide range of behavioral health issues, including the most complex disorders. The team here provides comprehensive and compassionate care.

Evolve Treatment Centers

Evolve San Jose offers individualized mental health and substance abuse treatment in San Jose, the largest city in Silicon Valley. Teenagers receive therapy in a safe, supportive setting ideal for healing and recovery.

Crestwood Center San Jose

As discussed at,, and, Crestwood Center San Jose embraces a commitment to providing the continuum of care clients require on their road to recovery. In addition to the modern treatments offered here by the psychiatrists and staff, the center also provides clients with daily opportunities to participate in community life and foster the necessary skills to reintegrate themselves back into their communities.

James Reich, MD

Dr. Reich is a board-certified psychiatrist serving patients in San Jose, California. He believes each patient has unique needs that must be individually assessed and addressed. When necessary, he uses medication, and is, therefore, a good choice for someone seeking a therapist and psychiatrist in one person.

Good Samaritan Hospital

The behavioral health specialists at Good Samaritan Hospital provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient mental health care options so every patient has access to the level of care they need as outlined at,, and They treat primary conditions, such as major depression and anxiety disorders.

Andrea R. Bates, MD

Dr. Andrea Bates is a general psychiatrist for patients and a physician since the 1990s. She has expertise in hospital and healthcare organizations, education for physicians, educational technology, leadership training, and business.

Ocean Psychiatry

Ocean Psychiatry strives to eliminate stigma, ensure confidentiality, and provide individualized treatment. The practitioners here have a passion for their patients, and their goal is to help you live a life not constrained by mental illness.

These are some of the best psychiatrist physicians in San Jose, CA, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at,, and