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Finding a competent doctor has proven to be a hustle for many. That is why has been at the fore front of making it their priority to find the best of the best doctors in the vast region of Washington. Below is a list of the best and most experienced psychiatrists.

Dr. Jesse M Adams

Having over 15 years of experience he is classified as among the elite in this list. He is specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry. He has been able to help many children with mental issue overcome their problems and thus being better people in the society.

Solidarity mental health

This is one of the few women owned and women operated mental hospitals that have been able to help many in this region. According to expert it has been around for over 10 years now and is still going strong.

Newport academy

Having 13 years in business they have been able to specialize in counseling and mental health, rehabilitation and lastly addiction medicine. To book and appointment with them you can visit

Tracy Adams Barrett

She is darling to many to some she is considered a miracle worker. This is so because she has been at the fore front of making sure that everyone is mentally sound first before anything else comes first. 

Heidi Tafjord

Being a great doctor is one thing but being an expert at it is another thing. As for her she is has over 15 years of practical work and she is considered an expert in nurse partitioning and psychiatry in general.

Trevor White

He has been able to build a name for himself by helping his patients go through issue that arise from mental health and counseling. He is one of the doctor who are very patient and also gives a listening ear before giving out his opinion.

Solidarity mental health

As the name suggests the main agenda here is to instill the sense of solidarity which is needed especially when one is in a crisis. This facility is women owned and operated and it certified in offering services like counselling, mental health and psychiatry as discovered  by

Kuniyoshi Catherine

Situated along 1501 western avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101. She is situated in a cool and quite environment that allows one to speak their mind without having any distractions. She is also the most caring person by most of her patients.

Shaw David   

He has the fastest telehealth services ever seen, you can be able to book an appointment in real time talk to your doctor in real time and most of all customize your appointments to align with your schedule.

Kaplan Judith 

She is a darling to many if not all her patients, she has been named as the best psychiatrists for over 3 times in the best doctor awards. She is also very experienced and loves to work with anyone and is very welcoming.

Psychiatry Northwest

The customer service is out of this world, the staff members behind the desk make it their task to make any patient feel calm and welcomed. This works a lot especially when booking an appointment with the doctor both online and at the facility.

Orenstein Herbert

He is one of the best doctors in the industry as per the moment as uncovered by panelists. He is affiliated with UW medicine. He is considered a professional and honest doctor.

Dr. Heidi Iwanski

She has over 10 years of experience in the industry and she has been privileged enough to work with many types of individuals. She is one of the best at helping people get to understand what the issue might be and how to go through with resolving it.

Seong-Hun Kim

He is a PhD holder with certification from the board and also being licensed to work in and around the vast region of Washington. He has over a year specialized in integrated psychiatric treatment of depression and anxiety.

Chester Robachinski 

A great doctor indeed, as pointed out by he received his medical degree from the Lewis Kartz School of medicine at Temple University. He also completed his residency at Nyu Hospitals center.

Dr. James F Hammel

He completed his internship at Stanford and residency at Harvard. Ever since then he is has grown to be one of the best doctors in the whole region of USA. He is also board certified with a license to work in and around Washington.

Jack Owens

A survey done by pointed out that, he offers the best kind of customizable appointment options that are able to fit in your schedule as a patient however busy it may be. This is quite nice as it may help in avoiding canceling of events to fit other events.

Ballard avenue psychiatry

They accept over 21 insurance companies; this makes it easy for many of the patients visiting this facility to access the services without having to pay dearly from their pockets. They also offer customizable appointments that are able to fit your schedule. To get more information on this facility and more visit  

Julie A lord 

She is one of the doctors with the fastest telehealth services in the area as per the moment. Here the response rate is very high and one can be able to talk to the doctor on a one on one basis with no pressure whatsoever. This reduces the number of trips on has to make to the facility.

Dr. Jesse McClelland

She offers a listening ear to all the patients and is patient enough to allow you to talk all about the issues that are troubling you. The customer services are great, to add to this many people like to talk to her because she is friendly, honest, respectful and most of all trustworthy. To get more information visit