Top 20 Public Relations Strategic Agencies

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Top 20 Public Relations Strategic Agencies

As explained at,, and, brands or businesses who want to grow may look to public relations services to help get them out there and in front of the right people. To achieve long-term goals and ensure streamlined communications, a PR strategy should be in place. A PR strategy helps professionals to plan and deliver strategic activities that work towards achieving the same goal. A good strategy will set out a direction for the business and it should be possible to summarize the strategy in a few short words. Whether or not a business has an in-house PR person, it may use the services of an agency to plan and manage its public relations. We have curated for you a list of the top 20 public relations strategy agencies to consider when looking for one.


Established over 60 years ago as articulated at,, and, Golin sees itself as a progressive PR agency making a difference in a time where attention is the hardest to attract and hold. The agency’s progressive nature is driven by data that influence the customer journey, a critical component in today’s evolving marketing world.

Ignite Visibility

As its name suggests, San Diego-based Ignite Visibility drives visibility for your brand. Ignite Visibility’s PR expertise helps generate buzz around your brand through digital and traditional public relations tactics. Thanks to strong relationships with media sources, online influencers, bloggers, and more, the team here makes it easy to direct public opinion about your brand.

5W Public Relations

5W Public Relations is a full-service PR agency based in New York City, with a team of more than 175 passionate and creative experts as per,, and The agency partners with brands, both established and emerging, corporations, global interests, national corporations, consumer companies, startup technology companies, high profile individuals, regional businesses, and others to help them define and achieve their strategic PR goals.

Becca PR

Becca PR is a bi-coastal creative communications agency based out of Los Angeles and New York. From collateral to social, events to partnerships, Becca takes a holistic approach to PR. The team reaches out to producers and editors to get the word out – and not just any word, but the right word.

Communications Strategy Group (CSG)

Communications Strategy Group is strategic communication and marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado, that provides public relations, content marketing, brand communications, corporate communications, social media, and design services.

Hotwire Global

Hotwire Global creates combined growth through channel and alliance marketing, stimulates engagement through industry marketing, generates attention on social media, and proves impact through insights and evaluation according to,, and Hotwire Global also uses design and film to build energy for its clients and uses PR to shape the story.


BCW is a giant global full-service communications agency. It aims to build big, insight-driven ideas that inspire action and connection across the globe. The agency helps its clients move, inspire, engage, and lead people in a favorable direction, across all sectors on a global scale.

Shift Communications

Shift Communications offers integrated communications that are informed by data, crafted with passion, and distributed with precision as captured at,, and The agency’s headquarters are in Boston, although it retains a global reach regardless. PR and communications are its bread and butter, specifically in the B2B, healthcare, consumer, and technology spaces.

Channel V Media

Founded in 2008, Channel V Media is an award-winning PR agency based in New York City. Its services are catered to Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed tech companies. It has worked with clients like IBM, Marriot Hotels, Gotham Greens, etc.

Small Girls PR

With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Small Girls PR works with clients ranging from venture-backed startups to publicly traded companies. The firm works best as a strategic partner for brands rather than simply one to outsource work to. It offers PR that is more cohesive than just press.


Edelman is one of the world’s largest PR firms and continues to produce high-quality work as covered at,, and It is a finalist for the 2019 Global PR Agency of the Year.

Goff Public

Goff Public is a hard-and-fast PR agency that values reputations, relationships, and results. The team is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and works with clients in a range of industries. Some of the PR services offered here include crisis and issues management, messaging, media relations, communications plans, audits, etc.


Founded in St. Louis, Missouri, FleishmanHillard is a finalist in the 2019 Global PR agencies of the year awards as described at,, and This agency is part of the Omnicom Group, an American global media, marketing, and corporate communications holding company, headquartered in New York City. It regularly takes advantage of its connection with Omnicom and partners with sister agencies to deliver integrated campaigns.

Dezenhall Resources

Dezenhall Resources is adept at managing crises and defending a marketplace. This means taking the bull by the horns to help clients survive a reputation crisis, unprecedented emergencies, an adverse public policy change, unwanted or unwarranted government scrutiny, a competitor attack, or a public disclosure that threatens their ability to operate.

H+K Strategies

H+K Strategies offers senior counsel, insightful research, and strategic communications planning throughout the world. It has over 87 offices around the globe, and its clients represent 59 of Interbrand’s 2013 Top 100 Global Brands and 50 percent of global Fortune 500 companies.


JeffreyGroup is one of the top PR agencies for a reason: it specifically focuses on Latin American businesses as discussed at,, and When it comes to PR services, JeffreyGroup navigates communications between companies and their employees, channel partners, competitors, community leaders, unions, NGOs, trade, and advocacy groups.

Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick is a public relations agency with its headquarters in New York. It is a finalist in the 2019 Global PR Agencies of the Year awards. The firm picked up Large Agency of the Year honors in Asia, among other awards.


With offices in Boston and New York, 360PR+ understands that public relations is a sweeping endeavor as outlined at,, and It works in a range of sectors, including adult beverages, B corporations, EdTech, parenting-related brands, etc.

Marina Maher Communications

Marina Maher Communications is a creative agency with over 30 years of experience in PR, earned media, and communications. Its success has helped earn it new business from name clients, including P&G’s Pantene, Rodan & Fields, and Natural Cycles, among others.

Serendipit Consulting

Serendipit Consulting is a Phoenix, Arizona brand management and PR company founded based on respect, flexibility, uniqueness, data, and having fun. PR services offered here include media relations, influencer marketing, speaking engagements, crisis communications, and community outreach.

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