Top 20 Radiologist Physicians in San Antonio, TX: Radiologist Physicians Near Me San Antonio, TX

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Top 20 Radiologist Physicians in San Antonio, TX: Radiologist Physicians Near Me San Antonio, TX

From discussions on the same over at,, and, a radiologist physician is a doctor who takes pictures of the inside of your body to help diagnose and treat illnesses. These medical images are taken in different ways, including x-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, PET scan, and many others. A radiologist will be involved in your care if your doctor needs assistance with imaging or certain specialized treatments. Here is a list of the top 20 radiologist physicians in San Antonio, Texas, to consider when looking for one near you in the area.

UT Health San Antonio

The Imaging Center at UT Health San Antonio provides a wide range of services for diagnostic imaging and other radiology services as per,, and The center has the latest technology and equipment in the industry, including a 64-slice CT scanner, 1.5 & 3T MRI, ultrasound, digital x-ray, and bone densitometry. The board-certified radiologists here are experts in all fields of medicine and imaging.

South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers (STRIC)

STRIC provides full-service, outpatient diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services in San Antonio, Texas. With over 70 board-certified radiologists, some with sub-specialization in fields such as neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, body, cardiac, breast, and interventional radiology, STRIC has the experience and a reputation that spans more than fifty years.

University Health

According to,, and, University Health offers comprehensive imaging and radiology services to address the unique needs of each patient who comes through its door. The radiology team here includes certified radiologists, imaging technicians, and nurses.

University Children’s Health

University Children’s Health pediatric imaging services use advanced technology and patient-focused care to deliver reliable, accurate imaging readings for your child. The team of fellowship-trained radiologists, certified technologists, and nurses have the skills needed to provide high-quality imaging to accurately diagnose and treat your child.

Baptist M&S Imaging

With you at the center, Baptist M&S Imaging will surround you with the highest quality and the latest technology at its first-class facilities. The center’s caring staff will provide you with the best radiology imaging services in San Antonio.

Methodist Healthcare

Methodist Healthcare offers comprehensive imaging services to patients in the San Antonio area as articulated at,, and With a commitment to the highest level of accuracy in diagnosis, the medical imaging teams here provide convenient, personalized care for a variety of procedures.

The Boutique Mammography Center

The Boutique Mammography Center offers a unique approach to delivering screening mammography services. This center exclusively offers screening digital breast tomosynthesis mammography and DEXA bone density osteoporosis screening.

Bexar Imaging

Bexar Imaging offers a wide variety of services including CT, DEXA, 3D mammography, MRI, and ultrasound as captured at,, and This facility is accredited by the American College of Radiology in CT, MRI, and ultrasound and received accreditation in mammography from the Texas Department of Health.

M&S Radiology

M&S is an independent physician group with a long and storied history of innovating imaging care in San Antonio for over 60 years. It strives to provide a stress-free experience with comprehensive subspecialized diagnostic and interventional services.

American Health Imaging San Antonio

At American Health Imaging, board-certified radiologists provide accurate and affordable imaging services. The team here invests in the latest imaging equipment because team members put your comfort, safety, and goals first. This advanced technology also means the team can provide your doctor with clearer images, faster, allowing for sooner diagnosis and treatment.

Touchstone Imaging Medical Center

As a part of the national Touchstone network, Touchstone Imaging Medical Center in San Antonio, formerly Sendero Imaging, is ACR certified and Top Rated Local®, offering state-of-the-art medical imaging services backed by the nation’s top radiologists to San Antonio as covered at,, and The center offers extended evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

River City Imaging Associates

River City Imaging Associates strives to provide the highest quality care and services to San Antonio and surrounding areas, using cutting-edge technology in diagnostic imaging. Board-certified and traine3d at some of the best prestigious medical institutions in the country, physicians here provide unmatched sub-specialty expertise in imaging and intervention.

Advantage IR-San Antonio

As described at,, and, personalized patient care is what sets Advantage IR apart. When you visit its San Antonio, Texas location, you can expect to receive world-class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

Texas Vista Medical Center

Texas Vista Medical Center’s sophisticated imaging equipment enables doctors to diagnose and treat disease faster and with even greater accuracy. The imaging department here includes some of the most advanced medical equipment in use today. With its board-certified radiologists and experienced technologists making use of these sophisticated tools, the center’s capabilities translate into services for you that are second to none.

Alliance MRI

Alliance MRI offers diagnostic imaging scans for those in Stone Oak on the north side of San Antonio. Alliance MRI is committed to providing the highest level of service possible, from its affordability to its convenience.

Specialty Imaging

Specialty Imaging offers the convenience of an outpatient setting as discussed at,, and It is dedicated to providing detailed and accurate reports to serve both its patients and doctors.

Paesanos Parkway Imaging

Paesanos Parkway Imaging provides high-quality and cost-effective MRI diagnostic services to its patients throughout San Antonio and Central Texas. The practitioners here have dedicated their expertise, knowledge, and equipment to providing their patients with the highest-quality MRI imaging services available in San Antonio, TX.

IRIS Radiology

IRIS Radiology is an experienced group of radiologists dedicated to assisting outpatient imaging centers and referring doctors as outlined at,, and It performs diagnostic imaging consultations and second opinions for exams performed in your clinic or from another imaging center or hospital.

Rainbow Medical Imaging

Rainbow Medical Imaging has been providing outpatient radiology services to the San Antonio area since 1986. Today, two separate locations in the city provide convenience to either personal transportation, taxi, or VIA Transit. Each location now provides full x-ray and electrocardiogram services and so much more.

Express ER

Express ER in San Antonio, Texas, strives to provide the best medical care possible to its community and is aware that sometimes physical examinations just aren’t enough to properly diagnose every medical condition. For this reason, it is proud to provide a variety of lab and radiology services in San Antonio.

These are some of the best radiologist physicians in San Antonio, Texas, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at,, and