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Radiologists are quite common these days and finding the one with the best of intentions at heart is a hustle in its self. This has been the issue for a while  but has been able to research on some of the best radiologists in Washington and came up with the list below.

Seattle radiologists

It has very experienced doctors you will ever find in any health center. They have been able to dedicate their careers in making sure that the patient’s life is taken care of with the strictest and approved methods possible.

Harborview medical center radiology

This facility has been around offering its services for over 10 years now and it is still going strong. It has some of the best doctors in the world and it is also situated in a cool and quite environment that is away from all the city hustle as uncovered by

Rayus radiology

Experts here are known for having a welcoming attitude towards all the patients despite their age. This creates a calm environment and most of the patients who have had the privilege to visit the facility attest that, they feel welcomed and loved.

Dr. Jessica Y. Leung

She offers the best discount sot all her new and regular patients. Sometime the discounts cut the price by up to 50% this is good as you get great services that are value for your money and also less time consuming 

Dr. Martin L Gunn

He is a nice doctor with a great sense of humor and most of all he is kind. People like him due to the fact that scheduling with him is easy and the best thing is that people find it nice to talk to him as he is very patient and offers a listening ear.  

Mobile radiology & imaging Inc.

It is the best facility in the whole area of Washington. It was uncovered that that many people come from neighboring states to get his services. This pointed out that he is good at what he does and many people can attest to that. 

Dr. Ian Y. Ch’en

He is a darling to many ad has been able to prove to many that he is a force to be reckoned with. One thing that makes him to be very unique from the rest is the fact that he is the only one in a few doctor that makes time to follow up on his patients well-being.

Dr. Asher A. Nov

She has a very friendly and supportive staff. She has also been able to prove that a patient and a doctor can be friends and share many things apart from just medical issues. This fact has also improved customer services by a huge difference.

Djang Eleanor

He offers a wide selection of options to choose from when making an appointment with him. He has been named the best doctors in the best doctor awards held in Seattle annually. 

Maximin Suresh

Having experience may not be enough when dealing with some of the issues that come with the human body. It comes a time when just listening is a form of medicine. This is what takes apart Dr. Suresh from, the rest.

Dr. Chrystel T. Venturini have come to the conclusion that she has the best staff members of all time. They are very knowledgeable and also make sure that you feel comfortable when you enter their facility.  

 Sanjiv R. Parikh

She is one to look out for, she has been at the fore front of keeping up with the changing times. In this case, she has adapted to using the latest technology to make sure that she increases accuracy and also serve as many patients as possible.

Mariam Moshiri

One of the best female doctors in the USA, she has been board certified and has a license to work in and around the vast region of Washington. She is very experienced and so does her staff.

Marie E. Lee panelists uncovered that she has the shortest waiting time when you visit her for any issue whatsoever. This has been attributed by the fact that she is fast and very accurate in her diagnosis and also she has state of the art technology to back her up.

Dr. Stephen L. Done

He has been a proud partner of for over 10 years now. This has mainly been because of the fact that, he is quite a famous doctor and this is mainly because he has been using the expertise of the marketing firm named above. To get more info visit 

Dr. Kristin A. Manning

What a doctor she is? She has been awarded for being selfless when offering her services. she made sure that all her patients are in great shape by following up on them through the telehealth services offered. She is a great household name and one to consider.

Dr. James Borrow

He is one of the doctors who offer a customizable program which is very good as many of his patients were saying to People not only like his appointments but also his sense of humor and his overall character. 

Dr. Alan Leung

He is very experienced in radiology and for over 15 years made it his priority to help all that come to him for any form of help. He is also board certified and licensed to work in Washington.

Michael Maxin

He has trained employees who can handle anything that is brought their way. This is also seen when the head doctor himself handles his patients, if one is keen enough one may tell that he is quite gentle and most of all very friendly and professional.

Dr. Edward Weinberger

He makes sure that before making any decision be it giving a diagnosis or even customizing an appointment he make sure that he considers your opinion  before making any form of decision as uncovered by panelists.