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Facebook has a new way of making sure that they offer the marketer with the right tools they need to let their business to be easily identified. experts pointed out that, these pages let out businesses thus allowing them to identify themselves with the clients. This later on increases the ability of the brand and the clients to interact at a higher more personal basis.

Wide audience

It is undeniable that Facebook offers the largest user base for any marketing company to build on. According to statistics provided by,  Facebook has over 2 billion  users worldwide. This is a great number for one to optimize and use it to his or her advantage.

Keeping existing audience entertained

Facebook is more about entertainment and connecting with people than it is with businesses. So for you to us these factors to your advantage you need to post content that is engaging. This is good as it will boost your fan and followers while driving referral site traffic.


The only requirement is to install the Facebook pixel on your site and you are good to go. This will help you in monitoring how your ad and other things related to your business growth is going on. According to, one is able to use third party analytics tracking by reporting basic conversion metrics. 

Directly pushing traffic to your site has been able to point out that most users open Facebook accounts just to browse its contents. You can use this to your advantage, you can do this by adding highly relevant ads which in the long run helps in moving traffic from Facebook to your site.

An array of ad formats  

Facebook is leading among social media platforms when it comes to ad formats. They offer a wide range of ad format for one to choose from. The most commonly used ones are the image and video ads.   

Competitor targeting experts have been at the fore front of making it possible for you to get the best services in terms of marketing from Facebook. Especially when it comes to competitor targeting. You cannot be able to target fans of other brands on Facebook. However, you can still be able to target users who have indicated different desired brands as their interest.

Efficient use of psychographic targeting

Facebook has a very vast targeting capabilities, according to they go far beyond demographics. Facebooks targeting capabilities allow targeting by a wide range of interests, lifestyle e characteristics among many other things. This is considered to be more accurate than relying on demographics only.


This mainly apples to the audience you are looking to communicate to. Facebooks audience reach is highly transparent. Your business will have high level of control and transparency over your target audience by virtue of self-selecting audience targeting.

Multiple forms of engagements

Facebook boasts of having almost all the avenue that will cater to users at any stage of their engagement journey. According to experts, Facebooks targeting options and measurement capabilities align well with any marketing strategy. 

Cost effective

The benefits of Facebook advertising on the pocket are very noticeable. To top it all off, you can be able to increase your business growth by a huge margin by just advertising on Facebook with a little less strain on the pocket. This is made possible by the use of precise targeting. 

One is able to set own budget

This is quite nice for those new upcoming brands, as they can set their own budget and still get top notch services. Thus is also good as you will be able to limit your spending habits and thus prevent overspending. One can set a daily or lifetime budget, which is quite nice.

It is mobile

Well it is evident that most Facebook users are mobile, meaning they access their accounts in general through mobile phones. This makes it possible for you to market your brand at any time and also at any place too. Just a bonus fact Facebook is ranked among the largest mobile apps in the world, that goes to show how lucrative it is to market on this app as uncovered by

Competitors are using Facebook too

By not making an effort to use Facebook you are making it easy for your competitors to have a clear cut over you. You need to makes sure that you market online and especially if your customers spend most of their time online. 

Facebook advertising is real time experts uncovered that, you can be able to look at your campaign in real time. This helps to adjust anything you see that is not working to perfection. This is not possible with other forms of marketing.

New market venturing 

Facebook allows many brands to reach new markets especially when you are bringing new products into the market. If you are able to bring new products in the market you should certainly use Facebook advertising to increase its exposure as pointed out by

It increases your SEO rankings

After many researches by experts, it uncovered that by marketing on Facebook you rise in terms of SEO rankings. This is mainly attributed by the fact that Facebook affects directly social signals and thus in the long run affecting SEO.

It grows your blog traffic

You can be able to use Facebook advertising to bring the connection between your blog a significant amount of traffic. This will allow you to gain more trust and credibility with your audience.

Building engagement

Facebook is a social group and thus it is common to see that many of the people should engage in content that is posted here. You can use this to your advantage and provoke a good form of engagement with your brand.

Driving of repeat business 

Advertising on Facebook can lead to repeat business from customers who have purchased from you in the past. This is quite great as you can use their audiences feature to import your customer emails into your customer emails into your Facebook advertising campaign.

Offline sales

According to experts, Facebook advertising can also drive offline sales. Some of the customers will likely see your ads on Facebook and to some extent visit your location if they trust your solutions.