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Twitch is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the whole world. For you to be a streamer here you just need to have an account and you are good to go. According to they have been ranked among the best when it comes to engagement levels. Below is a list compiled by on the best streamer on this platforms that you should be following by now.

  1. Amouranth 

Having over 5.7 million followers he is ranked among the most followed individuals not only on twitch but on other social media platforms in the region. To get more information on this streamer visit

  1. Justa Minx

He is among the few streamers that has been able to grow in terms of following at a very fast rate. Many of his followers like his content and love how he portrays his content. He is truly a darling to many and loves what he does.

  1. Sodapoppin

He is just a bit shy of 9 million followers. His content is quite captivating and engaging. He announced to panelists that he would be joining the joining content creating group. This is quite nice as he has been streaming on twitch ever since 2012.

  1. Pokimane 

For some time, she had taken some time off from posting great content and took a break but there were rumors that he is among the short listed streamers on twitch to get the best services in the region in terms of entertainment. 

  1. Alanzoka  

According to an article done by, pointed out that, he is a female streamer on twitch platform with the largest following in the region. Having over 9 million followers this is evident. This number is estimated to grow even higher.   

  1. SypherPK

Being a gamer you need to be able to play a variety of game is pretty well or even specialize on one specific game and be an expert at it. This streamer is one of the best when it come dot playing a variety of games. For now, she sits among the top most streaming individuals.

  1. The grefg

He is a popular individual having over 10 million followers. According to experts, he is one of the few famous streamers who do not speak English. He previously held the twitch record from most concurrent videos with nearly 2.5 million videos which is amazing. 

  1. Shroud

He is a former professional counter striker; global offensive players with a great experience in the field of professional gaming. He is among the many darlings of twitch, as he held the record for having the most watched stream on twitch.

  1. xQc

He is one of the beloved yet controversial twitch streamer in not only in the San Francisco region but the whole of USA in the region. uncovered that, he was seen more positively in the region and beyond.

  1. Tfue

He is another controversial streamer on twitch having a great record of having over 52 kills in Fortnite in a single game. He is known for his legal battle with e-sports organization. This mot only gave him fame but also his skills gave him a go ahead too.

  1. Dream 

He will always remain popular on twitch with a great deal of follower to back him up. Among the many game she lays fortnite is one of them and he loves it a lot. He is now raked as a professional player.

  1. Ibai

He is a Spanish speaking streamer with skills that will leave you dumbfounded. He began his career as a newbie and climbed the ranks to being the best in the world when it comes to gaming as pointed out by

  1. Summit1g

He is one of the few streamers who has the ability to break any records in the platform. Recently there is an event that was hosted ion his stream and he almost went over the 3 million mark. According to experts he is the streamer to follow.

  1. El Rubius

He is among the most followed streamer in the region with over 12 million followers. He ranks among the top most twitch legends ever. According to experts, he began streaming fulltime in 2018 an ever since then he has been making rounds in the internet.

  1. Auronplay

He is a Spanish you tuber having over 13 million followers on his twitch channel. The main games he plays include GTA (Grand Theft Auto) among many others. He is among the best in terms of twitch streamers.  

  1. Ninja 

A survey done by expert panelists uncovered that, ninja is one of the most followed twitch streamer of all time. Although his channel growth has slowed down since 2018 but it still maintains the growing curve.  

  1. Adin Ross

He made signs on the internet when he signed his exclusive deals with twitch. This is one of the things that boosted his channel growth significantly. He still plays a vital role in playing fortnite for the renewed interest in the game.

  1. Tim the Tatman 

According to experts, Tim’s channel is available on twitch. This means that he has been able to maintain his spot in the world top rankings. He has been able to move from Call of Duty to overwatch and back to Call of Duty to fortnite.

  1. Juansguarnizo

He is among the biggest streamer with a little over 9 million followers. He has been able to cement his place in the top 20 top streamers in the San Antonio and the world in general. He is quite a charismatic fellow with great compassion for the game. 

  1. Myth 

He is an expert at playing fortnite and has been able to make a name for himself. He is also not only an expert in fortnite but he is also one of the fastest growing streamer in terms of following. For now myth has been able to move to livestream on YouTube as pointed out by