Top 20 Urologists in Dallas Texas

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Top 20 Urologists in Dallas Texas

As explained at,, and, urology is the field of medicine that is associated with the diseases and disorders of the male and female urinary tract. Urologists are doctors who specialize in the treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the urinary system, including the bladder, kidney, ureter, and adrenal glands. Here is a list of the top 20 urologists in Dallas, Texas, if you are looking for one in the area.

  1. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center

The board-certified specialists at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center are here to help with your urological care needs according to,, and They treat several urological conditions, including male reproductive system disorders, oncology urology, prostate cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney stone disease of the urinary tract, urinary incontinence, etc.

  1. Urology Clinics of North Texas, PLLC

Urology Clinics of North Texas was formed in 1999 by a merger of the practices of premier urology groups. The practice strives to provide highly positive medical outcomes, proven advanced technology, and pharmaceuticals and delivers care in locations convenient to patients throughout the Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, and Tarrant County areas.

  1. UT Southwestern Medical Center

As per,, and, the Department of Urology at UT Southwestern Medical Center has a distinguished team of health care providers devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the adrenal glands, kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, and male and female genital organs.

  1. Texas Urology Specialists

Texas Urology Specialists provides comprehensive urologic care to patients to treat male and female diseases of the urinary tract, as well as male reproductive system disorders. The center provides patients with the full spectrum of urologic care – from pre-screening, testing, and diagnosis to the ongoing care and treatment of conditions.

  1. DFW BPH

This clinic focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of BPH, a condition that occurs in men when the prostate gland is enlarged but not cancerous. Factors such as family history, lifestyle, and overall medical condition can affect your risk of developing BPH. It is led by Dr. Toubin, a board-certified urologist specializing in male genitourinary health and BPH treatment.

  1. Dallas Vasectomy Clinic

Specializing in no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy in Dallas, the Dallas Vasectomy Clinic is the number one vasectomy clinic in the State of Texas as articulated at,, and Dr. Ravi Mootha has been recognized by the American Board of Urology as being in the top 1% nationally for surgeons performing vasectomy.

  1. North Dallas Urology, Inc.

North Dallas Urology is a professional and caring urological practice serving the North Texas area since 1985. The practice’s specialized group of urologists have years of combined experience to diagnose, treat, and managing several adult and pediatric urological conditions ranging from urinary incontinence, bladder infections, and vasectomies, to erectile dysfunction, pelvic floor reconstruction, and prostate cancer.

  1. North Texas Urology

North Texas Urology is led by Dr. Ravi Mootha, a board-certified urologist practicing in the Richardson, Plano, and Frisco areas for 12 years as captured at,, and Together with his staff, he is committed to providing the highest quality urological care in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

  1. Methodist Health

Receive nationally recognized urologic care at Methodist Health System in North Texas/. To help ensure careful and sophisticated care for urological disorders and related organs, independently practicing specialists from several related disciplines are on staff at Methodist Health System.

  1. Carrell Clinic

The Carrell Clinic provides a wide range of services to communities in North Texas, including urological care. The doctors here are board-certified by the American Board of Urology and have the knowledge and skill to diagnose and treat a wide range of urological conditions in both men and women of all ages, including children.

  1. Children’s Health

The experts at Children’s Health treat the full range of urologic conditions, from simple problems such as bedwetting to the most complex conditions requiring advanced surgical intervention as covered at,, and The team here is there for your child when needed – diagnosing and treating all urologic conditions, before birth, throughout childhood, and sometimes providing continuity of care into adulthood.

  1. North Dallas Urogynecology

Bladder and pelvic floor dysfunction can be troubling for a woman and are often endured in silence. Dr. Nguyen at North Dallas Urogynecology is dedicated to improving the quality of life for her patients by offering advanced procedures that improve or eliminate embarrassing and persistent symptoms.

  1. Urology Partners of North Texas

Trust, respect and genuine concern for patients are at the heart of everything team members do at Urology Partners as described at,, and You will always have access to the expertise and care of not just one physician here, but a cohesive network of more than 29 skilled and compassionate physicians.

  1. DFW Urology Consultants

DFW Urology Consultants is the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area’s most trusted urological specialist practice. The practice provides world-class care for conditions, including low testosterone, kidney stones, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, UTI, vasectomy, and any other issue involving the kidneys, bladder, or urinary system.

  1. Center for Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal

The doctors at this center focus on their subspecialty niche and do not offer general urology services. With their specialty training and skills in microsurgery, they do offer other specialty microsurgical services and specific services on the male reproductive tract.

  1. Premier Urogynecology of North Texas

Team members at Premier Urogynecology of North Texas recognize pelvic floor disorders significantly impact the quality of women’s lives as discussed at,, and They strive to provide personalized and high-quality care to all patients and will ensure a comfortable environment throughout your care.

  1. Lubbock Urology Clinic

The physicians and staff at Lubbock Urology Clinic are dedicated to the care of their patients and offer comprehensive, cost-effective, competent, and individual care. This practice has significant expertise in all aspects of urologic care – from pediatrics to adults.

  1. Texas Health Physicians Group

Texas Health Physicians Group has a strong record of providing compassionate, quality care to North Texans of all ages as revealed at,, and From infants to the elderly, the team here provides comprehensive urologic care.

  1. Northwoods Urology

Northwoods Urology is proud to offer exceptional care in its community. The team members here care about their community in Texas and are committed to providing services that enhance the quality of life in the region.

  1. HTX Urology

Dr. Dhir at HTX Urology is a board-certified urological surgeon whose practice serves patients in Texas. With over ten years of clinical urological experience. Dr. Dhir is one of only three centers of Excellence in the area.

These are some of the best urologists in Dallas, Texas, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at,, and