Top 20 US Universities for Graphic Designers


Top 20 US Universities for Graphic Designers  

The graphic design industry has experienced revolutionary change with the ever-expanding field and technologies. Being an expert in the field has therefore become a major factor for enthusiasts and where to get the education to become a professional has also stood out as a factor to be placed under consideration. The top 20 universities that graphic design students can approach include:

University of Florida

With the ability to balance the classroom and work environment, the University of Florida is the perfect institution for design enthusiasts who wish to have quality directives when tracing a quality career.

Rhode Island School of Design

This is an institution with well-funded programs and equitable learning environment that supports innovation and constant growth for the students.

University of Pennsylvania

As an Ivy League Institution, the University of Pennsylvania is well advanced when it comes to offering the quality curriculum for a graphic design course. It also offers students financial aid and grants to ensure seamless and uninterrupted learning.

Parsons School of Design

With a top-quality faculty when it comes to the design industry, graphic design students can enjoy an advanced level of operation and creative freedom when they enroll to learn and explore the industry.

Cranbrook Academy of Art

A premier institution when it comes to transformative art, the Cranbrook Academy of Art is exactly what aspiring graphic designers should target when they wish to get ahead in the industry and learn the trade with the professionals.

School of the Art Institute at Chicago

Supporting innovative works is the principle focus that the School of Art Institute at Chicago proposes and it is one area of service that graphic design students can look forward to as a foundation for success.

College for Creative Studies

With experienced professionals and creative geniuses offering their guidance and advice, the College for Creative Studies offers students the chance to focus on design elements and thereby drive their career to the next stage.

Yale University School of Art

Graphic design enthusiasts who wish to be well prepared for the industry can look at the excellent preparation offered as a major bonus since it means they get to be prepared for the creative demands of the field.

California College of the Arts

The best approach to graphic design is having the best to learn from and with the multiple design disciplines on offer, students at the California College of the Arts get to have a field day learning from the best and staying abreast with the best and advanced technologies and solutions in the industry.

University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning

This is the perfect choice for graphic design enthusiasts who have an eye for quality in the professional industry. It is the best institution since it is a leader in the innovations and adoption of new technologies.

Otis College of Art and Design

This is one of the outstanding institutions that has quality and functionality blended into one workable setting. The Otis College of Art and Design is the dream for every aspiring professional in the design industry.

California Institute of the Arts

When in need of collaborative artistic disciplines, the California Institute of the Arts is the place to be as it has the required technologies and learning angles that aid in developing a strong career.

Maryland Institute College of Art

One of the standout and modern facilities that offer design courses, the Maryland Institute College of Art is the perfect fit for those individuals targeting craft focused courses that require innovation and creative expression.

Virginia Commonwealth University

A competent institution with a keen eye on developing the careers of graphic design enthusiasts, the Virginia Commonwealth University manifests as a leader when it comes to creative drive and design optimizations that are tuned to instigate a revolution in the industry.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Aspirants looking for a career in the design industry should look at the Savannah College of Art and Design as a major hub of excellence especially with the flexible options that students are offered concerning the individual disciplines they wish to pursue.

School of Visual Arts

With a Pro-Exhibition in place, the School of Visual Arts in the USA is a perfect institution where students can learn and develop their skills.

Carnegic Melton School of Design

Students who relish having an innovative approach to graphic design can look at the Carnegic Melton School of Design as a stepping stone to the enhanced chances in the industry.

Art Center College of Design

This is arguably the best institution when it comes to blending old and new media and it is therefore the outstanding choice for individuals who desire having extensive training.

The Pratt Institute

Graphic designers who look forward to having their artistic vision harnessed and perfected should visit The Pratt Institute.

Ringling College of Art and Design

Located in Florida, it is one of the best institutions when it comes to offering well-rounded programs for students taking a career in graphic design.