Top 25 affiliate marketing lawyers


Top 25 affiliate marketing lawyers

Affiliate marketing has developed into a lucrative avenue for making passive income. Negotiating a deal that will see an individual become an affiliate marketer is always a process that requires careful consideration. Enforcing the affiliate marketing partnership may also require the input of a professional party that understands the stipulations of the agreements and this warrants the need of an attorney. The top 25 affiliate marketing lawyers include:


The best in representing clients when it comes to trade matters and marketing options, Guttulus stands as an unmatched talent. With courtroom experience added to the marketing background, he ranks as the most competent affiliate marketing lawyer.

Travis Crabtree

The unrivalled experience that Travis has in running an ecommerce business makes him an indispensable asset when it comes to negotiating and enforcing an affiliate marketing deal.

Paul C. Van Slyke

One of the top-rated lawyers in Houston, Paul has pedigree when it comes to the intricacies of affiliate marketing.

Katharine Atlas

Not only is Katharine talented but she has the ability to structure strategic approaches to any issues experienced within affiliate marketing deals.

Luke J. Gilman

One of the revolutionary lawyers in the affiliate marketing niche, Luke has a high level of competence with an enviable track record.

Thomas M. Gregor

Experience and tactical representation is what clients get with Thomas guiding their step in affiliate marketing instances.

Raees Mohamed

A competent lawyer by trade, Raees is experienced in providing creative legal solutions to all clients looking for sound advice on affiliate marketing matters.

Jeff Williams

A partner at one of the outstanding law firms that handle legal issues in the internet marketing niche, Jeff ranks as an experienced personality with unmatched expertise when it comes to advice and representation.

Crystal J. Parker

Clients with a view of understanding affiliate marketing and its operational aspects can look to the sound advice that Crystal provides.

Gary A. Kibel

When Houston affiliate marketing lawyers are mentioned, Gary ranks as one of the best with his unique outlook of the industry and strategic advice.

Thomas Cohn

When in need of an experienced head in the legal and practical aspects of affiliate marketing, Thomas is the target man to approach.

David Adler

With significant experience in digital and new media licensing, David is an attorney that all clients looking for affiliate marketers should approach.

John C. Rawls, III

Affiliate marketers who desire in-depth analysis of the different aspects and factors involved in the industry can tap the brain of John as he stands as one of the renowned professionals within the attorney fraternity of Houston.

Daniel Warner

Warner is a seasoned professional when it comes to matters affiliate marketing. With an undoubted record in representation and offering advice to both experienced and new affiliate marketers.

Rich Mclver

Very few affiliate marketing lawyers in Houston have the technical knowhow of the industry like Rich. The effective approaches he offers ensure that clients are always on the front foot.

Jonathan Baughman

When it comes to innovative approaches to affiliate marketing, no other lawyer in Houston does it better than Jonathan who has a peculiar advantage when it comes to effective advice.

William Rothbard

With over 3 decades of being in the Ads and marketing regulatory compliance platform, William is well placed to provide unmatched attorney services to affiliate marketers.

Ophelia F. Camina

Few lawyers in Houston are as driven as Ophelia and the strategic advice delivered always ensures clients are able to get the best from the marketing experience.

Aaron Kelly

As one of the founders and senior partners at a firm dealing with affiliate marketing, Aaron is best placed to offer creative solutions to any affiliate marketing strategy including the legal parameters that define the operations.

Rachel Hirsch

Experienced in ecommerce with an eye for making the best of any affiliate marketing strategy, Rachel has significant experience that aids her development.

Hinch Newman

Marketers looking for an attorney that can offer priceless advice and representation on advertising and marketing cases can take up Newman who has advanced experience with litigation in the respective areas.

Constance Williamson

A seasoned attorney with a successful career in affiliate marketing and advertising, Constance is exactly what a marketer needs for successful campaigns.

Greenberg Traurig

Advising ecommerce companies has been a factor that Greenberg has excelled in and with the added advantage of being proficient with affiliate marketing angles, clients can enjoy quality advice and representation.

CJ Montgomery

A speaker at affiliate marketing conferences and a competent lawyer, affiliate marketers can get quality advice from this great mind.

Abby Heidt

Heidt is one of the senior attorneys when it comes to matters affiliate marketing and advertising in general. As a marketing coordinator, Abby has the necessary knowledge to advice and represent clients.