Top 25-Where can I Study Digital Marketing


Top 25-Where can I Study Digital Marketing  

Digital marketing perfectly integrates the pragmatic innovation needed in traditional marketing with the technical aspects of data collection, tracking, and analytics. For any serious marketer, digital marketing prowess is a must have. Below are the top 25 places to get sound digital marketing education.

With a bevy of seasoned experts, is ideal for obtaining PPC training including Google certification in all categories. The training is in-depth, offered at pocket-friendly rates, and comes with the convenience of flexibility.

Digital Marketing Institute

Offering a professional digital marketing diploma, this institute is flexible and convenient if you want to study at your pace. It has implemented a cutting edge, industry validated syllabus that is guaranteed to equip you with necessary skills.

The University of Vermont

Established in 1791, University of Vermont is a cultured public university that offers top-caliber education loosely comparable to Ivy League education. It offers certification in Digital Marketing Fundamentals which lasts only 12 weeks.

University of Michigan-Dearborn

Ranked 35 by U.S News in 2015’s best colleges edition, University of Michigan is famed as one of the most efficacious marketing colleges. Coursework includes SEO, analytics, social network marketing, viral marketing, etc.

DePaul University

Located in Chicago, DePaul University, the handiwork of the Vincentians, was founded in 1898. The University offers a flexible integrated marketing program that can be pursued on-campus or online.

Leonard N. Stern School of Business – New York University

New York University offers a sound digital marketing program that is comprehensive and interactive as it is collaborative. The program is highly rated, and the university’s glossy reputation is an added advantage.

Duke University

Located in North Carolina, Duke University is one of the richest private institutions whose focus on quality education is commendable. It offers a robust digital marketing certificate program that can be pursued off-campus.

University of Texas

With many decorated alumni courtesy of a media program that has been in operation for over 20years, the University of Texas stands out as one of the most reputable institutions to obtain a concrete and relevant education in digital marketing.

University of California Irvine

UoC is regarded as one of the few public universities providing Ivy League standard education with a focus on research. Its digital marketing certification program consists of 10 courses covering all core aspects of digital marketing.

Syracuse University-Newhouse School of Public Communications

Rated 5th in a recent survey by advertising executives, when it comes to communication schools, Newhouse school is among the crème de la crème. It offers an interactive and pragmatic digital marketing course.

University of San Diego

Lauded by US News, Princeton Review, Forbes, World Report among others, the University of San Diego is a compact, average sized institution with praiseworthy quality courses including a strategic online marketing certificate program.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School is well decorated and features in many top business schools’ lists. It offers a cutting-edge and holistic marketing curriculum.

Herzing University

Though lacking in rich, cultured history; education-wise, Herzing University is worthy of mention courtesy of a broad range of quality degrees, associate degrees, and a digital marketing program that is entirely administered online.

Boston University

Boston University’s college of communication offers a 52-credit master’s degree in advertising that is in-depth, all-inclusive, and ideal for those wishing to learn marketing holistically.

Oregon State University

Responsible for administering the biggest research budget in the state, Oregon State University is a must-mention when speaking of quality-focused public universities. Its digital marketing course avails the opportunity to learn from industry trailblazers.

Art Center College of Design

For a creative approach to digital marketing, this is the institution to go for. It offers a concrete undergraduate marketing program that is well rounded – and surprisingly, the oldest in the country!

The University of Washington

Established in 1891, the University of Washington is a prestigious public university worthy of mention among the very best. It offers a certificate in content strategy and storytelling aimed at training individuals to “tell the right story to the right audience.”

The University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut has been teaching digital marketing since 2000 which speaks a lot concerning the institution’s commitment to maintaining a podium position regarding quality education.

Rutgers University

Situated in New Jersey, it is one of the oldest colleges (since 1766). Though it started offering digital marketing recently, its curriculum is high caliber and it comes with the flexibility of online learning.

Miami Ad School

Exclusively focusing on advertising, Miami Ad School’s digital course factors in the ever-changing nature of advertising.

Simon Fraser University

Situated in British Columbia, Simon Fraser is a relatively new university (1965), but it already features heavily in Canadas top schools lists. It offers a comprehensive digital marketing program for professionals looking to sharpen related skills.

Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU offers a splendid 2-year master’s program that is well grounded and recognized by advertising industry heavy-weights such as AdAge and Creativity Magazine.

Notre Dame University

A Catholic university, Notre Dame has developed an applaudable digital marketing course that gathers heavy-hitting professionals in the industry to give students valuable insight.

University of Denver

University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business offers a laudable master’s program in marketing that is administered with a hands-on approach to prime students for real world marketing scenarios.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University has a solid reputation for embracing technology, and the university offers a choice digital marketing course as well as a social media management program

The fact that many institutions are offering top-notch digital marketing education is commendable. However, one aspect most of them miss is the importance industry players place on Google certifications, and that is where notable centers offering the same such as come in handy.