Top 25 – What are the digital marketing essentials –


Top 25 – What are the digital marketing essentials –   

Digital marketing is constantly evolving which means the operational mediums that inform its existence must be internalized to avoid indecision in management. The essentials of digital marketing that learners have to take up and creatively adopt include:

Internet marketing foundations

Foundational elements of internet marketing are what become the cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy which is why learning the core of internet marketing is made essential.

On-Site SEO

Success in digital marketing is often a factor of how well On-Site SEO is structured which makes learning the ropes a fundamental concept since it ensures learners are able to optimize and target the prospective clients effectively.

Online advertising

Advertising on the online platform requires steadfast operations including the management and optimization of varied features and elements including blogs, press releases, social media posts among other avenues.

Search Engines operation

Understanding how to approach search engines and adjust marketing campaigns to what the search engines are able to crawl through is what individuals learn.

Email Marketing

Making use of the Email platform has been a factor many marketers struggle with which makes it crucial that email marketing is handled as an essential part of digital marketing.

Off-Site SEO

Structuring off-site SEO is sometimes a challenge for individuals handling digital marketing and this is why it makes part of the essential aspects of digital advertising.

Pay Per Click marketing

Paid advertising always leads to fast results and it is a part of digital advertising that is essential to the success of advertising campaigns and in it, learners are taught the avenues and targeting possibilities.


In analytics, individuals are furnished with knowledge on how to structure analytics, handle data and interpret the information in terms of their contribution towards the success of a marketing campaign.

Mobile advertising

Shoppers and online visitors searching for information are continuously taking up mobile devices as the choice pathway which makes mobile advertising a crucial element in digital marketing.

Landing Page structuring

In landing page structuring and optimization, learners are given insights into how they can customize a landing page to impact positively on the conversion rates.

Social Media marketing

Social media has transformed to a powerful platform where digital marketing thrives and advertising on the same marks as essential to the success of a campaign.

Online PR

There are varied opportunities when it comes to online PR and it therefore ranks as a section of digital advertising that individuals must learn and practice.

Keyword management

Keywords are the essence of a digital marketing strategy since they are what guide the target audience towards a marketing platform which is why individuals must learn keyword management.

Content generation and management

Digital marketing has its core operational elements in content generation and management which is where individuals learn how to create high value content that targets the clients.

Link building

Within link building, learners are taught how to target the potential clients and how to ensure that they organically link to the business.

Lead generation

Digital marketers have to master lead generation since it influences and impacts the overall success of a marketing campaign.

Organic search marketing

The working of organic search marketing is essential to digital marketing and it therefore stands as a setting that learners must take up and concentrate on when attempting to capitalize on digital marketing.

Budget allocation and management

Nothing is more important than budget allocation and management when it comes to digital marketing and it marks as a factor that must be internalized.

Display advertising

There is enormous potential in display marketing and this is why it is one of the essential factors to be learnt in digital marketing as it ensures scheduling, targeting and creative approaches are adopted for a campaign.

Affiliate partnering

One of the essential aspects of digital marketing is affiliate partnering which facilitates the formulation of affiliate programs that increase marketing angles.

Power of digital strategy

Strategic planning and implementation of marketing campaigns is important and this is a concept that is explained when learners get to learn the power of digital marketing strategy.

Key digital tools

A digital marketing strategy cannot be complete without a learner gaining invaluable knowledge on the key digital tools and how the same can be utilized.

Role of inbound marketing

A core value individuals have to learn in digital marketing is the role of inbound marketing and how it is evolving in line with the market demands.

Cost per acquisition

Understanding the cost per acquisition and being able to keep it low is an essential factor to capture when it comes to digital marketing.

Testing and reporting

These are among the fundamental aspects that a learner must internalize when taking a digital marketing course since it defines the management of a campaign enabling effective analytics.