Top 25-Where is Digital Marketing Going


Top 25-Where is Digital Marketing Going 

The criticality of knowing where digital marketing is headed is absolute if a firm, organization, or business is to maintain an ahead-of-the-curve position. Moreover, digital marketing in itself is ever-changing meaning that not keeping up with trends is a sure way to go out of business. In this light, below are 25 insights concerning where digital marketing is going.

Performance based

Firms and organizations are more interested in results as well as quality data to support results which is leading to increased implementation of performance models to actualize the same.

Emphasis on analytics

Data and quality analysis are two sides of the same coin. To glean useful insights from collected information, advanced analytic strategies will continue to be developed and used.

Growth of mobile

Convenience continues to reign supreme as more people use mobile devices to consume content. This growth is projected to continue into the foreseeable future, and digital marketing will follow suit.

Emphasis on video content

Video content is more scannable, appealing, and consumable. Digital marketing, therefore, in line with following consumer trends, will rely more on quality video content in the future.

Elimination of middlemen

With digital marketing platforms consistently becoming more sophisticated, the role of the middleman in the sales process will continue to suffer increased irrelevance, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes obsolete.

Predictive analytics

Taking advantage of current trends is not enough, long-term success for any establishment lies in knowing what the future holds and in the future, predictive analytics is going to play a more significant role in digital marketing.

Omnichannel streamlining

Enterprises are projected to invest more in marrying and optimizing online and in-store shopping to come up with seamless integrated processes that favor the consumer: digital marketing will mirror the same.

Taking the in-store experience online

The in-store online revolution has begun and digital marketing will increasingly take this into consideration to maximize conversions.

Overreliance on technology

Digital marketing in itself is all about technology, but going into the future, it is evident that software and technology will continue to usurp human input in the marketing process bit by bit as automation takes root.

Troubleshooting marketing inefficiencies

Digital marketing is poised to enjoy updates geared towards curbing inefficiencies to streamline the marketing process holistically and provide more ROI.

Focus on consumers

Currently a cornerstone of digital marketing, the customer-oriented approach is unlikely to abate any time soon. With a future outlook, in fact, it is going to increase considerably as targeted advertising continues to become the norm.

Focus on location

In line with boosting efficiency, ROI, as well as consumer convenience, digital marketing is going to place a bigger emphasis on locational advertising.

A more competitive business environment

Without a doubt, digital marketing has substantially bridged the gap between average and big firms regarding presence. As more companies continue to enter the arena, marketing will become more homogenous, and it will take something unique to stand out.

Dedication to building trust

In line with increased competition, the most cherished business asset of the future will be consumer trust; which, will be the only foolproof way of maintaining customer loyalty.

Quality content

Focus on quality content is already in effect. Going into the future, serious firms should liberally invest in creating vibrant, evergreen content.

Shift from hard selling to priming

In digital marketing, hard selling is foolhardy due to the variety of good options consumers have. With time, hard selling is going to become obsolete as digital marketing strategies continue to follow the priming approach to drive sales.

More control to the consumer

The consumer is going to have unprecedented power in determining the ads he/she wants to view, products to buy, content to consume, etc.

Product quality as marketing

With many alternatives available, product quality will become the most valuable marketing tool and implementation of the same in tandem with sound digital advertising will be the norm.

Conversion rate optimization and professional services

Digital marketers of the future will be all about boosting CRO by increasing site efficiency and user experience. What’s more, professionalism in the sector will increase as more firms will seek reliable services from reputable companies with a good track record such as

Rise of paid search marketing

To cover for areas where online enterprises rank poorly SEO-wise, focus is going to be on paid search marketing such as AdWords, Bing marketing and the like.

More partnerships

To create more impactful fronts for doing business online, partnerships will thrive in the time to come.


SEO is going to remain a mainstay as more firms will invest in sound organic search strategies to secure long-term future.

Growth of social media marketing

A huge chunk of digital marketing is going to be social media marketing including social media customer care in a bid to boost reach and customer satisfaction.

Wearables as a marketing platform

Digital wearables such as watches, health trackers, etc., are the digital marketing platform of the future that is, actually, already beckoning.

Internet of Things

In 2020, it is projected that there will be as many as 75 billion devices interconnected via IoT. It is a reality that will have far reaching implications opportunity-wise and data-wise in digital marketing.

Marketing, as an industry, is very fluid and susceptible to immediate changes. However, with dedication to predicting future trends, savvy businesses and individuals can anticipate such alterations and align themselves advantageously. Also, going into the future, the importance of hiring competent, future-focused digital marketing outfits such as is likely to be more pronounced.