Top 25 Famous Graphic Designers in the World


Top 25 Famous Graphic Designers in the World 

The famous graphic designers have always been the individuals who transform the industry and the impact they make in terms of contribution is immense and significant. With that in mind, it is crucial that one is able to relate to their personalities and thereby form an opinion that will aid in understanding and internalizing the concepts they form. The top 25 famous graphic designers in the world include:

Eddie Opara

A great contributor to the graphic design industry, Opara has been able to transform the world of graphic design due to constant input and relevant scrutiny and encouragement of the talented individuals looking for a career in graphic design.

David Carson

Always vocal about the talent in the industry, Carson is renowned for his utmost efforts towards ensuring people are creative with the exquisite layout designs and radical sources of inspiration.

Stefan Sagmeister

When looking for an individual that draws inspiration from the modern world, Sagmeister is the graphic designer to approach since the unique designs are all a reflection of what he sees, feels and expresses in a creative format.

Saul Bass

With designs that have span decades, Bass is hailed as one of the most outstanding graphic design to ever grace the industry and with much of his work still relevant in present day, it is a revelation of the quality and level of innovation that is in display.

Shane Griffin

Animation and illustration are the strongholds that Griffin has excelled and working with renowned brands like Nike has really catapulted the talented graphic designer to beat insurmountable odds to become one of the world best.

Andrew Fairclough

An Unrivalled designer and self-taught Illustrator, Fairclough has made his mark by being the professional designer who can effectively juggle fiction, vintage amnd comic arts to produce a masterpiece.

Paula Scher

The favorite catch phrase is “always treat every design as a visual image” and this is what Has ultimately propelled her to be one among the top designers that have an eye for modern designs.

Michael Bierut

In a bid to ensure the rest of the world is able to understand the complex world of a graphic designer, Bierut has ultimately focused on ensuring that he makes complex content understandable.

Massimo Vignelli

Conveying ideas in a unique format has always been the mantra that Vignelli goes with and this is very evident in the works and productions that he has produced over the years.

Ruslan Khasanov

Blending different colors to produce a masterpiece is the specialty that Khasanov always focuses on and with a keen eye for the spectacular, His latest work named “Warm Up” is one to behold.

Juri Zaech

While Zaech initially saw graphic design as a side project, creating innovative masterpieces that are inspired by varied settings of life has become a major factor in his work which makes him an undeniable talent.

Viktor Hertz

As a freelance graphic designer, Viktor has been able to produce quality pieces including posters and custom art sets which are really a reflection of the creative power he has.

Milton Glaser

With a desire to always standout and be counted as one of the bringers of change, Glaser has always sought to bridge the gap between being able to see and understand designs.

Paul Rand

Rand is a master when it comes to creating unrivalled designs which includes advertising elements and logos. He blends the elements of form and function to produce quality pieces.

Alan Fletcher

With a deep desire to be the best, Fletcher considers graphic design to be the language with which he can communicate and he is able to do this with unmatched creative approach.

Nicole Martinez

The cultural icons represent the inspiration that Nicole needs to produce her masterpieces and with illustrations that speak to the idea of inner expression, she is clearly one of the best.

Rob Pratt

With a job as the design director for Brand & Deliver, Pratt has cemented his place among the best with a purely inspired portfolio that has every design imaginable.

Joshua Davis

With a strong social media presence, Davis has revolutionized the graphic design industry with a sleek way of creating projects from scratch and making them standout.

Hermann Zapf

A graphic designer with a knack for quality presentations, Zapf always encourages other designers to change the game and produce the quality assured pieces.

Lester Beall

Creativity is a talent that graphic designers must have and Lester has it in plenty. The powerful designs that Lester has produced are testament to the undeniable ability when it comes to unique expressions.

Claude Garamond

The evolution of graphic design has simply been a factor of how well the designers are able to adjust and Garamond has always been one to encourage innovation and constant evolution of the industry.

Jacqueline Casey

An advocate for strong designs and impactful meaning, Casey has been able to promote the idea of pairing a strong idea with effective presentation.

Alexandra Bruel

With a strong presence on Behance and equally impressive designs and creations, Alexandra is poised to be one of the greats with the inspired insights and points of view.

Andreea Niculae

Clear talent is hard to find and Niculae is clearly at an advanced stage when it comes to designing and her portfolio is one to behold.

Abram Games

The message and how it is communicated are all works of art at least that is how Abram is able to interpret it and this is what makes him a direct and creatively guided designer.