Top 25 Free Software for a graphic designer


Top 25 Free Software for a graphic designer 

Graphic designers are among the most creative professionals due to their innovations and approach to handling tasks. In that respect, the amount of time and effort spent in building creativity requires the input of specific tools that guarantee success. The software available for graphic designers enables the manifestation of all the creativity and the perfection of varied angles of expression.


Graphic designers can enjoy the use of this vector graphic editor as it ensures they can draw, design and edit designs seamlessly. The starter edition is free and one can also create logos and animations.


This is an important tool for graphic design specialists as it enables them reproduce drawings programmatically. More importantly, a graphic designer can tweak the codes to fit a specific design process.


This is one of the standout drawing software which provides graphic designers with a way to structure illustrations and diagrams.

Photo Pos Lite

This is a core software for graphic designers and ensures the designers get to have a photo editor that can polish a creative masterpiece.

Insight Point

Graphic designers with a keen eye for quality in diversity can take up the use of Insight Point as it facilitates vector art creation at an advanced stage.

Xara Xtreme

This is a fundamental tool as it has basic and advanced functions that allow the drawing and editing of photos for print.

Daz Studio

Graphic designers with a view to exploiting their creative side can take advantage of Daz Studio as it offers a platform for creating 3D characters within a virtual world.


This software acts as an open source graphic editor that graphic designers can utilize in adjusting their designs and perfecting creative work.

Ultimate Paint

This is the software for beginners in graphic design as it has equitable functions including image creation, image viewing and manipulation to suit a creative pathway.


Arguably one of the most significant free software for graphic designers, GIMP comes as an image manipulation software that facilitates image authoring among other core functions in graphic designing.

Handling image editing and photo manipulation is easy when a graphic designer has as it is an easy to use tool with basic functions.

SmoothDraw NX

With this software, graphic designers can comfortably structure digital freehand drawing and experience the effectiveness of precision.

Fat Paint

This is a top-notch logo maker that a graphic designer must have. The software can also handle image editing which is a major plus to a designer.

3D Canvas

One of the most interesting graphic designing software, 3D Canvas facilitates 3D modelling including the creation of animated figures.


Graphic designers who have some experience in the field will attest to the effectiveness of Karbon as a free drawing application.


The benefit of this software is that with it, a graphic designer can easily structure authoring of images and the seamless process of photo retouching to perfect design work.

MAGIC Xtreme Photo Designer

All graphic designers looking to perfect the skill should look towards MAGIC Xtreme due to its quality in editing photos. It is one of the proven photo designing software when it comes to precision.


A software that graphic designers must have is Pixlr. It is an image editing software and a competent photo manipulator that offers flexibility in terms of design balance.


This is one of the most popular software among graphic designers. It is largely utilized due to its orientation of offering realistic brushes for designers to work with which improves workability.


The best free software to utilize when targeting animation drawing is Pencil. It is a tool that also offers traditional hand drawing for graphic designers and thus doubles up as a useful multipurpose software for design processes.

Google SketchUp

Graphic designers have come to appreciate the working of Google SketchUp as it allows designers to draw in 3D. It is a 3D modeling software that can be used in the creation of unique designs.


Among the most pronounced software in the graphic designing niche, Sculptris stands as a 3D sculpting tool that designers can utilize to establish innovative styles.

Sumo Paint

Graphic designers have no limits when it comes to image editing to get the perfect design and Sumo Paint offers designers a free online image editor that can be used to adjust the orientation of a photo.


Art creation is the principle task of a graphic designer and Blender covers 3D art creation seamlessly and ensures that designers are able to create masterpieces.

Image Magick

This is a multipurpose software that can be used in handling varied tasks associated with graphic designing. Image Magick offers image conversion where an image can be converted from .jpg to .png or any other format. With the software, a graphic designer can also create bitmap images seamlessly.