Top 25 most influential social media experts in Houston


Top 25 most influential social media experts in Houston 

Marketing has taken a major turn for the best with massive creativity being put in place to outdo the competitors. Plenty of avenues have been exploited in a bid to ensure the target audience is captured and social media stands as one of the most significant platforms that have a huge potential for success. Social media marketing is a core strategy and experts in the same are highly revered. In Houston, the top 25 most influential social media experts include:


A social media expert with a track record of guaranteeing marketing success for businesses and websites alike, Guttulus offers unrivalled expertise when it comes to optimization for social media and management of advertising campaigns.

Madalyn Sklar

Social media like any other platform used for marketing requires strategy and planning and Madalyn Sklar is the social media strategist to approach when in need of a winning formula for social media advertising.

Dwight Silverman

A writer with The Houston Chronicles, Dwight is a renowned expert when it comes to social media marketing and his experience as a tech blogger adds to the significant expertise when it comes to advertising.

Michele Price

Owner of Breakthrough Business Strategies, Michele is a social media strategist who has gained experience over time and has the capability to structure successful campaigns.

Chris Makara

Social media is all about interaction and as an interactive marketing specialist in social media, Damien is responsible for creative approaches to social media advertising.

Damien Franco

Franco is a marketing consultant and an influential personality when it comes to social media management and strategy development.

Cheval John

Strategy is everything in social media marketing and Cheval offers in-depth ideas on how to conquer the marketing angles in the respective role as a social media strategist.

Bobbie Byrd

Coming up with winning formulas for social media marketing is a factor that Bobbie handles seamlessly and doubling up as a consultant makes him an important figure in Houston’s social media advertising industry.

Grace Rodriguez

Social media marketing requires creativity and planning which are both aspects that Grace has covered extensively in her role as a creative director.

Frederick J. Goodall

Goodall is an internet marketer who has carved out a niche in social media advertising and his experience makes him an influential personality.

Kami Watson

As founder of Social Media Breakfast Houston, Kami is an influential figure in the social media marketing spheres with major contributions to the evolution of marketing across the platforms.

Aimee Woodall

Success in social media advertising is a factor of brand establishment and Aimee being a social media and branding experts ensures clients are able to get cream of the crop service in the form of competitive strategies for social media.

Sandra Fernandez

As a supervisor and consultant on all matters social media, Sandra stands as an influential force when it comes to the formation of strategies for social media advertising.

Pamela M. Kramer

Content is paramount when it comes to marketing over social platforms and as a social media content manager, Pamela is an influential figure when it comes to coordinating content on social media.

Lavern Fernandez

Leveraging social media is critical to the success of internet marketing and being the social media manager at Academy Sports ensures that Lavern has a keen eye for perfect strategies.

Anh Nguyen

Marketing on social media is bound to take unprecedented steps in the future and as a major force at Amplified Marketing, providing unrivalled strategies is Nguyen’s stronghold.

Teddy Wilson

Coordination is key when it comes to social media marketing and Teddy is among the most influential when it comes to social media strategy coordination.

Kirsten Kiki Oliphant

The gist of social media marketing always rests with the strategic alignment of the planned advertising and Kirsten is the social media strategist that can deliver desired results in the niche.

Alex Beaton

Beaton is a freelancer with unique skills in social media marketing. Alex is a professional that focuses on creative angles of social media advertising.

Joelle Eid

As a leader at Signet Interactive, Joelle has the experience and technique required to handle any social media marketing goals a client may have. Joelle doubles up as a social media strategist with an eye for unique and innovative solutions.

Kara Singh

Social media offers endless possibilities with the marketing angle and Kara being a social media professional ensures clients are able to get their objectives achieved with ease.

Eric T. Tung

Social media emerging as a force in the marketing world prompted huge investments in strategies for advertising and Eric offers social media coaching for marketers and businesses looking to exploit the niche.

Jennifer Haubein

As a specialist in social media marketing, Jennifer offers skilled solutions when it comes to advertising across the social platforms to ensure high value traffic is tapped easily.

Tracey Holloway-Koetting

Management of social platforms is crucial to the success of a marketing campaign and Tracey serves as a social media manager who handles marketing on the platforms with ease.

Rebecca Councill

A social media expert by trade, she works tirelessly to ensure clients get the best value for money spent on advertising.