Top 25 internet marketing strategies in 2017


Top 25 internet marketing strategies in 2017

2017 promises to be a year when internet marketing will explode and reach new heights as marketing professionals device innovative approaches that are tuned at targeting the consumer market. With the digital world constantly evolving and the internet taking over as a business hub, internet marketing will play a crucial role in the success of the ecommerce websites. In 2017, these top 25 strategies serve as the avenues that marketers are bound to exploit.

Automated content

Marketers are bound to ensure they have automated content that will increase user experience and ensure that the target audience is constantly engaged with relevant content using an automated system.

Multiple device optimization

Cross device optimization is a strategy marketers will exploit in 2017 especially with the target market performing research and transactions using mobile devices. It will be worth it to optimize for the device to capture the market.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence may come into play in the internet marketing world in the process of customizing Ads and making them fit for the target audience and in line with the algorithms that dictate ranking within search engines.

Live Video and Feeds streaming

Internet marketing in 2017 is bound to take advantage of live video streaming and the establishment of live feeds that the consumers can relate to and utilize in understanding a product or service.

Internet of Things

2017 will ultimately welcome the explosion of the Internet of Things onto the marketing stage especially with On-Demand services.

Native Ads

Marketers will get creative with native Ads in order to bypass the ad blockers that consistently sieve out video ads that pop up within other content or media that a user is viewing.

Predictive Analytics

Internet marketing will experience a major boost with the working of predictive analytics which will enable marketers exploit the benefits of SEO and consumer behavior.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The web experience that a user gets is paramount to the conversion rate that a marketer is able to report and 2017 will see the use of Conversion Rate Optimization to enhance web experience and build credibility.

Branded Niches

Marketers on the online platform are sure to take advantage of branded niches to create verbal communities that will improve conversion rates.

Paid Search Marketing

One of the revelations of internet marketing is paid search marketing and marketers are bound to fully exploit the potential in 2017 to target the consumer base.

Affiliate and Co-Marketing

The success of affiliate marketing cannot be understated and marketers keen to build a following within the consumer market will ultimately exploit affiliate and co-marketing.


Activity trackers and the Apple watch are just basic examples of wearables that consumers are taking up and marketers are bound to utilize the usage of wearables to collect data and reach the target market seamlessly.

Messaging Apps

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are some options that marketers can utilize to target the consumer base in 2017.

Marketing Clouds

First and Third party sources of data are crucial to a marketer and in 2017, marketing clouds will become crucial as they will supply the data seamlessly.

Programmatic Direct Advertising

With marketers looking for innovative approaches to internet marketing, Programmatic Direct Advertising serves as a unique option for the future.

Ephemeral Marketing

Exclusive offers and limited access opportunities are sure ways of attracting the consumer market and in 2017, ephemeral marketing is bound to be a strategy that marketers benefit from.

Data Lead Content

Internet marketing in 2017 will be based on an interest that the consumer market has in a particular topic and this will necessitate the development of Data Lead Content.

Location Based Marketing Technology

With more multinationals and business targeting the local market, Location Based Marketing Technology will take centerstage in 2017.

Relationship Marketing

Creating a following and a loyal customer base is what business are looking to establish and 2017 will witness relationship marketing on an advanced level where business build a relationship with the prospective client.

Virtual Reality

Internet marketing will ultimately be transformed by virtual reality where consumers may be able to tour a holiday destination or drive a car virtually from the comfort of their homes.

Immersive content formats

With marketers increasingly placing emphasis on Immersive Content Formats, 2017 will see an explosion of the strategy.

Rich media content

Videos, interactive tools and gamification is bound to increase in 2017 as businesses target internet marketing on an advanced level.

Digital Assistants

Business always target funneling consumers to a business and digital assistants are sure avenues to exploit.

In-SERP Video advertising

Early signs of In-SERP Video Advertising are promising and 2017 will see this strategy for internet marketing take a starring role.

CPE Post Click buying options

With business looking to harness the traffic to a site, post click options for buying and subscribing will also be exploited in 2017 as a way of advertising.