Top 25 Pay Per Click firms in Houston


Top 25 Pay Per Click firms in Houston 

Pay Per Click is one of the digital marketing strategies that small businesses are targeting due to the fast results that are experienced. With PPC taking centerstage, many firms are characterized as offering businesses and websites the chance to have their Pay per Click campaigns managed to enhance the chances of success. In Houston, the top 25 Pay Per Click firms include:


This is a top PPC firm in Houston that has perfected Search Engine Marketing with unrivalled success. The firm is a hub of strategic PPC management and training and offers clients top class service in Pay Per Click advertising.

Forthea Interactive

One among the finest firms offering PPC advertising services. Forthea Interactive ranks as a PPC agency with international marketing pedigree including an analytical outlook of the digital marketing niche.

Improz Marketing

This firm is renowned for its competence when it comes to developing core PPC campaign strategies in line with the objectives that a client has.

TopSpot Internet Marketing

Fewer companies handle the management of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns as well as TopSpot Internet Marketing. It is a premier firm in digital marketing as a whole.

O Marketers

With experts governing operations, O Marketers ranks as a data informed PPC management agency that is able to develop winning strategies as far as Pay Per Click advertising is concerned.

eWeb Results

This is a competent company that offers unique PPC solutions for websites and companies. The firm aids new businesses rank online.

White Hat Ops

A firm that is geared towards client service, White Hat Ops is a company that handles online advertising and PPC campaign structuring for websites including optimizations for varied devices.

Fair Marketing

Clients wishing to get fast results with the PPC campaigns should approach Fair Marketing as the firm offers a unique outlook of the internet marketing niche. The agency offers creative PPC solutions that allow a website to rank higher at a fast rate.

Pay Per Click Houston

Online marketing at Pay Per Click is revolutionary as it is handled by seasoned professionals. The firm offers PPC strategies that are tuned towards total domination of a specific niche which is advantageous to all clients.


One of the best companies when it comes to the management of PPC campaigns. PushFire offers innovative Pay Per Click solutions and strategies that enable businesses increase traffic to websites.

Clicked Solutions

Clients targeting effective PPC advertising can look towards the strategies that Clicked Solutions has to offer. The firm is experienced in online advertising and in PPC campaign organization.

Adhere Creative

When thinking of smart PPC strategies, Adhere Creative is the firm to approach. The experience combined with professional approach ensures the PPC campaigns they implement are tuned for success.

Lopez Negrete Communications

This firm offers an interactive approach to PPC with workable strategies. Lopez Negrete Communications is one of the biggest and most influential PPC agencies in Houston with a huge success in the niche.

GS Marketing

The goal of GS marketing is to ensure websites are able to utilize the available PPC strategy to rank higher and with a complete digital plan in place, the firm is exactly what PPC enthusiasts need.

Hearst Media Houston

Few firms offer the right combination of PPC marketing the way Hearst Media Houston does. The digital advertising potential is endless when a marketer has the strategies of the firm to call upon.

Spur Interactive

One of the significant contributors to the success of digital marketing in Houston, Spur Interactive has a track record of offering customized Pay per Click solutions to clients.

SEO Houston

Structuring local PPC is the principle task that the firm has. SEO Houston offers management of Pay Per Click campaigns on different levels to ensure success in directing traffic.

Square Melons

The firm is aggressive in building PPC advertising programs that suit the specific objectives that a website has.

Local Search Group

Exploiting the PPC avenues is what Local Search Group is all about. The firm is experienced and has served in Houston delivering the desired results for varied websites and companies.

Linkin Marketing

Search engine marketing has been transformed by the strategies that Linkin Marketing offers. In Houston, the firm is one of the standout agencies in PPC management.

Design Bigger

Marketing using Pay per Click is usually a task for the experienced and Design bigger stands as one of the agencies in Houston that garnered enough skills in developing PPC strategies.

MMI Agency

Pay Per Click advertising has major demands in terms of management and optimization and MMI Agency is a full service PPC firm that is able to structure winning PPC campaign strategies.


Houston has seen a fair share of PPC firms but Webxites stands as an internet advertising company that has the right professionals to handle Pay per Click marketing at an advanced setting.

The Greensheet

The PPC agency in Hosuton that promises you buyers and the high value traffic is The Greensheet due to the unique strategies employed for the Pay Per Click campaigns.


A significant agency in Houston, SA4i is a firm that offers PPC and internet marketing strategies and solutions.